lift and silicone mod+

I never considered implants until nursing left me...

I never considered implants until nursing left me a deflated 34B (or C in Victoria's Secret, they're so generous)! After going to a couple consultations, I was told I also need a lift. It took me several months to come to terms with that, but now I am just ready to do this. Tired of feeling insecure and having to live in uncomfortable push up bras/bikini tops. Struggling with some mommy guilt and a fear of the surgery itself. I'm considering 300-350 silicone unders. I'm 5'6, 130 lbs, and hoping to look more proportional since I'm pretty thin on top, but have ample hips/butt!
I think you'll be so grateful in the long run that you're doing the lift now. I have seen many post-op scars fade to barely visible within a year or less. So be patient! ;) Will you have someone to help you the first few days of your recovery? Try not to have mommy deserve this! 
Yes, finally realized that the results will be better with the lift. I'll have my husband and mom here to help out, and they're both being very supportive! And thanks, trying to keep that guilt at bay! ;)

Wish Pic

Adding a wish pic! I'd be very happy with this size! My pre-op is in a few days. Will update again then...

Before pic. No oomph.

Droopy and blah. Will be so nice to fill out a bikini top this summer!

Pre-Op done! 2 weeks to go!

Just had my pre-op and decided to go with 300/325 mod+. The appointment was nearly 2 hours long (mostly with Dr. Rumsey's nurse Melissa who was wonderful) and covered SO much information! Had vitals taken, went over what to avoid from now until surgery, got re-measured, tried sizers again, got my scripts for Keflex, Percocet and Phenergan (no valium?) and paid my balance. All the questions I had were answered and I feel much calmer now. No ibuprofen, aspirin, flax or vit E until 2 days post-op. No alcohol 2 days pre through 1week post. Wash with dial soap day before/or surgery. It's really real now! Hope this info helps someone.
Ooh it's really exciting right!! Wait til u wake up after surgery , you look down and it's like aahhh finally !! Congrats and I can't wait to see ur after pics;)
Thank u XbubblesbX!! It is exciting and a bit terrifying at the same time! I get more nervous the closer it gets, trying to calm down! Your results are amazing, I enjoyed reading your review! You have a really positive attitude and great faith!
Thank you deer, I've learned the hard way negativity gets u nowhere and is like carrying extra weight. Keep positive and going thru solutions til u find the right one. I've learned thru God all things are possible:) don't worry sweet girl, God is with you and will be holding ur hand;)

4 days to go, doubting myself :-/

Well only 4 days left til the big day. I went from being giddy after ordering little bralettes the other day for after sx (haven't bought anything without underwire & inches of padding in years) to having some doubts. Keep asking myself why this is so important to me. My dear aunt went through breast cancer a few years ago, and here I am complaining about the way mine look. At least they're healthy. Arghhh I hope these feelings are just normal jitters. My fear/anxiety about surgery and the anesthesia is also kicking in again. Positive thoughts & prayers are welcome ladies!!
Is your surgery this Wednesday? I'll be thinking and praying for you!
Yep! Yikes—can't believe it's in just 2 days! Thank you for your prayers!!
I am totally with you n the guilt-I lost my mom to metastatic breast cancer last year. She originally had breast cancer 20 years ago, got a mastectomy and never got reconstruction. I feel a lot of guilt because I'm using the money she left me to have this surgery. I guess what comforts me somewhat is that for one thing, I know my mom wasn't opposed to plastic surgery. She went with me to 1 consultation a long time ago. She also had a face lift years ago and some Lipo on her flanks. For another thing, I'm working part time right now while I finish my Masters. When I'm back to working full time I plan on making payments to my account to play the "loan" back. I feel guilty about my daughter too because of course the money but also because she says she doesn't understand why I don't leave them alone. I told her I'm having a reduction, which is partially true, and that it's hard to lug these things around. I think that being happier with ourselves will make us happier in general. Of course there will always be guilt and we have to find true happiness within, but feeling good on the outside doesn't hurt either.

Another before

I will certainly NOT miss underwire!!
God is with you darling!!! Praying for amazing results!! Cant wait to hear from you and see some pics, take ur time sweetie. Well be waiting;)
Thinking of you today! I know all will go well! So excited for you!!
Oh! Sorry for my delayed reply!!! I just wrote you! I hope you are doing good!!! Please let me know!

Day of Surgery

Well ladies I made it through surgery day!! Been in bed dozing pretty much all day. Pain is bearable so far if I stay on top of meds. Will give better update tomorrow! Thank you for the prayers and support!
Just thinking about you and wondering how ur feeling?? Curious about ur results my dear;)
Can't wait to see your results! Hope your first night went ok & you were comfortable.
Glad you are doing ok! Hopefully you slept well! Can't wait to hear what you think of your new boobs!

The morning after!

Yesterday was pretty surreal. Had to be at surgery center at 8:15, but doctor was running behind from previous surgery so we waited longer than expected. They took my vitals and a urine sample. (Btw, on a tmi note, my period decided to show up yesterday when I woke up! Lucky me)! They set up IV while I answered some questions. Then we waited for doctor to come in and mark me up. After that the anesthesiologist came in and asked me more questions. I hugged my hubby goodbye and walked to OR. I got on table and nurse and anesthesiologist told me to take big yoga breaths, joked that this was the yoga room! I said it didn't look like a yoga room! Lol, and next thing I know I was waking up in recovery! I wasn't even aware that I was given anything, just was out. BP was pretty low and I was dizzy when I woke, so they gave me saltines and some water. Once that improved I was wheeled out to car.

Got set up in my bed with a wedge and one of those u-shaped travel pillows. Got sick once, so I took phenergan and nausea has not returned. My sweet husband made homemade chicken soup, so I had a small bowl of that. Been drinking a ton of smart water and chowing down stacks of saltines like nobody's business! They just taste so good right now!

Slept in 2-3 hour cycles the last 24-hrs and feel good. I Def need the Percocet every 4 hours or feel pain break through. Got up and semi-helped hubby get our daughter off to school, even braided her hair for her :)
Had a coffee and Greek yogurt and now back in bed resting.

This truly was not as bad as I feared. I had such anxiety over this surgery and it felt like it was over in a blink. If you are nervous about this, please know it is not as scary as you fear.

Attaching a pic but I'm all bandaged up so it's hard to tell much. I'm glad they don't look/feel too huge. Get to unwrap and shower tomorrow!
Hope ur doing good babe, thinking about you.
I'm glad to hear you are doing well! I love my bed wedge and 2 weeks post I still use it! I can remember how good the chicken soup and saltines were! I ate saltines like crazy! Make sure to be taking something for constipation tho! It really is not so bad for all the worrying we do. I hope you like what you see when bandages come off! That's a weird moment! Lol
So happy all was good! I told you! :) Enjoy your rest time, and take is slow!!! Happy healing!

2 days post-op

Today was the big reveal! Everything looks ok, just sitting high and some swelling which I know is to be expected. I had my hubby unwrap the ace bandage and he was definitely happy with the results! Lol. (Funny for someone who claimed to not care!) I felt pretty good today. Stopped Percocet and started alternating Tylenol and Advil, so I'm happy about that! Also was able to venture out to dinner and it was nice getting out of the house for a bit. Oh I also applied some arnica gel to help with swelling. Right now that's the most uncomfortable thing I'm experiencing--that swollen, stretchy tightness. Anyone know how long that lasts??
Hey babe, ur picture looks great!! My swelling stopped around four to five weeks. I do t swell at all anymore and I'll be six weeks tomm;)
You said he likes the results, what do you think? I think they look awesome!! Do you have anything on under the cami?
How does the scarring look? I don't really care about scarring, but I'm nervous for some reason about my husband seeing it. That's cute that your husband likes em :). My husband said he likes mine the way they are (but he's not opposed to the surgery or anything-he knows how much they bother me) so it will be interesting to see what he thinks when they're done!

4 days post w/old bikini top

Hi girls! Was feeling a little down today bc of the bruising and swelling, and my right looks bigger than left to me. But then I tried on the old bikini top from my before pic and it def cheered me up :))

Yesterday (day 3) I hit a bit of a wall. Was low on energy and felt light headed all day. I think I was breathing too shallow bc of the tightness. Anyway, back to feeling fine today! Post-op visit is tomorrow so we'll see what they say. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
These. Look. AMAZING!! Can't wait to see your updated pics! Could you raise your arms or lift anything at like 3 days? I have two young boys that I will have to lift and am very nervous about that. Two more weeks for me- your post definitely helped calm my nerves! Congrats girly!
Thank you so much Mamaof333! I'm one week post today, so I will try to get some new pics up. I was instructed to keep elbows below shoulders for first 5 days. And believe me, you'll feel why you're supposed to keep them to your side! Also, be careful not to lift your little ones for the first couple weeks. So hard, I know :(! I'm still not supposed to lift/push anything over 10 pounds. Try to stay calm and keep your mind on other things as much as possible. Lots of luck I'll be checking for your updates!
Good to hear and thank you! :)

8-days Post

Can't believe it's been over a week since my surgery! Overall I've been feeling really good. I do get tired easily and have had some bouts of light-headedness. I also have some numbness on my right side and underarm. I'm starting to get zingers, so I guess the nerves are waking up. I'm taking Tylenol and Advil as needed, which is about 2-3 times a day. I'm using arnica gel and bromelain tablets to help swelling/bruising. Dressing has been a challenge, as so many of you have said! It's hard to hide sports bras/surgical bras when it's already tank top weather here! Why oh why didn't I do this in January?! Attaching a pic of me and the hubs since it's been so nice putting faces to our realfriends names :) Will update with some more after photos later!
You look amazing! Love the weather!!! Enjoy it!

8 days post pics

Ok just re-read your whole profile! lol. Where in the world did u find your short sleeve zip up hoodie?! Been looking everywhere for one!! Love that bathing suit by the way!
Lol, I know I read and re-read so many profiles in the weeks leading up to my surgery! I got those hoodies at the Juicy outlet. If you don't have one by you, maybe check online? Thanks, that bathing suit is from Lucky and it's the only one that fits me right now. I'm going to have to do some serious bikini shopping soon. Yay :-))
Yayyy that's so exciting! I can't wait to look for some too, although I'm not sure my belly is ready to show itself off yet so a tankini (boooo) may have to suffice for now. :( Anyhow- I guess I will check online. I really wanted a PINK one but they don't have any short sleeves! You would think they wouldn't be this hard to find! And your profile pic is definitely making me want to slip into a bathing suit and go somewhere sunny!!!

Almost 2 week follow up

Time is flying right by and I'm almost back to feeling normal. We had a pool party for my little girl's birthday yesterday with 12 kids and woohoo I pulled it off! (But oh man was I tired after!) I had my 2nd post op appointment today. The sutures and tape were removed. I have to admit I was a little nervous about seeing what the scars looked like, but I was pleasantly surprised that they're just thin, pink lines! I have to replace tape weekly for the next month. I should've asked about using scar gels but maybe it's too soon? I definitely want to order some of that Pracasil that orange3421 recommends! That's it for now. Happy healing and good luck to those with surgeries coming up :)
Babygirl you are looking good, congrats on the party , always have large ones too so I know how that is. I love ur pic with the black bra and key necklace, ur skin looks amazing, I think the pic is sexy;)
Way to go mama for pulling off a party with that many little girls!!!! I'm impressed. Just remember it's a critical time right now because you're feeling great. Don't over do it, you're still healing. ;) I order the scar strips last night off of Amazon and I'm ordering the pracasil today.
Thanks for ur update! Can't wait to see your updated pics!

14 days pic

Ur boobs look perfect. My breast tissue is settling on the bottoms of mine quicker than the implants. Looking too whopped lol. Urs are beautiful along with most on here;)
Omg thank you!! Just looked at your pics again and yours don't look whopped at all, you look great!! Did you ask your PS about your concerns though?
Yea girl I did , and thanks. He said the tissue is just settling . That my boobs will drop a whole lot more and everything will even out . When he did my lift he tighten my boobs as tight as they wld go so they are takin a lil min ;)

3 weeks out.

Haven't been on here as much because I got busy with work the end of the school year! I hit my 3 week mark yesterday and today I changed my tape. My husband is out of town so I had to do it alone and I'm totally squeamish--I was not looking forward to it! Everything looks good except for one nipple. Looks like he cut over one edge instead of around it, and there is a dark line where it's healing. I emailed a pic to PS nurse because it concerns me a bit. The other lines look so clean, but this one is different. We shall see what they say. At least it's my nipple and nobody but hubs & I will see it;)

Other than that, I'm doing good. I still have to take it easy with arm/chest movements and lifting anything. I started sleeping on my side again this past week and am super happy about that! I kind of squish myself against a king size pillow to get comfy. Still have some numbness on my right side through armpit. Feels strange more than anything. But my nipples are crazy sensitive!

We had a huge PGA golf tournament in our area last week and we went 3 days in a row and walked around all day in the heat. And drank all day. Lol. I didn't know how that would go being only 2 weeks post-op. I was exhausted by the end of each day, but had a blast!
You look amazing! And I think your recovery goes well! I'm really glad you did this. Warm weather... I'm still dreaming of it. We are still waiting for spring. Take care dear Real Friend!

It's been a month & boob greed ;-0

It's been a month since my surgery, time flies! They are definitely starting to soften and feel more natural. Nipple hyper-sensitivity and morning boob are gone for the most part, so that is happy news.

Now I should mention the boob greed. Ladies, it is real ;)! I got exactly what I asked for (I feel my PS got me very close to my wish pic), but I think I should have gone a little bigger. I read about the boob greed on here so many times but I did not think it would happen to me bc I was the type who was so nervous about being too big! That being said, I think they look very proportionate and I can still keep them conservative when I want to at this size. So that's my take on that. Lol. Happy Memorial weekend!!
Boob greed will change over time... I was the same. Now I wish I went with 230cc. :) We always want what we can't have, and trying to be perfect is really exhausting. You look fantastic! Living is such a beautiful place with a nice weather will let you enjoy them even more. Take care!

6 weeks—normal bras!

Everything is going well. I've been cleared to resume all activities! I have to continue taping for another month, then can start scar treatment. We're going on vacay next week so I needed some new bikini tops and new non-sports bras! I'm fitting in a 34D, at least for now. With a regular bra on they look much better in clothes, so I'm feeling good!
You look great in that bra! Have fun on vacation!
You look beautiful in both girl!! Where are y'all going?
Thank you sweetie! I guess it's just a part of this whole process! I'm finally out of sports bras this week, and liking the look a lot more. I hope you are doing well :-)
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