BBL Finding the Right Doctor - Florida

About Me: I am 5'4, 126lbs, 32D-28-35 super...

About Me:
I am 5'4, 126lbs, 32D-28-35 super straight! No hips! No az! I have thought about having this procedure for years!

Why BBL:
Being of mixed ancestry (African and Asian) I guess I have always found it beautiful to have a behind. My sister is blessed with some and I got blessed with a decent rack. I am very comfortable with my body but would like to enhance it just a wee bit. Finally in the position to treat myself... and the procedure has been around for awhile. So I feel its a bit more safe.

Dream Booty:
Nothing to big... don't want to be a video model just want a little extra cushion. Something natural for my frame I like Stacey Dash's azz or

Dr. Salama:
Great work on sculpting from the other sisters here on RealSelf but he does lots of bubbles. His projection work is amazing and his prices keep climbing I have my quote in writing for $7225. But he did mentioned that I need to gain weight... a whopping 30 pounds! But once my consultation I'll have a better idea of what will work best for me.

Dr. Pazmino:
His work is nice although I haven't heard much from the ladies here... he is pricey $9200. But his work seems favorable to what I'm looking for something to fit my body and look natural. I love that women that can get 1200 in each cheek but I don't want that kind of attention I want to be more low key...

I had BBL done in 02/2013. I gained a little weight for this procedure and I wish I would have gained a little more. I see your wish pic and I can tell you that you will not get that result with the little fat you have. Take glance at my before and after pics in my profile. This year i plan on going in for round 2 (I wish i knew then what i know now). Remember that not all the fat survives so my opinion to you would be: Gain More Pounds! Unless you want to spend more money (like my dummy butt is doing).
Girl way until my before and after. I'm loving my change
i know u need lipo for the procedure, i was asking did u get certain areas lipo'd or everything?. ok, thats good cause i want all my volumn, itll be a hell of a change then what i have now..Im so excited, like fa real
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