I have always had a small waist and big behind - Bay Harbor Islands, FL

I have always had a small waist and big behind but...

I have always had a small waist and big behind but now as I get older (34) I see the effects of genetics taking its course. From my grandmother to my older sister, we all have had the perfect shape but now that they are older they all have wide, flat behinds. I dont want that. I do see in the mirror where my volume is deflating so that is why I am doing this procedure.

My surgery is scheduled for July 25! Yayyy

However, I want to know what your experience with the boppy pillow or rolled towels was like for sitting?

Well I had my surgery on the July 25th which was...

Well I had my surgery on the July 25th which was yesterday and so far so good. The pain is not nearly as bad as people say. It feels like when u haven't worked out in months then go at it really hard. It feels more soreness than painful. However you definitely need that responsible person help they tell you about! Great job Dr. S

My cellulite is gone so far, but I know I'm still super swollen. Also I didn't have much drainage.

Well I am offically two weeks and one day post op....

Well I am offically two weeks and one day post op. I am feeling good and almost back to normal. No more hard bootay...lol however my compression garment is too big and not providing much compression so I think I am gonna go get me some spanx since I cant find what I am looking for to control it.

I left the doctor with a XL compression garment and within the week went to a large now that is too big so I need a medium but I dont want to compress my butt any more than already so I need one with the butt out.

I am being challenged at work with this no sitting thing since I do work in an office. Kneeling, standing and changing positions are all just MISERABLE!! (New Photos)

Well yesterday I hit my three week mark and I...

Well yesterday I hit my three week mark and I tried on my jeans, slacks and scrubs and everything fits still. So for anyone wondering if you will still fit into your clothes.... I do. there is a lill more bootay in them jeans but overall they still fit.

My garment is super duper huge in my waist area cause that area has gotten so tiny but it fits everywhere else so I started wearing the thing you wrap around your stomach to workout but it got more swollen on me so I stopped and started wearing spanx to get the full compression in all the areas.

4 weeks this week and I am starting to sit but...

4 weeks this week and I am starting to sit but still on my boppy. Still a bit scared to sit directly on pillow but I will start to try this weekend. I have lost volume but still satisfied with what I have. I have noticed lost volume in the buttocks where the surgical garment opens up (I guess from pressing on my buttocks while sleep or something).

I have started wearing spanx now for the compression on my stomach but I noticed that it makes me swell more by the end of the day but I do see a huge difference.
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safe and speedy healing and recovery!
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Hey BT,

I would like to see your pics on how you're coming along. If I pm you my email, could you send them?
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hey what happened to your pics?
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Can someone tell me how to see pics? I'm seeing all these comments about how great she looks and I can't see any pics, lol. Please help.
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she took them off lol
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Hey Bootay,'

You look great! I am planning on having the procedure done in Jersey in October and was wondering how many CCs did you have transferred. My doc told me around 500 is generally the maximum he likes to do but Im concerned that will not be enough. I too work in an office and I think I will be one of those to loose that 30% of the fat. I dont want to have to go back and get it done again because the following March I want to have a Tummy tuck and breast augmentation done...these are my gitfs to me (lol). Continued luck with your recovery.

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Wrestling= wearing
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I do still wear it from time to time. I switch between the garment and spanx. Just kinda depend on what I'm wresting. My garment has never been uncomfortable for me. I just didn't like the indention it left in my butt where it compressed more. I did not have any pain at all it was more like soreness from a hard workout and that only lasted like two days at the most
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No, sorry
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thanks for responding BooTay - im not sure what to do :-( I dont find anything on Mel Ortega.... thanks for responding though...

cocopuff1, I contated Salama, will make an appointment with him and will see what happens, will keep you posted... if you have any information on an excellent BBL doctor, please, please share it! thanks
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Hi BooTay! I was thinking about Dr. Salzhauer and now I'm leaning strongly towards Dr. Salama. Did you consult with Dr. Salama beforehand? Has anyone who chose Dr. Salzhauer consult with Dr. Salama if so, what made you choose Salzhauer as I would love to hear your views-thanks!
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Miami girls, anyone has any feedback on Dr. Mel Ortega he works in the same office as Dr .Salzhauer
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Hi Erica,

There's one review for Dr. Ortega here.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Sharon.
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i just posted my review today so you get to see my results also.
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I looked but didn't see it
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I got it done with Dr. Salzhauer too Bootay. My surgery was on the July 22. So I have 4 weeks and half. I did loose volume in the last week. I am still happy with my result but I also have that dent your talking about. I am wondering if it will disappear once gravity pulls it down.
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Man I sure hope so cause thats ugly
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do you think it is from the garment too?
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Girrrrrrl! You're looking better and better each time you post pics, everything's rounding out lovely,you must be so happy!!!
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I am happy other than the slight indention toward the bottom where the garment pressed because of the tightness. Overall though still happy.
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was it from a garment they gave you?
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Ow, I got that to on my right cheek, i didnt fix the garment properly and boy isn't there some flatness on the lower bottom.
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where are those one month shots girl?
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