For one, I have never had a flat sexy abdomen.....

For one, I have never had a flat sexy abdomen.. And having 4 kiddos certainly didn't help! :) I am 31, 5 foot 7 and weigh around 145. I am done having kids, have had 2 surgeries (back surgery and tubes tied), so I know I can handle anesthesia.... i think.

Anyway, I also never had much of a butt.. All the lunges, squats and gym exercises could not change what mother nature didn't bless me with... Soooooo,,, off to Florida I go so the doc can work his magic to remove my flabby belly skin, whittle away my muffin top, and use the excess fat to give me a shapely derriere... I am so nervous!

I'm flying to Florida and staying only 10 days, and my sister will be by my side... I'm so worried that the plane will crash, or i'll have complications, blah blah blah.. Most of all, I'm worried that I'll feel my money could have been better spent..... My boyfriend thinks I'm kinda selfish for spending so much on myself, but if the procedure goes well, I'll have more peace of mind about my appearance, and after all,, it was having HIS kiddos that helped make my body the way it is :) He doesn't have to carry around sagging skin, lol.

Anyway, my surgery is like 2 weeks away and I am so excited, yet nervous... I hope you guys can have some encouraging words for me!!!

im wishing you the best in your upcoming surgery. I also am having the same 2 procedures in may. im constantly trying to figure out how to get comfy after surgery with laying on your side is the only option. Kepp us posted :)
let me know how it goes
Thanks!! I have my pre-op phone convo tomorrow, so I'm getting ready to prepare myself for what I'll need for the trip and recovery.. Gosh, i am nervous beyond belief. I hope it's all worth it in the end! AGGHHHHH :)

Well, as of today, my surgery is only 9 days away!...

Well, as of today, my surgery is only 9 days away! I am stoked, yet terrified!

I am just curious,,, what are the 'MUST HAVE' items that I should take with me when I fly down to Florida,,, and what are the items that I should hold off to purchase until I am there in Florida.

I don't want to pack/take a lot of stuff on the plane, but I'm just curious. What are the best things for me to take on my flight down?

I realized that I will be in Florida during Spring Break. Great. :( I don't think I'm going to be hitting the beach after my surgeries, so most likely I'm going to hang out in my hotel for the 8 days I'm there.

What did you guys do the first 8 days after your surgery? Should I plan on just resting, light walking, eating, and just staying indoors?

Wow, I've researched this procedure for over a year, but I still feel so clueless about the recovery process. I hope I can relax and just look forward to the results.

Thanks for your support! I'll post before and after pics soon, just need someone to take some pics for me....
I have some notes on things to take care of prior to surgery for myself and I can copy and paste them on here, If you want. Let me know supplements and stuff.
Sure, whatever tips and ideas you can give me would be great! I am so nervous... A week from now, I will have had my surgery already! Yikes

Uploaded some before pics!!!!!!! Does it look...

Uploaded some before pics!!!!!!! Does it look like i'll have enough fat to work with to get a good BBL result and a good TT result???

Don't mind my lower legs... I hate them! They are so bow-legged and my calves are skinny...

So, hopefully i can get a new hourglass figure to take the focus off my ugly lower legs, lol!

Also, sorry for the quality, but it's really hard to take pics of yourself from behind and with a cell phone camera and mirror! Hey, I tried!
when are you getting yours done, teresa? are you just getting the BBL or are you doing the tummy tuck too? I'll keep y'all updated on my progress.. I hope it all goes smoothly, and that most of my swelling is diminished enough by june/july that i can finally wear a bikini!!!!!!!! i am dreading the SWELL HELL that everyone talks about.
Oh, wow I can understand how your feeling, I would be the same way. As far as how to sit on the plan....the greatest pic I've seen for that was on RosaR review! (look at the way she sat with the yoga mat rolled under her thighs and also have a pillow to support your back and make sure your butt doesnt press against anything) and I think youll be fine, its only for two hours. As far as staying in the hotel room, this depends on how YOU feel. I mean, I can understand maybe a walk or a little stroll or maybe even some shopping but I dont think your recovery will allow you to join in any Spring break festivities. lol. Oh, with the blood clot prevention, keep your legs elevated. I know this maybe hard to do with bbl. but at least when laying on your stomach. (just my assumption, I dont want to portray that I know alot of this, but its what I've heard people do after surgeries.
Remember: I have NOT had this surgery yet, so whatever info you receive from others experience, go with that. I hope this helps. I cant imagine how your feeling right now. I cant wait till my turn. Good luck to you, sweetie!
oops, I spelled plane wrong...

The countdown continues!!!!!!! I can barely...

the countdown continues!!!!!!! I can barely sleep or eat, as I am so nervous and excited! I hope that my surgery and recovery goes relatively smoothly, without complications, so hopefully I will be healed enough to wear a bikini at least once this summer....

does that seem reasonable? my surgery is march 14,,, will my healing/swelling be better by mid-june, early july? I hope so!

good luck to all you march surgery gals! We're on a great journey, and hope it brings us great rewards and renewed confidence! :)
Good luck... Im excited to see your results. I go for my BBL in 20 days =O Im so nervous. IDK why. I have had a couple of procedures before. Do keep updating throughout your postop period. I am really anxious to know what it is like.
Kickassgrl, very true! Some of these girls get the booty 'greed' when, in reality, their results are great! Can't see why they would need more, but oh well! :)
So, if you looked at my pics, are our body fat distributions similar? If so, hopefully we have similar, but GOOD results! Wish you luck for your surgery!
I sure hope you have enuff fat to work with, cause I'm 5'7 142 pounds and my surgery is march 12-not even 3 full days away! This better be awesome! I try not to read the disappointed posts but you can't help it sometimes. I comfort myself with the ones that still look awesome but just wanted MORE, cause ill be happy with less than most of them LOL!

IN less than 48 hours i will be heading to the...

IN less than 48 hours i will be heading to the airport for MIAMI... AGGHH.. and on Wednesday I will be on the operating table...

i am a bundle of nerves.... can't eat, can't sleep much,,,,, so worried about everything that could go wrong..

Can somebody just grab me and slap me silly?? In a week's time I will be posting my early 'after' pics, and i hope there is a noticeable difference.

Thanks for your continued support, everyone!
Haha, cool Gatorgirl! I don't know when my actual surgery time is. I will find out when I go in for my pre-op on the 13th...... gosh, I am so nervous... My biggest fears are the plane ride,,,, not waking up from anesthesia, or developing a blood clot.... I need to just relax, pray, and 48 hours I'm heading to the airport. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!
OMG...I'm going down there the 13th so stay the night because my lab work and pre-op appt is at 8am on the 14th. I will be in the office the day you are having your surgery. Wow...just the thought of that makes my surgery seem that more real. I am so excited for you!!!! :)
Yes, I'd say our body is similar. I'm 10 years older than you, so my fat looks more squishy LOL! I use the iPad and my iPhone for photos and from what I read they can't be uploaded from these devices-so I don't think I can load pictures (home computer has been gone for 4 years now and the laptop will sometimes log on-but haven't tried it since Christmas and I'm too busy getting things"ready" to bother).
Anyway, good luck to you, and I hope it's not too bad a recovery!

Well ladies, my time is coming close. In approx 34...

Well ladies, my time is coming close. In approx 34 hours I will be on that plane! No turning back now!

I fear I may have lost 2-3 lbs in the last week or so, out of sheer nervousness. haven't been able to eat much, and trying to drink ensure at least.

My stomach is in knots!!!! I keep second guessing myself, wondering if I'm making a good decision....etc....

Anyway, here are a few more pics to show the 'muffin top' if possible..... My cell phone camera sucks, so the pics aren't the greatest but trust me, my belly IS wrinkly and flabby. I'm praying all goes well on Wednesday! Gotta calm these nerves down.....
Ghettobooty, thanks for the input.. Sadly, it's too late to back out now.. I've paid for the surgery, and it's too late for a refund now... Besides, i'm looking forward to the Muscle Repair, so as to strengthen and tighten my abs, because I never had a flat belly.... I know that if i had lipo only, i'd have saggy skin left, cuz it is the skin that flops, it's not the 'fat'.... i hope that makes sense? Trust me, my skin is really loose and wrinkly, and if he removes the fat, it wil only be worse. i wish i could get the results i want without the TT, but I know that I will need one if i want the flat belly................ anyway, i just hope i come through this all safely and have great results. Thanks for all your supports!

You're 'sagging stomach' is about the same size as mine and I would under no circumstances ever get a TT. Dr. Salz recommends a TT to virtually all his patients. I don't know if you've heard of a patient of his called 'Bubbles', but he recommended a TT to her and she chose not to get one, and she looks perfect.

Better safe than sorry. You don't need a TT.

You'll be just fine. You are in our prayers. Just be sure to return the favor when it's our turn...LOL

Wow, in 12 hours i will be on that plane!!!!! it...

wow, in 12 hours i will be on that plane!!!!! it all seems so surreal.... I just about have my bags packed.
I"m gonna try the rolled yoga mat and support pillow while sitting (for the flight back of course) and hopefully that works to keep pressure off my bottom.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I can't eat, can't sleep, and my stomach is in knots.

PLUS, i think I'm having PMS, so my period is gonna start like any day now. Any of you ladies have the 'luck' of starting your period during surgery or shortly after during recovery? any tips???

My mind is all over the place. I just want to get to Miami safely, get through the surgery safely, and With God's grace, heal safely and have excellent results...
I will keep you updated with my progress... This journey has been very nerve-wracking!!!!!!! I hope I can relax on the plane ride... I"m gonna bring my Bible and Ipod and probably take a xanax.... lol

Sorry to keep boring y'all with my updates, BUT it...

Sorry to keep boring y'all with my updates, BUT it is helpful to ease my anxiety, so, I'm venting.

Got everything packed now. All my meds, supplements, a few snacks, some movies/books to entertain me while I heal in the hotel room..... my laptop computer, my cell phone/ipod/camera and all the charging devices......

my neck pillow, yoga mat, comfy clothes to wear........ hope I'm not missing anything! Gonna be driving to the airport in about 2 hours..... I've said so many prayers in the last hour that I'm sure God is tired of my voice, lol!

As far as recovery goes, what types of foods should I eat? I anticipate not having much of an appetite, so would it be best to just drink the Boost/Ensures and maybe soups/broths and nutri-grain bars... plus plenty of water.......

Wow, I'm so scared,, i think i'm more scared than excited at this point. Hopefully it turns around and I'll be thrilled with my decision and my results... thanks for all your prayers, everybody!
Safe journey-going and coming-and happy healing! Your results are going to look GREAT! After four kids and your body looks like that presurgery? I envy you! Lol :)) I have just two kids and my body is shipwrecked already.
Gator girl- AWW thanks sweetie, that means a lot to me. I want to come home safe, sound, and healthy to be able to be a mommy to my kids, and I"m so grateful for my sister :)
Kickass- wow!!! I'm glad you made it through okay, definitely keep us updated! I don't have a funnel... can i just cut a hole out of a plastic cup, maybe? And at least you only got the BBL this time.... I have to recover from BOTH the BBL and the tummy tuck.. how the heck am i gonna sleep/rest???? OY!!!! Well, as always, I'll keep you updated.... This whole process is giving me gray hairs, I tell ya!
OkAy I'm alive-but damn this hurts! I mean I woul rather give birth. The funnel is the most important item on the list! Gotta go lay down again. Have set record for taking a pee-and swollen beyond belief. Getting up and laying down is the worst part for me. Just be prepared! Good luck!

Well, praise the Lord, I landed safely in Miami...

Well, praise the Lord, I landed safely in Miami and am now relaxing in my hotel room. Got ZERO sleep the past 24 hours, so I'm gonna nap a while until it's time to go see Dr. S and discuss final surgical procedures, wish pics, and the particulars, and then i will find out my surgery time for tomorrow!!!!!

Thanks for alll your prayers.. The plane ride terrified me, but I made it, and I can't wait for the next part of my journey!

What a blur of a day! I tell ya,,,, landed safely...

What a blur of a day! I tell ya,,,, landed safely in Miami, realized I had to rent a car, or else pay outrageous cab fares for every place I had to go,,,,,, and then went to my preop check in and to meet Dr. Salzhauer..... he was very kind, professional, and answered all my questions patiently (and there were many questions!) He was very thorough and explains his safety procedures and his concern for his patients' well being, and I just felt so at ease with him.... ANNND Yeni the medical assistant was so sweet, and she even let me feel her butt............ YES, Dr. S did her butt, and it looks and feels amazing!!! I have confidence in them, and I'l be checking in tomorrow at 230 pm and will be in surgery shortly thereafter......

I was concerned about blood clots, (yeah I'm a hypochondriac!), so assuaged my fears and offered to give me a low dose of Lovenox to give me some protection and peace of mind.......

So, leaving his office, I went to Walgreens to pick up my scripts for all my abxs and stuff, and since i am out of state, my insurance wouldn't cover them, so i spent over 100$ on them..... not a good experience, btw... spent 2 HOURS in Walgreens cuz there was only one poor (new) pharmacist working, and all the customers were giving him a hard time, and they didn't have all my scripts right, etc....... so after that debacle, I was just too exhausted to do anything else.... so, I am writing to you from my hotel room bed, my sister laying beside me..........
tomorrow morning we are gonna hit the grocery store and stock up on Ensure, Gatorade, pudding, applesauce, tea and other 'light' foods for me to eat during my recovery period.................. and then DA DA DA.............. time to go to surgery.. wish me well!
I will let you know when I get back to the hotel safely after surgery..... Thanks for sharing my journey with me!
Vicki, hope you are recovery well. Still sending up the prayers for you. :)
I'm sending this at2:49pm to let u know I'm praying for you as promised while your in surgery

Thanks you guys for your prayers. The last few...

Thanks you guys for your prayers. The last few days have been rough! I'll try to go backwards!

Day of surgery- taken in around 430 pm... doctor marked me all up with his magic marker with little pointers about how i wanted to look. he is so cute and handsome, i could just fall in love with him.

Anyway, the big trouble was probably my fault. I was SO paranoid about gettting a blood clot, so i asked the doc if i could have HALF a doc of lovenox, just for my peace of mind. He agreed.... However, the anesthetitst gave me the full dose!!!!!!

I woke up from surgery okay, felt groggy, and my sister drove me home..

Overnight.... I only had one drain in, and it kept draining dark red blood, and i was bruised ALL OVER.... I just didn't feel right, and couln't sleep.

POST OP next day, thursday- Erica, the nurse came to my hotel to check on me but I could barely stand up. She wanted to take my compression garment off, but I had a pounding headache and felt like I was gonna pass out every time I stood. However, she assured me it was 'normal', even though my color was gray, and I begged her to call the ambulance cuz something wasn't right.. Anyway, so she left kinda frustrated with me, but all i wanted to do was lay down in bed again.........

Same day continued.... Dr. S was concerne about how I was feeling, so my sister drove me to his office. He said I was badly bruised and that my drain was draining too much fresh blood (500 cc total in one day!) so he pulled it out, and let me stay in his office overnight with IV fluids and a nurse to watch over me....
The next day, they wheeled me out to my car in a wheelchair and I layed down the whole way home. i felt awful, an my color was still horrid!

I spent most of Friday and Saturday in bed, until about 10 pm when I just couldn't breathe and was really dizzy.... So i called the ambulance... Went to Hialeah hospital (FYI, don't ever go there! They barely take good care of you, and speak little English, lol.....)
ANYWAY,, turns out my Hemoglobin was 3!!!!!!!! I was practically dead..... Normal hemoglobin is from 12- 18...

all in all from late Saturday night until this afternoon (tuesday), I spent the time in Hialeah hospital, and received 7, yes 7 units of blood!

Thankfully, thanks to God's miracles, I am alive today.... I will not blame Dr. S, because he called and checked on me frequently and didn't know how dire it was.... plus, HE didn't overdose me on Lovenox (the blood thinner),,, the anesthetist did.......

Anyway, thanks for your concern...

I'm still quite swollen, the compression garment hurts and makes it hard to breathe, and my whole body is bruised...
I promise I will post some 'after pictures' when I am feeling better and less bruised...

This whole ordeal scared me, and i will never take my health for granted again...... I'im not sure if the procedure was worth it yet cuz I am so swollen i can't see my results, but I'll be sure to update.

thanks for your support, and I'm glad to be alive!!!!
Wow I'm sorry to hear that! I can't imagine. You made it though. Hope you a have good recovery and fantastic results!!
Did he tell you how many cc's he was able to inject into your butt? I know you were concerned about that because you were struggling to gain weight for the surgery.
Ghetto... the bleeding happened because of the liposuction... alll my blood loss was pooled under the skin in the flank and back and thigh areas where they lipo-ed for the BBL......... also, the lovenox dose was too much for me.... the TT itself is fine actually...... but at least I'm glad that i survived.... phew........

Well well, what a whirlwind trip it has been! I...

Well well, what a whirlwind trip it has been! I am back home now... Plane landed in Pennsylvania late last night, and it took all my strength to get my bags in the door, find my meds, and get comfy on the couch. Just woke up a few minutes ago....

Starting to feel better and stand up straighter. Yesterday the doc drained about 300 cc fluid total from my abd and lower back.... I am still quite swollen and bruised, but i can see minimal improvement daily, so I am hopeful.

I am just grateful to still be alive and am gonna take things in stride. I wish all of you luck with your health and results.....
As soon as my swellling and bruising subsides, I'll post the 'after pics'. Sorry if any of my posts sound redundant. my brain still is a mess.

thanks for your support!

Here's pictures of the brutal and ugly part of my...

here's pictures of the brutal and ugly part of my recovery...... i hesitated if i wanted to post these, but it is what it is...
and believe it or not, this bruising is way better than it was when i was admitted to the hospital!

My word, when does the swelling, tightness and...

My word, when does the swelling, tightness and bruising go away??? I feel like I'm gonna be a hunched over, swollen ugly mess forever?

I know this is my BBL review, but I did also have a TT, so I"m assuming that's the cause of the tightness and a good part of the swelling.....

I just want to look and feel better! :(

Post op day 9...... when will i ever feel...

Post op day 9......
when will i ever feel better?

when will the swelling and bruising go away?

when will i stop looking like a hunchbacked barrell..... ugh..

sorry for whining.... just had a bad day and needed to vent........
You've had quite the journey Vicki4449!!!!! That is so unbelievable! You poor thing! Thank God, u got to the hospital when you did! The redness on your back breaks my heart, do you have arnica and bromelain pills?? Arnica will flush u and heal u much faster than normal. I had a tummy.tuck last August and i still swell if i eat salty stuff or drink sodas but the noticeable swelling lasted about 4 months if that helps. The hunched over thing didnt last but a few wks so thats something to kinda look forward to. I hope you start feeling better soon. Sorry you're feeling blue.
lolol girl i just hate hearing of any complications you know! plus when you put under your at their mercy. but Na I'm going to Dr. Salama, I researched your doc briefly idk what came of it, I think Salama's buzz just overpowered him at the time
Yeah, I'm starting to freak a little since he is performing my surgery this Monday. Has anyone seen a positive before and after post with pics?

Just cant' stop crying today....... posted a...

just cant' stop crying today....... posted a comment below......... lots going through my mind..... I feel so ugly and alone...

Just got done taking a shower, drying my hair and...

Just got done taking a shower, drying my hair and putting fresh clothes on.

yes, this was my FIRST shower after the surgery, gross huh? 10 days.....

but, in my defense, I was in the hospital for 3 of those days, and very ill and weak for the first 3 days after surgery, so........ anyway.

I am still soooo swollen and tight that it hurts..... My butt feels and looks juicier, but the swelling in my abdomen and lower back make any silhouette changes un-noticeable at this point.
I hope I can see some positive results at some point to feel like this surgery was in the least bit 'worth it'...

Right now I just look at myself and feel so depressed. I want to cry.
Thanks for letting me vent.

Bored... felt like adding some random pix.....

bored... felt like adding some random pix.....
Oh Vicki. My heart goes out to you deeply. Words cannot express how saddened I was reading your updates. First and foremost, I am glad you are alive to show what a horrifying experience you had and let alone to speak about it. I pray that as the days go by that it'll only get much better and bearable for you. Secondly, I am sorry to hear about sperm donor. I would never tell a woman (notice that I said woman and not girl) to get rid of a significant other for so and so reasons. He's a looser but I feel like you have to come to that choice to loose him by yourself. But it's a WHOLE 'NOTHER LEVEL when you don't have any regards or the human decency within you to be cordial to me even when I'm near death. With all good intentions, PLEASE WAKEUP AND SMELL THE STARBUCKS, HONEY! If all he think about is how much of a burden he'd be in with his own DAMN kids if you left, as crazy as it sounds, that right there let's you know how powerful and strong you are because if you drop your load and he knows he can't pick it up or handle it-that goes to show you who's stronger. If your stronger can't no immature, meager, minuscule a-hole come and tell you NOTHING about how to live your life! Point blank end of story! Please feel better and continue to live your life according to you! Sorry for ranting but I feel for you.
Baby, we are having church tonight! Vicki4449, everyone on here is speaking the truth! U take care, get some rest, and yes arnica works miracles baby. It healed my c section so fast, my doctor thought i was some kind of freak or something until i told him what i was taking. Depression after any surgery is pretty equal to postpartum depression. It will have u throwed off and trust he doesnt want to act right, keep your distance because baby daddies always know what to say to break your heart. I'm a vitamin junkie-Resveratrol and DHEA are great for bringing you out of a sad mood. Their not that expensive at all either. Don't feel bad, you only live once so you deserve to be happy. You arent the only one with debt and if he lives long enough, he'll have some too.
I'm glad that you are alive and well. Please take it one day @ a time!!

Post op day 11.. slept a LOT.... my body is...

Post op day 11.. slept a LOT.... my body is just so TIRED..... the 'ex' brought my little boys by to visit, and after 2 hours, I was so dizzy and tired and headachey, I could barely keep my eyes open...

So i layed on the couch, covered up my head, and kinda dozed off..... he got all mad, grabbed the boys, and stormed out, slamming the door of course..... sigh..

i was too lazy to care, so i just slept on, mouth open, snoring i'm sure...... woke up around 7 pm, disoriented............ just had a cup of hot tea and some water and a nutrigrain bar.... trying to get some nutrition into my body.....

still depressed about wasting so much money and sacrificing my body, but wow, i hope things turn around soon. I hate feeling like I've been chewed up and vomited out.......
Vicki4449, I'm so sorry this happened to you. My heart goes out to you but relieved that you made out alive, thank God. I'm not a RN, but I definitely agree with suzyq50 last comment. Oh, your ex is a real jerk & you deserve someone much better, who will love you & be there for you. You need to move on from him & he needs to remain an "ex" forever. I wish you recover soon!!!
Sorry just have to add my 2 cents. First I would most certainly cause a ruckus I believe that in the very least your additional hospital cost should be completely covered not to mention reimbursment for pain and suffering as well as any attorneys fee you might incure all payable by The Anesthesiologist and or Dr. S (I am thinkgin both are at fault ). I am a RN and I can not tell you how many times a patient demands meds to no avail????? So do not for one moment feel any of this was your fault. After all that is what malpratice is for/mistakes made out of negilience or breach of contract. Call someone baby they will get a piece of it but you deserve something for THIS mistake!!! this is not a normal outcome!

Love and Healing
i guess, and just because a patient ASKS for a med, doesn't mean they should necessarily get it..... I mean, if i asked for a chemotherapy med, would they have gave it to me? I wished they wouldn't have listened to me and talked me out of the lovenox... perhaps all this could have been avoided :(

Man, not only do I want to vomit when I look at...

Man, not only do I want to vomit when I look at myself, but it was like rubbing salt in the wound when my baby's daddy said that to me.......

Yeah, I asked him to help me shower cuz I felt dizzy and he looked at me and told me the sight of me disgusted him and made him want to hurl.....

Boy oh boy do I hope things turn around soon... I don't know how much more I can take....
I am so sorry you had to experience this in a horrible way. Once the swealling goes down your TT will look great. You are beautiful so don't let any one tell u any different . The brusing and swelling is only temporary. I truley believe God has a purpose for everything and things usually take longer than we would like ( like your recovery). I will be praying for you to get your strength and confidence back. When u are all healed you will be making jaws drop! God bless
Girl, I don't get into other people business, but your boyfriend is mean and cruel, also shows no compassion in your time of need. If I were you, I would be soooo DONE w/him when all of it is over! I mean accept his help right now, only if you dont have anyone else to assist you, but I would be so determined and passionate about being done w/him. Like Bellamafioso said, low points does makes you stronger....but this! I might want to read anymore cause it just makes me so upset that you seem like a really nice girl and I'm sure you handle your kids and responsibilities as a good mother should, but this guy never seases to amaze me. All im saying is you dont deserve this type of treatment. My heart goes out to you, I'm going to pray for you both.
You cannot focus on the negative at this point. People who you love and trust sometimes will be the ones that hurt you the most and you cannot control anyone's behavior. Focus on you and recovery and the positives. Right now you're vulnerable and I know how you feel. I've been through something similar after giving birth to my son. I also had lost a lot of blood and had to have a blood transfusion...I almost hemoraged to death because of complications. I had a lot of problems with my son's dad at that time too which made everything worse. Be strong and do what is HEALTHY for you and your children. Wish you the best of luck and don't be so hard on yourself. You are human and if you believe in prayer, it works.

God bless

Still swollen and sore,, but bruising is going...

still swollen and sore,, but bruising is going away, i think..... the lower abdomen and back swelling is the worst!!!! i can't wait for it to go away..

anyway, here are a few updated pics.. hopefully my contours continue to improve...
WOW! I just read your story!! SO scary!!! Im so glad you are OK! I think everyone knows going into any type of surgery, there are risks..but we always think, but nothing will happen to me! I had the same procedures done as you...the FTT, Lipo and the BBL. I worried about stuff to....what if this? what if that? I drove myself nuts for weeks. Well, again....glad you're OK. LOoking at your pics, your booty looks nice!! Youre a beautiful woman!!! Thanks for sharing your story! :)
hugs!! Lynn
Vicki, you have cone a long way. This proves you are a much stronger person than u give yourself credit for. You're results are shaping up well. U taking it one day at a time is a good plan. Recovery takes time and patience. You are doing just fine...keep up the good work.
Lux, I have a 6 year long history with him, with plenty of verbal abuse and other bad things.. i should have seen the signs and left long ago, but I didn't think I could find anyone better (because of me having 4 kids and my insecurity over my body), so i stayed with him, hoping he'd change.....
anyway, today i feel a little better....i'm starting to see my new shape, and i hope my butt retains most of the fat....... i'm just taking it one day at a time,, and yes, i will accept your gentle hug!! thanks

Ok day today..... Eating and drinking well,, and...

Ok day today..... Eating and drinking well,, and trying to walk around....

What I want to know is,,,, has anybody else out there had a TT with Lipo and BBl at the same time?

If so,,, how long before the lower back swelling goes away? for me, the flanks and lower back are the worst swollen areas I have, and somewhat tender and painful..... My doc says its normal, but I would like to hear from you guys,,, when does the lower back 'S curve' return, and the swelling go away?

It's hard to sleep at night, because i can't lay directly on my back or tummy, and even laying on my sides kinda pulls on my incision, so it's very uncomfortable. I just hope this gets better... Any encouragement will be appreciated. Thanks, ladies!!!
Yup tummy tuck with muscle repair Lipo in lower back, flanks, stomach n inner thighs & the BBL all in one shot. Had it done march 5th. My lower tummy is still swollen (looks like I'm a few months preg) my butt is a little swollen still. I noticed a big decrease in swelling just this past Sat. I woke up and felt thinner even my gsrment was looser. today I noticed my lower back was much more scouped out as well. I still have pain when I get up from laying or sitting for more than an hour. Getting better everyday....everyone's different I guess..

Post op day 16..... I seem to be feeling better...

Post op day 16..... I seem to be feeling better and stronger. I tend to want to nap/lay down a lot, but i hope that's normal.

My big concern is, I seem to have developed a seroma on my lower back. It is very spongy and feels 'fluid-like' , similar to a water balloon... It is so frustrating.. It's hard to see my results when my back is so swollen and hideous.

Also, what can I do about it , if it is a seroma? I had my surgery done in Florida, but I'm back in PA now, where I live. I have called some surgeons, but none wants to take on a 'complication', especially when they didn't get the perk of taking my money for the big surgery..... I don't want this seroma to get worse, and I can't afford to fly back down to Florida just to have Dr. S drain it.........
Recovery is very frustrating right now.... anybody know what I can do?
Sorry to vent, but I just feel like i'm in this 'ugly duckling' phase, and I don't want any more complications, after all I've been through!!!
Thanks for your help, ladies!

New pics... still frustrated about the lower back...

New pics... still frustrated about the lower back swelling and the firm/lumpy areas where the lipo was done, but I am holding out hope that it will improve..

Feeling a little stronger daily, but now depressed about spending so much $ and maybe not getting good results.

I don't know that i notice much of a difference, but maybe you wonderful ladies have a different opinion?

Hope y'all are healing nicely.
Ur shapeing up beautifully!! I hope u feel beautiful. You look great girly!!!
I have to agree with the other are looking so much better. Your waste is sooooo tiny!!! :)
WOW Vicki! I'm soo sorry for all that you've been through!! Just wanted to let you know though that you look AMAZING really great shape!! I'd be thrilled! :)

Interesting few days. Thankfully, no April Fool's...

Interesting few days. Thankfully, no April Fool's jokes played on me, I don't think I could have had the energy or mindframe for it!

On the advice of some of the docs on here, (based on my question about seroma), I went to the ER where all they did was a CT scan that confirmed I indeed had a seroma. However, they refused to drain it, or call in an on-call plastic surgeon to look at me, so that was a waste of time.

Dr. S was finally able to talk a doctor (up here where I live) into seeing me to manage my seroma and any other complications. Thank goodness. So I have an appt at noon tomorrow to have my seroma assessed, and most likely drained,,, and hopefully have my incision and BB looked at to see if they are healing nicely.

I hope things are smoother from here on out. I will update with new pics after my seroma is drained. What a journey this has been!

So, went and had 2 seromas drained. My lower back...

So, went and had 2 seromas drained. My lower back yielded 70 ccs of old blood/serous fluid, and my abdomen let out a whopping 250 cc of old blood! Probably cuz my drain was removed at 2 days post-op... but oh well.. things are resolving...

my bruising is almost gone, except for a couple areas on my lower back and inner thighs....

Doc wants me to wear my compression garment plus an Ace Wrap around it, nonstop, for at least the next 3 days, hopefully to 'collapse' the pockets and prevent further seroma formation.

Incision is slightly reddened and 'rashy/pimply' on some areas... doc says maybe it's just irritated from the telfa dressing and neosporin, so right now it's just covered with dry gauze.... I sure hope it heals up nicelly.

I'll post updated pics in a few days when i'm allowed to remove the compression garment....

The only positive thing I like so far is that I have a 'waistline' finally.. other than that,,, we'll see when the swelling goes down.

One day at a time.
thanks, Special Kay.... I would love to see how your scar evolves over time.... may give me hope for mine...
I'm wondering if the reason my scar is higher is cuz i didn't have a lot of excess skin to 'pull down' low enough to make the scar lower in my pubic area? who knows...... i'll just tell myself that a scar is better than a bunch of flabby fat and skin, and the only person who really sees the scar is gonna be and whoever i end up being uh 'intimate' with.....
That's a good point. It could be we didn't have enough skin. I'll go with you on that :-)
Vicki, your body looks awesome. I love your curves. Wow, your bruising was pretty bad. That's crazy.

On Monday, I will be 5 weeks post op. I have the same concern as you with the high scar. I have been obsessing over it these past few days. It gets me upset because I feel, I am part to blame. I should have been more direct on how low I wanted the scar to be. I wonder why they all don't do the scars really really low. It sucks. I am hoping eventually it will move down a little once the swelling subsides. I don't have much swelling... just a little. Also hoping the scar treatment could lighten it up. I guess only time will tell. I will be taking pics of my scar on Monday and posting on a weekly basis... I am praying that Monday's pic looks better than the 4 week mark. :-) Happy Healing.

Not a lot has changed. Most of the bruising has...

Not a lot has changed. Most of the bruising has gone away, but I still have lots of swelling in my back and abdomen.

Dr. S has referred me to a doc up here in my state, so I've been going to this new doc for follow-up... Only thing is, they only want to drain the seroma once a week, and last week they couldn't get anything out, even though I knew it was there!!! So now, I go back tomorrow to get my lower abdomen drained, and it will have been 2 weeks since it has been successfully aspirated!!

I sure hope I don't get a chronic seroma pocket/bursa from this! :(

Still can't stand upright fully, lots of tightness and burning in my abs. Do any of you other TT ladies still have burning/pain when you laugh/sneeze/cough, in your abs? at 4 weeks post op?

Anyway, here a few more pics.... Overall, I'm pleased with my new waistline, but I think it's a bit uneven . Oh well.. Still an improvement over the saggy skin and love handles......

My scar is okay. A little higher than I would have liked, but hopefully it fades and thins out.... What is the best product for that? Do you guys like the Scar FX or similar brand silicone sheets? Do they really work?

As for the BBL,,, I dunno... it looks okay in clothes.. I think it shrunk a lot, sadly, but it is a little more full than before I had the surgery, so I guess that's better than nothing... I'm wondering when I can start doing squats and lunges to kind of 'firm it up' a little and lift it some, make it rounder....

Sorry for rambling again, stressful busy week.

Happy healing everyone!
You look super! As many have told you, swelling lasts quite awhile. I think your progress is awesome. You've been through a lot...enjoy the new body now! :)
thanks, hope!!!!! I guess it's hard for me to see the progress, since i look at myself every day, but i'm hoping i can be patient with this swelling.. I had my abdomen drained today for 70 ccs. The nurse there told me she had a tummy tuck last year and it took nearly 6-9 months for all the swelling to subside... She told me I just have to be patient!!!! I try, but it's hard for me... hopefully by summer i'll be wearing a bikini and finally marking this surgery as 'Worth it' :)
You look great!

Not much to update. Still have a seroma, not quite...

Not much to update. Still have a seroma, not quite as much fluid left i believe.
However, there seems to be a large (half-dollar size) FIRM area under my TT incision and right above it... it makes my scar kind of 'pucker' in and seem dented in that area.....
my scar is healing okay, mostly flat, but i seem to have a swollen 'ridge' with several firm lumps ABOVE the incision/scar line, and of course the dreaded swollen "ken doll' pubic area..
when do these things go away????
I'll post new pics when i get a chance.
The butt seems to have shrunk some, but others say they notice a difference from before the surgery, so we'll see....
Hey vicki. I just came across your review and I was wondering if you had any lymphatic massages post op to help with draining?sorry to hear of all your trouble,I wouldnt put blame on yourself for any of whats happened.The professionals are suppose to make sure we are ok and know whats best despite what we think.feel better.
hey vicki, i just now came across your blog and i am so sorry you had to go through all of that. im having a bbl done in a week and i am so scared now.... my doc is dr. salama but dr. salzhaur is doing my nose in january. i hope he will take care of me. he was sweet when i met him but one of his staff members wasnt so friendly. plus they didnt do a few things that they said they would do for me. as for the douchbag ex, kick his sorry ass to the curb and leave him there because you are BEAUTIFUL inside and outside - it will not be hard for another man to fall in love with you - one that will treat you like the queen you really are. he might just have 4 kids too and yall can be the modern day brady bunch lol i will keep you in my prayers and hope everything will only get better from here on for you. keep us updated on how you're doing.

Hey everybody! Sorry for taking so long to post...

Hey everybody! Sorry for taking so long to post but life got in the way. I'm not sure how I feel about my results. My abdomen still swells a lot, my scar is too high to hide under anything but granny panties! :(
Also, the scar is lumpy and swollen and makes a "ridge" dividing my upper and lower abs. Is this normal????? Also I can still feel stitches just underneath my skin. It's annoying.
As for the butt lift, I don't know if I see much difference. I think it shrunk and doesn't have the shape I wanted. Also, I don't think he did enough lipo above my bra line. My armpit/ upper back area is so flabby. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself. I dunno. I'll post some pics. Maybe y'all can give me some input? Thanks!!!

Sorry, my pictures didn't upload correctly...

sorry, my pictures didn't upload correctly.

Again, i apologize for the negativity in my post. But, apparently I just feel dissatisfied. I hope my opinion changes?
i thank you soooooooo much for sharing your story were there ever any improvements?? did your butt ever fluff? how are you feeling?
You look amazing girl! Sorry you had to go through so much!! I have two kids and I also work out about 6 days a week. I've tried every types of butt exercises to get it bigger, I had no results :( My body type is similar to your I'm in pretty good shape except my stomach is loose and a little puffy and i have a flat butt. It's to the point that it's depressing so I decided to do something about it. I'm in the beginning stages of my journey to getting my BBL and I am really EXCITED about it and now I see some hope for my future :) Thanks for posting your journey and experiences with us. Continue success and keep us posted :)
Wow you have been through a lot and thank god you still are alive but if I were you I would contact a lawyer before it reaches satortory limitations if there were a bit if mal practice your lawyer will know those are the professional they have there teams of doctors including plastic surgeons best of luck to you n health

Sorry for not updating in a while. Had issues with...

Sorry for not updating in a while. Had issues with my health, job, kids, etc..... but I thought Id find the time to let you all know how i'm doing these days..

As for the tummy tuck, overall, I guess i'm happy, now that I look back at my pre-surgery photos, I do notice a difference in my silhouette.. my tummy is definitely flatter which I enjoy, but i'm not crazy about the scar.
From what I understand, I didn't have enough loose skin above my belly to pull down low enough to give me a lower scar.. unless I wanted a vertical scar as well....
The scar faded pretty good I think, but it still peeks out above even modest panties, unless I hike them up pretty high....
also, underneath my scar, there seems to be two marble sized hard areas of tissue that i'm worried about.... is it fat necrosis, adhesions, tumors??
maybe a scar revision should be considered.. what do you guys think>>>
as for the bbl, I think I have more volume to my butt, but I think its still kinda square and not rounded enough but maybe I expected too much....
I also think my hips look too wide now, and im collecting fat above my bra line which I hate!! There are some uneven areas from the lipo, I noticed some ripples in my abs when I bend over or sit, and my inner thighs are slightly uneven.......

i'm not sure what to think....
my children's father tells me that he thought I looked better before the surgery, and that my scar is hideous, and my overall shape looks too 'fake' and my butt looks weird.
As you can imagine, that damages my self esteem.
Ill let you guys look at my recent pics, and appreciate any honest input or feedback. Hope you all are doing well!!!

As for the BBL pics, its hard to take pics of my backside by myself, so this is all I have, but if I find someone to take better pics, I will post them!
You look amazing! There is no comparison before &'re rockin' hot now. Get a cool tattoo to cover the scar & just bask in the fact that you're hot! BTW, sounds like your baby daddy needs to get some self esteem of his own--he's obviously nervous about how great you look. Don't ever let jerks like that effect your self esteem!!
Yeah- he has ISSUES because he did a wonderful job on your butt! Thinking about going for same surgeries same doctor= need to return to work after no more than 16 days= please tell me the likelihood of that? When did you go back?
Darlin, I feel you when you said your children's father said he wanted to hurl when he saw your body after the surgery. My hubby said pretty much the same thing. He said he felt nauseous when he looked at me after the surgery. He also said he would leave me if I did something like this again (he also said this to his sister, who told me - That pissed me off, and I let him know). It was hard for me to hear that, especially when I was feeling so lousy and beat up. But that has passed, and I'm now on my 13th day. I need to nap every day. If my body tells me to nap, then I nap. I think your body looks beautiful and natural, if that counts. You probably need to fix your picker. Sounds like you go after jerks and don't even know it! Welcome to the broken picker club!
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