I have not seen a Dr. yet but have been lurking...

I have not seen a Dr. yet but have been lurking here looking at reviews and currently live in florida. I am set on going with Dr. Salama i love his results so far. I am hoping to go in or call for a immediate consult so i can get the surgery done mid to late feb latest early march. Even though i have not even called or asked for a quote I'm super excited because I'm set on the surgery, just waiting on my taxes before i go in so i know i can book a date. Excited will put before pictures after i visit the DOC.

Oh and i am currently 181ish i gained from 165...

oh and i am currently 181ish i gained from 165 I've noticed with the gain I've gotten more hips and which i love but my butt is not fully round how i would want it ...

Oh and just decided to do my chin... and maybe my...

oh and just decided to do my chin... and maybe my arms!

Consultation booked for January 25, 2012 I'm...

Consultation booked for January 25, 2012 I'm excited.... I asked the kind lady on the phone when the next available appointment possible would be she said they're booked one month solid so about early March would be the next available...but then she said people always cancel and change their surgery date so I might be able to get it in February :)

And lastly people were asking if you're a local...

And lastly people were asking if you're a local resident of Florida do you still need 10% down and the answer is yes if you're a local resident you still want me to have the 10% to put down to lock in your appointment

Waiting for Consultation

Waiting for Consultation

I'm actually thinking about going for a consult...

I'm actually thinking about going for a consult with Wendell Perry tomm or next week tuesday but still keeping my consult for wednesday with dr moises salama ... i just want to make sure as well as a big butt my body is overall shaped in a hr glass and a nice arch in the back compliment my new butt

So i have decided to do a brazillian butt lift,...

So i have decided to do a brazillian butt lift, for the fat graft he is taking from entire abdomen flanks and upper and lower back arm lipo, inner thigh lipo and chin lipo... so basically 3 extra areas of lipo.. i asked him realistically how small can he get my waist he told me very small because he is aggressive with the lipo that made me feel good lol even though i should be scared but i have waited for a small waist again for a year and some ... I'm excited ... he was very courteous and sweet and joked with me!

Went to consultation today jan 25 2012... I gave...

Went to consultation today jan 25 2012... I gave my 10% and will be using DR. MOISES SALAMA

Lastly what makes me look like i am flat butted is...

lastly what makes me look like i am flat butted is because i hold almost all my extra weight in my stomach and upper and lower back :( but my hips measure 42

I forgot mention he stated I can get 1100 to 1200...

I forgot mention he stated I can get 1100 to 1200 cc on each cheek and he will put it lateral to create the shape of hips ... I'm excited !! Can't wait to get back in my fitted dress jeans and belly tops! Stupid birth control

I mad sure I stressed the "S" shape and he told me...

I mad sure I stressed the "S" shape and he told me oh I know what that is lol and I stressed hr glass figure also

Forgot to say his office is valet only so make...

forgot to say his office is valet only so make sure you bring $5 dollars i didn't and had to walk to atm in hospital and pull out money

Just wondering and a lil worried if i can get the...

Just wondering and a lil worried if i can get the small waist I'm hoping for i just measure 34" and i wanna get down to a 28" I'm keeping my fingers crossed !! i have faith in Dr.Salama I've seen his results but just don't know if i have seen anyone with a waist of 34" before and their after pic!

Ok so I'm going to try to lose 20 lbs these 6...

ok so I'm going to try to lose 20 lbs these 6 weeks before surgery hope i don't really wanna but its just so i can get my belly as flat as possible since that is where i hold all my fat ... recently gained some weight and want it gone

I know in florida there's a limit of 4L that can...

I know in florida there's a limit of 4L that can be taken out at once by law which equals to 8 point something lbs but idk if that'll be enough I don't know since I'm doing multiple areas of that'll be enough I'm just getting worried ... I'm on a does losing some weight but I want my stomach flat and back curved and flanks gone but I want to have a realistic picture in my head and I don't see anyone with my body type had it done to get a realistic picture on mu head ... And even though he said he can get my stomach small in. Consult would it be the small I'm hopin for ... Just getting down aaa time comes near just want food results Flat stomach and big booty :(

What do you all think ??

What do you all think ??

Changed date to July 17 due to having last minute...

Changed date to July 17 due to having last minute fright but I won't change this date again lol so Idc any of ypu want a April 9 date that has a later date one should be available

So idk .... Not Idc ugh Kind of regretting...

So idk .... Not Idc ugh
Kind of regretting chickdning out oh well Imma wait and see if I ca get it mid June cause when I cancelled my April 9..... July 27 was the soonest date

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jus saying, if u need a later date i can switch i have 9-7-12 w/ salama
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Hey sxybak. I just switched my date so now I'm booked for the 27th. Hopefully we'll bump into each other.
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Congrats on your date!
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good luck :}
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Hey sexy bak, I see you changed your date to July. I'm getting mine on July 10th leaving on July 19th so we may see each other in the office. Congrats to you our time is coming soon! Us July gals myself, you, meelee and teresa8292
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Thank you I'll be sure to follow you guys :D
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Hi! I'm getting my arms done as well. Wow, you're doing the chin too?!! You're so brave! I always worry about getting a turkey neck when I get older lol. I wonder will getting lipo there help it keep from doing that. I've been kind of wondering about the CC's too because I know he does it aggressively but 4000 is 4000 I don't care how aggressive it is. I'm 20-25 pounds from my maximum on the BMI chart. (I'm 5'10", 198 lbs. trying to get down so I dont have to be so stressed about that 4000 CC's because when I look at other websites that take 5000 cc's, I'm like Ok, I need 5000!!!! LOL I read somewhere so I don't know if it's true that if you want more he can do it in the hospital for more money. IDK if that's true but then you probably have to pay hospital bills too. I'm super excited as well!! Can't wait!!! Good luck to you!!
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I'm trying to lose more now so I can get my optimum results can't wait !!! The pain will be worth it
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I may consider now. Thank u
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None didn't all I asked of him was to get fix of my double.chin part of the reason is because I say plain daughter result to a smaller face and looked younger and had a nice side angle ... I know after lipoing my chin mu face should appear younger and smaller I believe It was considereed an extra area and cost 400 extra arm lipo was also the same price 400 extra ... It's 400 extra every additional area... Hope he Dosent raise it though since he's in hot demand
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They still have the special. Just added the arms for now. Thanks again. I wouldnt have thought of it
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I wish I was able to do an in person consultation. Just have to wait til day of surgery...

When you discussed lipo of chin with him, did he say that the procedure will ultimately change the shape of your face? Think: Bristol Palin. I really don't have a double chin but I would like narrow my round face.

I'm sure pricing varies but about how much did it cost to add chin and back arm lipo?

Hope my questions aren't too personal. I'll eventually call Reuben. I just havent decided if I want to add.

Thanks :-)
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Oops I didn reply to this exactly but if you come on mu profile I replies underneath
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ok i'll keep that in mind "super tiny waist salama, super tiny waist.....very big booty, stuff till it wont' stuff no more" lol ...i just remeasured and my booty is 47...i feel huge, i can't imagine shopping for a 50 booty or more than that, thats a bit much.
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So you actually had your consult at the office? did he said how small he could get your waist possibly? since our waist is the same i could get an idea based on yours lol. my natural waist is 34 and my lower around my bb is like 37 smh. Yea i heard from someone that went to an actually F2F consult that he does aggressive lipo, so i was reassured. I guess i'm just not confident in my bodys potential but i'm confident in salama
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Yes I had a f2f since I live in Florida about 36 min away from his office and isaid "doc realistically how small can you get my stomach" he repled " i can get you pretty small , I'm not sure if you know I am aggresive with lipo" so I only hope to goodness he can I know I gotta be small underneath because before I had to start birth control to regulate my period my waist and overall body was small lol ... And Ruben his brother he handles finances told me to b stern with what you want when you telling dr salama do when you go to your consult the day before don't say maybe say I want to be very small in stomach and big in butt leave no room for uncertainty
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I don't know why my message didn't post from yesterday.....but Yes that's what concerns me bc I carry my weight in my midsection expecially my flanks (eww) and I wonder if he can really removed enough. BUt I think I read somewhere on here a girl being able to use the hospital vs his surgical center which I know there's no limit if u use the hospital. She was using the hospital for diff reasons though. I also need to ask about genral anesthesia vs epidural. I know there's price difference for hospital/center and ga/epi. Are you traveling alone? I'm not sure if I am yet, only person that may come is my bf but we haven't figured that out yet. I wonder if the nurse gets paid 175/patient/24hrs or can she have 2 patients with of course a higher cost but not doubled if the 2 patients are together.
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I live in Florida about 30 min away I will be using te driver though to take me home and then bf is going to take care of me for the first 3 days hell take off work and when I go for my 2 week before operation consult I'm going to ask and stress like Ruben says what I want and tell him I want a very flat stomach and waist and a nice curved back and if he says I can get you real close I won't worry but if he says well see I'll brig up doing it in hospital and paying extra cause I want this to be my one and only time doing this... But I asked him on my initial consult realistically how small he could get my waist and he said pretty small and stayed he was he's not sure of I know but he is very aggresive with lipo ... But like Ruben states on the 2 week before surgery consult and right before surgery stress to him what you want be stern so I will do that ... I'm not sure about te nurse though I won't be using them I'll be soley depending on mu bf :S yea I even asked why she was doing hers in the hospital ause then I ea like I'm about her weight and shape so I thought maybe ause she said I get her results looking very close to realself member he stated to do it in hospital do he can give her that result ... If so I will do it at hospital too
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No i will be coming from georgia, i haven't got my hotel yet but i'm looking at the bestwestern and a few others. Only thing i'm nervous about is i hope he can lipo enough out, you can check my profile i just added pics so u can see my size. He didn't recommend a TT so i guess thats good but i feel i'm still big lol.
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I so know what you mean I want him to give me a nice "S" curved ad and a tiny waist and flat stomach and I know the stomach is where I keep most my weight and back and I know theirs restriction of how much he can remove but I really hope he can get me as small as I wish and a big booty !!
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Same as yours, april 9th! lol so far i'm getting lipo to the abs, flanks, l/u back and inner thighs but now i'm thinking to add my arms bc they are so big, and i thought about my chin but i'm scared of facial swelling. i would love to have my chin back defined like 2 years ago.
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Omg same day as me we most likely gonna see each other that say I feel like its soooo far away :( , I was scared of arms and chin but I said might as well cause I'll be on pain/ soreness already so I just wanna be in pain l/swelling that one time so I decided to do everything I ever wanted liposuction... I say don't be scared do it if you feel that way so you don regret it and have to go through the pain /soreness again ... We should keep in touch since where the same surgery date for sure ... Are youa. Resident of Florida or are you out of town
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Hey! what areas of lipo did you decide to get done?
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Heyy I decided to do the teg bbl areas entire stomach flanks and entire back and then added inner thighs chin and arms .... Wowza I'm gonna be soooo sort everywhere loo
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What about you and when is your date !!
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