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Hello all - Like many others have said, I've been...

Hello all - Like many others have said, I've been using this site for advice, to right-size my expectations and nerves and for comparison for quite a while. I am having a breast augmentation w/cohesive silicone implants and a full tt on December 4th. I would love to correspond with anyone who is planning similar procedures around that time or, really, anyone who has anything to tell me!
Very quick bio...I was overweight to varying degrees from about the age of 4 until three or four years ago (I'm 38). I did have a three-ish year period in my 20s where I maintained a healthy weight, as well. My highest weight was 253.5 pounds and I have maintained (plus or minus 5 lbs) my goal weight of 140 lbs for about three years now (lost the weight with Weight Watchers and lots of working out). The combination of that much weight loss and having two kids did some ugly stuff to my skin and breasts. I have been considering a "mommy makeover" for several years and now I am finally taking the plunge!
I spend a lot of time at the gym and run a lot (anywhere from 5K to 1/2 marathon) and I know it will be tough physically and emotionally to take a break from that for recovery but, the way I look at it, I didn't and don't work this hard to look ALMOST like I wanna look. Currently I am a 34/36 AA sized-bra (aaaaaaahhhh!) and generally a 6 or small clothing. My husband supports me 100% (why would he NOT wants some boobs on his lady???) and I cannot wait to do this!
I have my pre-op appt. this Thursday 11/21 and will update w/size of implant, etc...and probably lots of questions...after that.
Nice to join you all here!


And it's nice to have you here! Thanks for starting your story. Here's a great list of supplies you might want for recovery. I'll be watching this space for updates! :)

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Thanks so much for the link to the list. Will post some before pix. after my pre-op tomorrow.
Good luck on your appointment!
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Pre-op today...the always-flattering "befores"

Had my pre-op appt. today. Did measurements (again) and Vectra imaging. THAT was horrifying! The computer accurately estimated that I am currently a "AA" cup...which is why I shop in the pre-teen section for bras. With the help of my PS and my husband we all decided that I should aim for roughly a full C cup. We were planning to go with the cohesive silicone "gummy bear" implants but it turns out the round just looked better. Possibly because I have so little breast tissue and very broad shoulders/rib cage (that's a sexy combination, right? LOL)
Anyway, so the surgery plan is BA with 400cc smooth, round, high profile implants and a slight "raise" in my right areola to match the left. Then a full/semi-extended TT. No lipo needed so that was nice to hear. Should be able to avoid a bit of bruising, if nothing else. My PS was impressed with my fitness/overall chest & abdominal muscle tone and said it would likely make recovery a bit easier. Amen to that (fingers crossed)!
I've updated with a few befores I took this morning out of the shower. Ugh. Hard to look at.
13 days and counting!!!


You are getting close. How are you feeling? Excited, nervous?
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I think I mentioned my weight (140ish) but not my height, just in case anyone likes to find women with a similar build. I'm 5'6".


Congratulations on your weight loss! We have similar stories and dimensions! I too lost about 100 lbs, and had a lower body lift as well as breast aug and lift. I am 5'5 prior to surgery I was 136 lbs, they removed 6 lbs of skin. I was also an "A" cup, and had 375 cc moderate plus implants, that took me up to a small "C".....You are going to have such an amazing and dramatic result....I cant wait to follow your journey!
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Thank you so much for your comment! I am so, so excited! I just shared your page with my husband (he's really looking forward to my result...can you blame him? He did marry me at my heaviest, after all) and he would be A-OK with my results looking similar to yours! LOL Of course, we're all different and all that jazz. You look beautiful and fit (if you are anything like me being fit is almost the most important thing). Congrats!
It really is all about being fit under it all! I run about 40 miles a week, as well as biking and lifting, this really helped with recovery! I was able to get up and move immediately after surgery, and that REALLY helped with the swelling. Under that skin you have a gorgeous shape....I hope you have perfect results and an easy recovery!

Thankful for...only having about 5 more days to wait!

Starting to get super-excited. Just a few more days to go!!!
Question: Did you ladies buy any compression bras/compression garments before your procedures or did you wait until after? I'm a "planner" so I'd like to start thinking about it but I don't want to buy anything now if it's smarter to wait.
Another question - for those of you who had your ba w/implant procedures several months or more ago - approximately how long did it take before your breasts settled/dropped/fluffed/etc. and were at their final "cup size"? Just curious.
Finally, for any of you other ladies who had a tt and were told you may end-up with a small vertical or "t" scar...and do you feel about it? Big deal? No big deal? I may have one after surgery because I have a relatively "high" belly button and I'm perfectly comfortable with that possibility but I'm wondering about any experience others have had with this type of scar. Thanks!


Cute title to your review! You look great now and you'll look great after.
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Thank you! Very nice of you to say so!

Washed my tiny bras for the last time!

Just a little over two days to go. Aaaaahhhhh! Doing tons of laundry for the kids and me so we'll be as stocked-up on clean clothes as possible. Hanging my tiny little AA cup bras to dry and I realized that is the last time I will need to wash those sad little things! Maybe my 10 year-old niece could use them? Sadly, that is not even a joke.
Tomorrow I'm planning to hit the supermarket, do a little more cooking, mail the only Christmas gifts that actually need to be shipped, renew my driver's license as it is about to expire, workout at the gym for the second to last time for a bit (sniff, sniff) fill my prescriptions and maybe set-up some outside Christmas decorations (my Jewish husband is a little clueless in that department so if I don't do it in the next two days, I'm guessing its not gonna happen).
What else should I be doing to prepare? I was thinking maybe a pedicure both to relax and because it would be nice to at least have toes that look pretty after Wednesday.
Still not feeling too nervous. Just excited. Trying to stay completely positive.


How did everything go? Healing going smoothly?
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The surgery went great, by all accounts. The healing feels rough to me. I'm almost certain that my expectations about how much I'd be able to do and how quickly I'd be able to do it were WAY too high. The only thing bothering me specifically is that the spot where the drains are placed (my surgeon puts them at the far ends of the incision so, in my case right around at the top of my booty, if you can picture that. One side is fine. The other side (which actually extends a little further around my back as my extra skin was not symmetrical) is still oozing/draining a bit. Not bleeding just oozy. Within the realm of normal, do you think? Other than that, just nice and swollen, as nearly everyone reports. MY breasts are fab. Very hard but only very slightly sore on the sides. No complaints there,
Congratulations on making it to the flat side! I'm happy to hear that everything went well. I've heard about the lipo areas having oozing the first few days so its probably just the normal healing process. Did you get a peek at your stomach yet? Did they tell you how much skin was removed? Awesome to hear about the implants.

Feeling Good!!!

I am five days post-op and feeling quite good! I'll post a few pix and will add a few more of my stomach when I can get the hubs. to help me take a few.
So far, I am thrilled with the process and my surgeon and my results. Really, really pleased. I was in very good shape going into the surgery and I think that help a lot with recovery. I took a few percocets the day of and day after surgery but, since then have just taken e.s. Tylenol once or twice a day. I did take a valium or two for a few days to help with the muscle pain (that abdominal tightness is a B!TCH!!!) but have given that up, as well. Had my first post-op today and had my drains removed along with all stitches that are not dissolvable (a few in my new belly button and under the breasts). I am cleared for everything except the gym (should get cleared for cardio-only at next Monday's appt.) and any other heavy lifting.
Not much else to say, really. Besides hating wearing the compression garment and waiting for my boobs to soften-up I am really a happy camper! Oh, and my energy level is def. not back up to 100% but I am trying to be patient with that, as well. Happy healing to you all!!!

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First After Pix.

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Your BA looks good how did your TT go ?? happy healing !!
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TT went really well, too. Will have the hubs take a few pix after my first, glorious shower tomorrow morning! Thanks!
That sounds great, I'm so excited and nervous next month is my turn :-)

One week post-op...feeling great!

Here are a few updated pix from this morning. Came out of surgery exactly one week ago...almost to the minute! Things are going great. Energy level is still building back up to normal and the compression garment annoys the crap out of me but I see that it is serving its purpose so I'll deal for now. Other than that, just can't wait to get back to the gym. Happy healing, ladies!


You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. You deserve a beautiful outcome, and it's clear you are going to have it! Keep us posted, beautiful lady.
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The Peer Group

I am so pleased with the work performed by Dr. Starker at the Peer Group. He is a true professional, but not so much so that he is uninterested in the patient and (her) individual needs/desires. His office staff is kind and accommodating when I had to change my pre-op appt. at the very last minute (that day) due to a death in the family and they held my surgery date until I could be sure I was ready to go forward with the surgery, given the circumstances. I am only five days post-op but, so far, I am SO pleased with my results and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Starker to anyone considering surgery similar to my own.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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