JUNE2014 Cabral baby

So much like most BBL sisters, I don't really like...

So much like most BBL sisters, I don't really like my body and I may only be 18 right now, but I am certain this is what I want :) And I've been think about this for the past 2 years and now I just have to raise the money working and saving and not spending a time :D TI have tried exercising (I still do exercise regularly) but it seems my but just will not firm up! Its frustrating and annoying! I am currently 5'6 and weigh about 134lbs! I'm excited and ready for this!!! wish me luck!!

Hey, I just wanted to know what airport I should...

Hey, I just wanted to know what airport I should book my flight to? Miami International?
I emailed Nancy and I still need to reply her with my pictures, the price I was quoted was $7799 which is about £4970. I'm having trouble coming up with the money :( Plus I go back to my studies in September and I have to really focus because I want to go on and study Law and Philosophy next September.
I want this more than anything though so I will try my best, sell what I can and get sponsors - EVERYTHING!
Oh yes the price includes Liposuction to:
Upper and Lower Back
PLUS: 2 compressive garments, 2 post-op massages, surgical/anaesthesia/ facility fee
My plane ticket plus 2 weeks stay in Best-Western Hotel is £981.70
10 Lymphatic Massages (2 a week for 5 weeks) is £249 when I get back
and I want lipo on my inner thighs which is an additional $500 - £381
All in all I need to raise £6581.70 or $10333.26
which is okay to get the BBL here in London is £6000 pounds anyway and its not done to a good standard
Oh crap, forgot about boppy pillow etc -_-

Seriously considering Dr Jimmerson? I just looked...

seriously considering Dr Jimmerson? I just looked at some of his work and WOW! I'm going to research some more :P Thanks for all your support BBL sisters! :*

So I think I'm getting a breast augmentation this...

So I think I'm getting a breast augmentation this year before christmas :o I know this isn't really the place to post this but yeahhh!!!! (In the UK during my week off at school :S)

Boob job is a no no! :( BUT I have been seeing...

Boob job is a no no! :( BUT I have been seeing more and more 'box shaped' butts from dr salama and less projection, I have been looking at dr jimmerson more and his projection is so much better than dr salama's, but I don't like that he gives such a huge shelf, I'm more for the bubble/ upside down heart shaped butt, like a tear drop :D I'm booking my flight in 2 weeks and so I really need to make a decision, I really need your help, who do you think will work with my body better? I want projection, not a shelf, ahhh this is hard. Also my friend has offered to pay for my flight an hotel soooo I think I'm going all out! Hilton hotel!!! hahahaha!
My flight is 8 hours though :(

So I have gained over 20lbs for this surgery, bit...

So I have gained over 20lbs for this surgery, bit soon I know, but I tendancy to lose weight during exam time, which is right before surgery :D I'll ad new photos tomorrow, I look horrible right now :(

So I have gained over 20lbs for this surgery, bit...

So I have gained over 20lbs for this surgery, bit soon I know, but I tendancy to lose weight during exam time, which is right before surgery :D I added new photos, I look horrible right now :(

Sorry RealSelf is acting up on me I did up load...

Sorry RealSelf is acting up on me I did up load some photos, I need to find out if Dr Jimerson has available dates for me, but realself won't let me change doctor :'( plus Michelle keeps sending me some link to book an appointment, but it doesn't show any dates and uhhhh everything's a mess!

Sorry RealSelf is acting up on me I did up load...

Sorry RealSelf is acting up on me I did up load some photos, I need to find out if Dr Jimerson has available dates for me, but realself won't let me change doctor :'( plus Michelle keeps sending me some link to book an appointment, but it doesn't show any dates and uhhhh everything's a mess!

So I was ready to put down my deposit with Dr...

So I was ready to put down my deposit with Dr Jimerson today, but then the office never replied me and I started checking out Dr Campos, and I was pleasantly surprised! He does the kind of butts that I'm looking for, for a fraction of the price, but forget price for a second. His butts look very very natural and he sculpts the body beautifully. I still think Dr Jimerson is great, but his office takes forever to reply me and I already sent them my pictures and they didn't even comment or anything .... i understand they're busy, but they are so in consistent with emails .....
I'm going to email Dr Campos and check out more of his reviews, also I emailed Dr Afifi her work looks sooooo good too!

Tomorrow Dr Salama's price goes up to 8499 :/ I...

tomorrow Dr Salama's price goes up to 8499 :/ I want Jimerson.... i think

So I emailed Dr Yily and she quoted me 3100USD...

So I emailed Dr Yily and she quoted me 3100USD which includes everything , which is a bloody good price! I just wish I could see some more of her work!
I think it's safe to say Dr Jimerson is out, he is expensive and I do love his work, but I don't see any girls without a huge 'shelf', but I'm reconsidering Dr Salama now, which is annoying of me I know, but uhhhhh this is harddd!

So Yily emailed me and said she would lipo my...

So Yily emailed me and said she would lipo my flanks, abdomen, back, arms and inner thighs for $3100, that is an AMAZING price seriously, plus I get the date I wanted and it means I can stay in a great hotel an still spend less than half I would for surgery with Dr J alone...BUT I don't know if she can give me that projection, but I'm going to call Dr J tomorrow and send dr Yily my wish pics and see what she says :)

So I think I'm going with Yily, I'm sending her...

So I think I'm going with Yily, I'm sending her some wish photos an hope she says they're realistic :) OMGGG i'm sooo excited!

Forgot to add Dr Campos is 4425USD for lipo to the...

Forgot to add Dr Campos is 4425USD for lipo to the lower back, waist, abdomen

SO DR YILY said my wishh picsss are completely...

SO DR YILY said my wishh picsss are completely realistic an she can give me the results that I am looking for.... I ammm going to try and lose weight and aim to be 130 by surgery to get the best results, hopefully I should be paying the deposit for her by the end of next week :) Dr Yily it isss!!!!

I don' feel comfortable going to Dr Yily after I...

I don' feel comfortable going to Dr Yily after I read on MMH that she edits her photos on the website and I haven't seen enough reviews of her (I'll give it some time since I know people are going to her soon). I wish I put down a deposit for Dr Salama earlier, I did get a quote from Dr Afifi for 8,700 including lipo to flanks, inside knees, inner thighs, abdomen and upper back... which was more pricey than I was expecting, but it's not price that I care about, it's results!

I don't know if it's me, but everyone who gets this procedure always wants a round 2, I don't want to have a round 2, but it seems everyone is content until like month 6 post-op when they decide it wasn't enough or they want a smaller waist or something :S I think I've seen two review where the persons were still content after a year!
I just want to get my doctor right because round 2 is not and will never be an option! I have one time and one one chance and one savings account!

I can not decide for the life of me, who it is...

I can not decide for the life of me, who it is that I would like to have this BBL surgery with :(
I just want this so bad before uni when I have 3.5 months to o nothing and just heal!!!
my top choices are Jimerson, Afifi, Yily

So I think I'm going with Dr Jimerson, but I've...

So I think I'm going with Dr Jimerson, but I've been going through soooo much recently.... unfortunately I was the victim of fraud and getting the money back is harder than it seems :( It sounds sad, but all I can think about is this surgery and raising the money again! I don't want to take out a loan to pay for it :'(
Also I've lost weight, so much and my waist is 22.5 inches right nowwww! that's almost the smallest it's ever been, which was 22 when I was 129Ibs
I'm just so stressed. I haven't weighed myself yet.

Hey beautiful women! I just wanted to stay that I...

Hey beautiful women!
I just wanted to stay that I am SUPER concerned. Not even about round 2 or anything, but about the ACTUAL surgery.
I've been on this site, stalking and what not and reading SOOO many reviews, and lately it's like the Drs are just so "cold" and "heartless"... they seem to be treating us ladies as if we are just meat or a toy to be played with.
I've read reviews (on here and MMH too) about box butts and areas of the body not being lipo-ed and drs lying about it. It's so disheartening! If we're paying SOOOO much money, we should be respected.... that means that if we pay for extra area of lipo, it should be lipoed and if it can't then say so! It's just like we all want this surgery so bad, any pain or mistakes would be sooooo devastating and honestly my heart BLEEDS for the gorgeous ladies that were messed about or dissatisfied with their results.
I know, we all know DRs aren't miracle workers, but some of the things they do is just damn right out of order. We put our trust in them... Literally we give them our lives, we could die in this procedure (GOD FORBID) but that's the truth.
It's an emotional rollercoster before surgery I can't even imagine what it i like post-op.
I'm definitely doing this surgery, but I think during my phone consultation, I will have a lot to talk about.... also I don't think I'll pay extra for inner thigh lipo, I'm going to start working out now!!!

So I've been calling Dr Jimersons office and the...

So I've been calling Dr Jimersons office and the line is either "unavailable" or busy :(
I apparently missed my phone consultation for the second time (I didn't even know I had scheduled one!) I just want to pay my deposit for prices rise :'(

So I called Dr Jimerson's office and spoke to...

So I called Dr Jimerson's office and spoke to Sarah
I told her about how I missed my phone consultation, but I was never even told I had a phone consultation and asked if I could schedule another one and she said yes... she gave me Feb 10 2014! 2O14?!?!?! What? Er, I want to have the surgery on June 20th THIS YEAR! :(
She said that the date was available and I asked if I could pay the deposit and she said deposit can't be paid until I had my phone consultation.
I told her that I wanted to secure my place before prices went up and she said that I had been misinformed and that prices wouldn't be going up as far as she knew. I wanted to ask her if my quote for 8800 still stood and before I could ask her she hung up...
My life is looking so bleek right now!
I want Dr J, but at this rate I don't see that happening and it's frustrating and annoying and it makes me want to cry

I haven't updated in a while, but I am still...

I haven't updated in a while, but I am still trying to pay my deposit! Can you believe it?
Also, a few bumps came up that made me reconsider this surgery - my sister died and my cousin was in a car accident, everything was really messy.
But I am looking to maybe go with Dr Perry or Dr Salzhauer since Dr Jimerson is just impossible for me to contact. They don't respond to my emails, or my voice mails, when I call they don't pick-up. I'm trying to be persistent and patience because they are busy, but damn it, I'm busy too!
I am still looking for a mid-June date, it's the only time I can do the procedure and have enough time to recover, and I'm trying to stay positive, but I'm losing hope!

SO I emailed Nancy about Dr Ghurani and dates for...

SO I emailed Nancy about Dr Ghurani and dates for THIS June and she said she has some! What's even better is that Nancy is so quick to reply and I think that I will go ahead and pay my deposit!!! I'm so excited!! My dreams are coming true!
I do plan on losing 10 pounds before and I have an intense exercise class, I'm going to start taking vitamins to get my bloods up :D


JUST PAID MY DEPOSIT DR GHURANI!!! JUNE 18th any of you girls travelling then?

Okay, so I have pushed my date back to 4th June...

Okay, so I have pushed my date back to 4th June 2014 because I would like to make more money this summer for clothes to buy after my BBL so I need to work full time!!! It also allows me to lose some weight and get my bloods up (I'm anemic and have low blood pressure) ! And go with someone so it's just convenient for me! So I shall be following all you ladies on here and updating monthly from now on! :D

Small update

So the money is coming together and all is well, I'm sorry that my replies were late, but I've been super busy!
hopefully I can book the flight and hotel soon (October) and yeah, I am just stalking you guys hehehe!

Change of plan!

I've got a BBL buddy on here and she is awesome and we both have switched from Ghurani to Duran!
Ghurani has amazing results, but he is a little pricey for a couple of students.
Anyway she showed me a lot of pictures of Duran dolls and OMG they are truely amazing!! I was actually blown away! Dr Duran definitely knows what she's doing! She gives projection and the perfect shape as well as a small waist! I am super excited! Not only that but she is a lot cheaper which means that I can save money for new clothes and post-op care if I continue working this hard (which I will)!
I'm super excited! Still need to set a date though :s

I'll definitely just pay Jazmine

because getting hold of Duran is seriously hard and I'm getting anxious and frustrated at not having booked it already, but uhhhh! I can't access my money, it's in a savings bond, but I'm trying to upgrade the account and see if that will help.
Sorry, just silly problems
I have enough, but the thing about Jazmine is I don't have a paypal account and can't use my card on it (The billing address has been blacklisted, because it's student accommodation and student's always forget to pay bills) anyway, I'll contact her next week (I'm going away for a while to see my GF) once I'm back and at work again.
Also, is Boca Chica next far from CIPLA??
I'm so stressed right now! BUT rest assured, I will have this procedure done in June 2014!! My birthday present to myself!


So there's not much to update really, I have the date June 16th secured and locked in and I used Jazmine! I have the funds for surgery and to book the flights, that's not a problem at all.
My only issue is deciding where to stay, I don't know if I really want to stay in a recovery house, but my buddy is staying in one :D
I did find a few places on airbnb which would be a lot cheaper (around £175-£250 = $280 - $400 each for ten days) if anyone wants to split it? Both places accommodate 4-6 people so partners could come along if you are travelling with someone.
I thought I would just ask to see if anyone did need (another) buddy?
Other than that, I've just bought some supplies and started taking iron tablets. It feels like a while away, but I know time will fly by so I am sooo excited and scared!!


So after talking some more to Jazmine...I got the date June 4th with Dra Duran and I could not be more excited it's in 5 months!!
I am just looking for a travel buddy and I'm starting to work out now to get rid of the cellulite on my thighs and I've been washing my knees to lighten those dark spots. I'm also trying to tone my arms and I've started to buy some supplies.
I just ordered:
-Compression board: $25
- Latex corset and caffeine treatment (to smooth out ripples and stretch marks after lipo): $85
(Shipping was $40 so total was $150 ? £85)
- Antibacterial soap by Simple: £0.50
- Aloe Vera: £3.99
- Banana flavoured Nurishment 12 pack (Ensure substitute since we don't have it here, but I'll post a picture of it's ingredients, I remember having it as a child loool): £9.72
- Nursing Pillow: £8
- Vitamin C and Iron Pills x60: £1.75
- Tena ladies protective underwear discreet Large (I read on some reviews that there extremely useful and comfortable to wear over the garment): £6.49
Total: £30.45 ? $50
So now I'm going to order a waterproof mattress protector, TCP, Thigh High Compression Socks, A - Z Vitamins with Folic acid (which has enough for me to start taking now) by the end of this month and I'll upload a picture of them all. I also have been learning to swallow pills and I'm getting better.
Also I am really desperate for a travel buddy and I was thinking of staying at UPSCALE recovery triple room ($75 per night 7th night free) because they look like great value for money and safe! No bad reviews on them so far.
ALSO I have a Ghurani date up for grabs for June 4th 2014 too!
Shall buy my plane tickets at the end of next week :D Added some wish pics too!

Items Items Items

Just bought some more items. I'm not very good at swallowing pills so I've ordered some chewable multivitamins and found ones that were even better than the ones I ordered, so I shall order those too!
I also found this drink in a local supermarket that has a lot of vitamins and I'm taking my iron again, so I know my bloods will be up in time.
Usually I eat a lot of ice? Lol odd I know, but now I no longer have the desire and my mum says it's because I'm no longer low in iron.
I was also going past this lovely small shop and they had some midi dresses for £3.50 which I shall go and purchase, I didn't have any change on me at the time and they didn't accept card payments. So I shall buy 3, since I already have 1 or 2.
Also, I will probably be sending my deposit for Upscale recovery house soon too! ($675 approx. £410) for ten nights and flights are around £600 which is roughly $1000 so I am ready to book and pay for those ASAP, just waiting for Jazmine to confirm one thing for me hence I haven't booked yet.
I'm excited and nervous, so so so nervous!


I have June 2nd confirmed with Duran, but my uni just shifted exam week back by one week so now my last exam isn't until June 6, which is ANNOYING!!!
I really can't believe that this has happened. I really just wanted to cry when I found out on Monday and uhhh.
I emailed Jazmine and Jazzelyn replied saying she'd try her best for me, I really really really hope I get a later date, if any of you can switch with me, then it would be soooo amazing! I just want this sooooo bad.
Fortunately, one lovely girl has offered me her September date, which isn't bad, but then I still have a lot of sitting I'd have to deal with in uni :'(

Moved to Cabral

So I changed doctors... again loool, another deposit I am wasting.
But I am more confident that Cabral can give me the results I am looking for, or as close to them as possible anyway
I am scheduled for 9th June, first surgery of the day. I think I will be booking my flights with Delta, I will try to book for more leg room on the way back.
There isn't much to update other than I have bought some more supplies:
-Ibuprofen cream £1
-Antiseptic/Anti-inflammatory cream (Savlon) £1
-4 Packets of Baby wipes (shall buy more) £3.50
-2 Packets of feminine wipes (my area doesn't do well with other wipes :$) £2
-7 Fruit pots and 3 Rice pudding pots - £4
-Snack a Jacks - £2
- Arnica Cream - £4
-Calamine Lotion (works a treat for bruises) £1
- Bromelain £2
-Ferrous Sulfate/Vitamin C/ Vitamin D (free on prescription)
-Calendula Flower Tea £4
-Female Urinal £1
£25.50 +£31
Total so far: £56.50 ($95) - not including corset
Since spending so much on deposits, money is a bit tight (I don't want to be broke when I get back) So I am trying to get all my supplies on the cheap.
I have forced myself to learn how to swallow pills and boy am I glad I did, life is a lot easier when you can swallow pills! LOL
I take 2 different 1-a-day multivitamin tablets and eat soooo much spinach ! I had a blood test today and so we will see the results, none the less, I am starting a juice diet tomorrow including more spinach and beetroot. Oh I also take a meal replacement shake that has 50% of my iron intake in it, which is dope...
Shall be booking my tickets soon - I know I keep saying, but apparently it's cheapest to book 59days before flying so yeah!
I weight 169Ibs atm and hope to be 150 - 145 Ibs by surgery and 140 after surgery.
Oh I don't plan on bathing at all in DR, if I do it will be with bottled water. I have booked the appointment to get my vaccinations (Hep A and B and anti-malaria tablets) I am prone to malaria, dunno why, I have had 3 times in my 19 years of living and I live in the UK!!! hahahaha!
Also I already am up to date with Polio, diphtheria and tetanus (we have rounds of compulsory vaccines in UK schools, got mine done 2 years ago)
I had TB jab agesss ago I think I was 14?
So that's all really. Uni is good too, all set for a firsts this year :D

More wish pics

Also, I'm considering staying at Gianna's RH, she does the best massages cause she is qualified and she seems absolutely lovely, the other day, she made a cake for a girl who just had SX and it was her bday! How sweet, I will be turning 20 in DR, and awww it's such a lovely gesture!
I have an SX buddy but you can never have too many!
My buddy is soooo awesome, she's so lovely, I am so so unbelievably relieved to have her

Flights+RH Booked

Flights booked with Delta and via JFK and RH booked, staying at Gianna's Barbie Recovery House for $95 a night which includes, massages everyday, licensed English speaking nurse, transfer to and from airport, transfer to all appointments, trip to the mall, unlimited bottle water, 4 meals a day, 3 smoothies a day, laundry service, Wifi and Cable and 200 minutes preloaded phone to call US (I don't need this lool) But for $75 a night you can get a massage every other day and the same things, which I may consider
I dunno if I will need a massage everyday after surgery?
My mum also found at and she was so upset :'( and my doctor is trying to talk me out of it too, I was literally sitting in his office crying cause it was all so much.
Just stressed right now with work and saving and I no longer have a buddy and ughhh I dunno. I'm doing this on I've lost 13 pounds so far and my stats at the moment are: 161 pounds 31-24-40. I took down my pictures but shall some post more recent ones next update.
This really is an emotional roller-coaster
Miami Plastic Surgeon

not my doc Cabral is

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Can you give dr cabral email hopefully i can get for july 16
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I can't wait to see your results! Your already bomb!
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Thank you hun!
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Oh and i am sorry about the exam shifting back. Theres a forum in the BBL section on switching dates maybe you can trade with someone.
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No problem hun, everything happens for a reason :D
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I am in loveeee with your review lol you kinda sound like me its really relateable.
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I'm glad!!! It's always nice to find people you can relate too! Thank you so much, shall be following your journey closely
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because what i realise is your converting $ to £ are you from uk?
  • Reply
Yeah hun, from the UK, London, you?
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i just wanted to know were you travelling from
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Dang! You have so much potential for breathtaking results! You are so curvy already!
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Thank you hun, I really hope so, those are such kind words! xx
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Is your date for June 4th with Salama?
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hey do you want a earlier date?
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no thank you June is the earliest I can do, but thanks for the offer
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Hey lovelydearr... My sx with Cabral in on the 6th and I'm planning to stay with Gianna I hope to see you there
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You too hun!
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Going to Baez June 17
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Hi doll, Duran scheduled me for the 4th June 2014 this is miles away for me wish I could go during march. Which Dr r u going to?
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I've just scheduled for June 3rd with Duran. I need a buddy if interested
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i need to go earlier hun, due to personal circumstances... :(
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Hey Kmoree, if you can go up a week, maybe we can buddy up. I'm booked for Yily on the 11th. Still in search of a buddy I can get through this with. Plan to stay at Yasmin for 8-9 days.
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Sorry this is late, I'm schedules for 4th June now! I'm going with Duran :D Kmoree if you're still looking?
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I have msy 6th with Duran lol
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Meant to say May
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