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I'm 5'0 ft tall and currently weigh 140...

I'm 5'0 ft tall and currently weigh 140 and 22 years old even when i lose weight i always have belly fat and large flanks.i decided to do this procedure so that i can lose my belly and make my butt a little fuller.

I'm going to strax in boca raton. im still trying to pick a date because i am starting a new job in september n dont want to ask for any days off.I Hope they can do it soon

So I've been working as a nurse 4 a year now & I'm...

So I've been working as a nurse 4 a year now & I'm more financially able 2 afford the bbl sx. I have gained weight tho from when I 1st wanted 2 do the sx I'm now 148lbs and man is it tough 2 lose these lbs! I actually went up 2 158 which is much for my 5'0 frame so Im trying 2 10-20 more lbs so I can have the best results possible. After reading all the reviews & seeing all the b4 & after pics I have decide to go with Dr.salama. I would like to have that small waist & round butt Dr.salama is so great at. I scheduled a consulatation 4 Wednesday & I going with my check book since his prices r going up & up. I'm hoping it isn't going 2 cost more then 7,500. I already started getting most of my supplies & I won't b needing the transportation. I want 2 have my arms lipo also even tho it's xtra so my body is in proportion. My biggest concern is the recovery time. I hope I can get at least 2 weeks off work to go thro that roughy patch after the sx. At my job I don't sit down much except when it's time 2 chart n that usually takes an hour. so that's 1 of the things I'm going 2 have 2 discuss with DR.salama cuz I kno I'm not going 2 b able 2 sit on a pillow I don't know mayb I can stand. My 2nd concern is me being on my feet n having swollen feet tho I do plan on wearing compression stockings. I would like to have my sx done in February cuz I plan on going back 2 school n furthering my education.
What I have so far:
Iron pills
Vit. C
Multi. Vit.
Paper tape
Arnica cream
Antibiotic oint.
1 compression garment
Boppy pillow
Sweatpants and shirts
1 long dress
Baby wipes
Disinfecting spray
Shower curtain
Female urinal

I had my consult yesterday :). I'm so excited and...

I had my consult yesterday :). I'm so excited and ready so have my sx done. I met dr.salama he explained the procedure very well including all the risks and what 2 expect afterwards. He also said that I should lose 10-15lbs to acheive the results that I want. I told I wanted a big butt but I wanted an hour glass figure more. So I'm going to try very hard. I put down a deposit n I'm going 2 work xtra hours to pay off my balance. I added my arms to b lippoed also I still wondering if it's worth it some people say the fat goes right back.

DOES ANYONE HAVE A SX DATE IN APRIL OR MARCH that they would like 2 switch 4 a later date plz. I'm going back to school n would like 2 have the healing process over with b4 I start.

So I switch over to dr.ghurani. My appt is April 17th.

So I switch over to dr.ghurani. My appt is April 17th.

Counting down the days! I'm down to 145lbs. Still...

Counting down the days! I'm down to 145lbs. Still trying to lose 10-20 more lbs so my belly can b as flat as possible n lose my rolls! I also hope that my stomach doesn't sag from the Lipo or that i have fat leftover. On the down side I found out that in not going 2 get back as much as I did last year from my tax return, which is how I plan on paying 4 my sx. I'm cutting my spending n trying to make extra cash but I dont know if that will b enough. Does anyone know of any medical loan or financing company for people with bad credit?

13 more days till my sx! Had my pre op appt with...

13 more days till my sx! Had my pre op appt with Rami he is so nice he explained the sx thoroughly and answered any questions I had. I received all my pre op instructions, rx, boppy pillow, n arnica.
I had my labs done @ any lab test now for $149 the guy at the store said the women i got my price from over the phone qouted me way too low but they Still had 2 honor it.
I did the ekg @ Midtown Imaging for $50 they just require a rx.
Perc from sams club pharm $15.

My mom tagged along n put her deposit money down she scheduled for July 3. I was going to borrow from no Pt left behind but decided against it when I heard the horror stories about them. So I borrowed money from the bank of Mom instead lol.

Day 1. Yesterday was tough. I arrived @ 7:30a....

Day 1. Yesterday was tough. I arrived @ 7:30a. Got dressed 4 sx dr.g toke pics n marked me up n explain what was going to happen. Most of the pain is the soreness to my but. When I got home I toke 2 percs at some jello, soup n grapes. Today im still very sore n have an appt.

Day 2 post op. Went into the office yesterday. my...

Day 2 post op.
Went into the office yesterday. my mom laid the seats down n her jeep so I could lay Down. I toke 2 percs before I left I should have taken a zofran also. They removed by garment and changed my drgs. I threw up twice! The staff is so wonderful and caring. I was given some juice to feel better. Dr.G came in and said everything looks gr8 I had just 1 drain put in 2 the back. My tummy n waist are small he told me to make sure I smooth my skin out when placing the foams. My ass is BIG he put 1400cc 2 each side he assured me it'll go down some. These curves r serious dr.g is amazing. I'll keep u guys updated ttyl

When I got home yesterday my mother helped me...

When I got home yesterday my mother helped me shower. Ladies if u use a handheld shower head it's so much easier. N another must have is a urinal. This morning I toke some mom. I had couple of false alarms when going 2 the bathroom. But finally had a decent size bm n it was not easy. I sat on the toliet seat backwards. And put the pressure to my thighs n arms. I found it easier then using the boppy. My tummy has went dowb a lot dr.g said to hold the skin up when placing the foams but it doesn't seem to stay in place. I tryed to use paper tape to hold it up also but that is helping either. Any Suggestions?

one month

one month

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I found out about elite surgery center from realself.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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that body is banging!
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Your results look really nice!
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Its a two person job you hold the skin up will another person slides in the foam it will get better when you hit week 2 and can use the board the folks at eps are the best I love them
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U look amazing! How many cc he took out?
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He I didn't ask but Im pretty sure the max
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Wow 1400cc ... That's a whole lot of booty. Hope your healing well. Update when able!
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Thanks luv
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Nearly 13 hours and counting! Lol where are you staying? I went down to the clinic to meet with Dr G today but he was stuck in surgery : ( so wont be able to meet him until right before surgery. I don't mind tho at least my wish pics and requests will be fresh in his mind!
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I live in West Palm beach so Im staying @ home. I think u talked to my mom in the elevator today also.
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Hey. How is your recovery going? Yeh I spoke with your mum- she was nice and friendly. My butt is BIG too. Day 1 and 2 got real tough for me- almost unbearable. I ditched them Percs- they made me feel awful I just take ibruprofen now- I feel a lot better. How are you sleeping at night?
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I sleep good @ night the perc make me sleepy but I started to less today. Up more n longer today. When r u getting ur 1st. massage
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First massage on Monday and u?
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Monday also
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Hey Girl i'm scheduled for Apr 11 with Dr. Ghurani. I originally was for june but due to my taxes being less then i expected I fill out a app for United Medical and got approved! I bumped my surgery sooner because its only good for 60 days!. Because everyone credit changes every 60 days.... hope everything works out
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& I don't have great credit because of how many credit cards i have!! Shopping is a killer. so my Boyfriend co-sign for me and we got approved :)... check them out
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Hello sistah i tried using no patient left behind, sad to say that it did not work out for me...they charged me 14.95$ twice to apply. Then a rep. Contacted me by the name of Damont Carroll. He told me to pay 200$ to reserve myself in the progrm...after i gave hime the money i could not reach him. When he broke my fundong down the amount was all wrong this was two weeks ago all i get is his voicemail. Then when i call to speak with another rep. They say to hold on (automated service) then it informs me the office is closed and open was 11am during my calls...i called my bank because they have all of my card info as well as DL ....ill b paying for my procedure with cash. My bank has refunded me my money and they r under investigation. This is just my experience... Google the co. And read the reviews im not the only one. Happy blessings sistah!
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Omg wow I rather work xtra instead of going through that headache thank you 4 telling me about them
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Omg I filled out an application for that the other day!
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I think I've heard of that before im going to look it up thanks a bunch
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I'm going to dr may 14th and I'm in the same situation. I'm going to try and use no patient left behind. I think they pay half.
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Sorry I already have my vacation dates approved by my job and im not looking to switch. I'll keep a look out 4 u guys
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Dang! So you already switched and got a date with Ghurani... I was going to offer you my date of Feb 27. I won't be able to make it and I am trying to get rid of my date... If you find someone that would like your April date and you would prefer to have my February date, inbox me. That's less than 8 weeks away!
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keep us posted im about your sz so im interested to hear what you ps says as far as cc possibilities mine said 400 for sure and is gonna try for more I really want at least 600 so I want to see if ppl my sz are able to get 600 or even more
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good luck!!
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