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I have 2 grown children, 20 and 21 yrs old....

I have 2 grown children, 20 and 21 yrs old. Growing up I was always heavy. After graduating heavy turned into obese. I am 5' 8" tall and at my heaviest weighed 245 lbs. In 2007 I decided that I HAD to make a change for myself. After months of dieting and exercising I weighed in at 165 lbs! That was in early 2008 and since then I have maintained in the 170 lbs range. I feel great but don't look great.

All the flabby skin drooping on my belly is aweful. A friend of mine had a tummy tuck about 18 months ago and she looks fabulous. I scheduled a consultation with the same PS she used and have just scheduled MY tummy tuck for March 22nd! My husband is totally supportive of my decision. I am so happy, scared, excited, nervous....so many things. I found this site and have been reading so many stories, I am positive this is a good move for me. My pre-op appointment is March 2nd...less than 2 weeks now. I will be watching everyone's progress and waiting for my big day!

I am so happy you joined us!   Before you know it March 22nd will arrive and you will be on your way to the new tummy. 

You accomplished and amazing weight loss and now time for your final reward.


OK, so I had my preop appt last friday. Everything...

OK, so I had my preop appt last friday. Everything is "a go"! I am still kind of in disbelief...I am really gonna do this. My husband is wonderful and so supportive of my decision. I will update again next week. Also, will try to post some before pics....

OK, so 1 week to go. My tt is next thursday! I am...

OK, so 1 week to go. My tt is next thursday! I am looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time. It will be so nice to get rid of this extra flabby, hanging skin but the surgery part scares me. I am trying to post a few before pics, without success so far. Will keep trying though. Not sure if I will update before the big day as I will be working 10 hr days every day until then. After tt I will surely be updating!
Thank you msbeas! I am 2 days away and trying not to scare myself out of going through with it....
Hi Anreha, good luck to u w ur up coming surgery!

OK,so tomorrow is my big day and I am a bit...

OK,so tomorrow is my big day and I am a bit nervous. I called today and got my surgery time....not until 1p.m. UGH, I was hoping to be first thing in the morning. In and done before I had time to dwell on it. Oh well, it will be a lllooonnnggggg morning but I will make it. Maybe I will get a call in the morning and they will take me early. I just want this part to be over! the waiting and thinking about it just sucks!!! Well, my next update will be POST-OP!!!! Hope you all have a good night, I probably won't sleep much.....
I can't wait to hear how you're doing. I know you look great!

Well, here I am one day post-op! I really did it....

Well, here I am one day post-op! I really did it. My operation went good once it finally go t going. My op time was 1 p.m. but I didn't get taken to the OR until after 3 p.m. Once in the OR I had what is called a "stand up prep". I stood on towels wit my hands on my head while 2 nurses scrubbed me down with betadine, front and back from mid chest to knees. The I was helped onto the operating table, arms placed on the boards on either side, then next thing I know, I am being woke up. All done!!! They dressed me, helped me into a wheelchair and wheeled me to the car. The hour long ride home I spent in and out. I do remember it was storming pretty good. We got home and my husband helped me into the house and got me in the recliner. The stomache cramps last night where horrible! I got up once to go to the bathroom and change my top, that was a painful experience too. Then my husband helped my to the couch and got me all padded up with pillows under my head and knees. I slept pretty good but I don't think he did....it seems like he was out here every 2-3 hours checking on me, bring me pain pills or whatever else I needed. This morning I felt OK. Definately sore but those awful muscles cramps/spasms were gone. I have been able to get up and go to the bathroom without help today too. My left drain is putting out almost double what my right one is. My doctor called me a little while ago to check on me, she said that is normal, usually one drain will put out more. My husband is having fun pestering me to get up and walk every few hours, he thinks I am a great nurse but less than great patient!!! LOL. I have been getting up though because I DONOT want to develop a DVT, no thank you! So far I have just been resting mostly, taking it easy and trying to recoup. I am looking forward to my post-op appointment next Wednesday too! I should get to take a peek at my new belly then. I will keep you all posted....I am waiting to rate "worth it" until I see the finished product!
Congrats on your new tummy. Take care and happy healing. God bless!

You are doing really well!  You do need to keep moving around at a slow pace.  Doing this will also help the stiffness that can set in if you lay around too long.  

Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Also east some healthy lean protein.  This helps in the healing process.  

Keep the updates coming!


OK, post-op day 4. I feel great! I do have back...

OK, post-op day 4. I feel great! I do have back pain when standing/walking too much. I can't wait for my post-op Dr. appointment on Wednesday. I am hoping to get at least one of these drains out...the right one is down to less than 20cc's of drainage daily, the left one is around 40 cc's each day. The drainage is getting lighter in color and less and less each time I empty them. I can't wait to see my belly. I was sent home in a binder with strict instructions to NOT remove it, just be sure to keep it pulled down low like around my hips. I don't feel very swollen, mostly after I eat. I am drinking 10-12 glasses of water daily, some gatorade and grapefruit juice, and trying to avoid caffeine. Haven't had much of an appetite which is good I suppose since all I do is lay around....lol. I am looking forward to being able to walk and be a bit more active. I will follow the ps's rules though to aid in my recovery--(speedy recovery I hope). I hope you all have a great day! I will post some after pics as soon as I am able to.
Congrats! Glad you are taking it easy and following directions to rest. That's really hard for us ladies! Happy healing!
YES!!!! I have a really hard time not doing anything around the house. My doc said I am to do nothing. Not dishes, not vaccuum, not sweep, NOTHING. That is the worst part. Besides not showering until these drains are out....
congrats, I am going in for mines april 2nd. any suggestions....picsmpics!

Good morning all! Today is 7 days post-op for me....

Good morning all! Today is 7 days post-op for me. I had my first visit with my ps yesterday. All is healing good and I finally got to see my tummy. I so was hoping she would remove my drains but nope :-( she wants them to stay in one more week. Overall I feel good. Regaining more and more energy each day. Pain is not an issue unless I overdo it. I will take pics tonight and post tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well!

Alrighty, I posted my 8 day post-op pics. I am...

Alrighty, I posted my 8 day post-op pics. I am waiting anxiously for the swelling to subside, otherwise I can say :not too bad". It is nice to have that hanging overlap of skin/fat GONE!!!! I am still felling good, taking things slow. I am ready for Wednesday to get here so I can get the drains out and get a nice hot shower. My youngest son turns 20 on Sunday and we will be going out for dinner. I am sad that I cannot dress like I want to because of the drains. I hate going out in public with them, I fell self conscious. Oh well, they will be just a memory soon enough! I hope everyone is doing good and having a great day....

Looking beautiful!

Your tummy looks great
Thanks Candyp7!!! I am so bummed that the drains are still in....and the swelling stinks but overall I am pleased with my results thus far.

I am 12 days post-op now!!! Well, tomorrow is my...

I am 12 days post-op now!!! Well, tomorrow is my 2nd post-op appointment and I a hoping and praying she takes out these drains. I am so uncomfortable and self conscious with them! Not to mention that i cannot wear anything but sweats with the drains still in. Other than that I feel pretty good. I am taking it slow and easy as I just want to heal correctly and do not want any complications. I will be ready to start working out again, especially since I booked a trip to Hawaii today!!! I am so excited and hope to be able to wear a two-piece swimsuit for the first time in my life. I will post more pics once these lovely drains are out--tomorrow lets hope!
You look wonderful!!!! I had my TT 3 weeks ago today and I leave for Hawaii on May 15th I can't wait. I am right there with you, I can't wait to start exercising. I've been walking on the treadmill but I went back to work yesterday full time and my swelling has gone up. I'm going to skip the treadmill this week so I can get my swelling down.
Happy Healing!!!
U look great!!! Hawaii. IM so jealous. Dying to go there. Yes im upset. Very surprised. My gyno and regular docter dentist. All super busy. They all treat me like IM their only patient. IM praying for him because he has an amazing career. I pray that he really is happy because if he only knew how he was changing peoples lives. But the area he is in has a lot of snobby entitled people so maybe he does that to avoid unnecessary drama. I am not needy or a crazy so i guess that is why i feel offended. Still if he would have rattled off some info i would have been satisfied

Today I finally got to shower! I got my drains out...

Today I finally got to shower! I got my drains out (finally) 4/4 but had to wait two days for shower. Overall I am feeling pretty good. Went to the mall with my hubby yesterday, walked from one end to the other and was done! Had to come home and rest in recliner for the rest of the night. Today I will take it easy. I am into a compression garment now instead of the binder. Wow is that sucker tight!!! I told my husband that if I can look as good out of the cg as I do in it I will be one happy woman. My belly button is really red all around, ps said to keep it moisturized and nothing covering it. She is really happy with my healing so far, says to keep the incision taped for 10 more days and drain holes with antibiotic ointment and cover with band-aid for five days. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

You are looking really good.  Rest when you get worn out and don't over do it.  

Ty anreha. I am going to look into more garments
You look great. Look out Hawaii. We have similar bodies so i hope i look like you. LOL. I am swollen so hard to tell. I went to mall other day too. Boy was i exhausted i was walking around thinking i just had surgery and no one can tell. I went home and took a rest too. Have a great holiday

Wow, I haven't updated in awhile... I have been...

Wow, I haven't updated in awhile... I have been feeling good, taking it easy as I get worn out quick, sore after too much activity and also notice swelling off and on. I am looking forward to exercising again. I have a hard time not being busy, makes me want to eat! I haven't gained any weight since surgery and definately don't want too! I hope everyone is doing good. I am posting my 3 week post-op pics, took them a few days ago and forgot to get them up.
I can't seem to find this doctor? The website says there is an error? I love your results and want a doctor close by. Can you send me any info please?
You look great!!
U look great nice and flat
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