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I wish I would have believed the negative reviews....

I wish I would have believed the negative reviews. But I, like others, was desperate to lose my lower abdominal belly roll. This procedure has caused me EXCRUTIATING pain. I had it done one week ago and have had horrible tingling, prickling, burning pain. I can not sleep at night. My Med Spa prescribed Neurontin which I have been taking for 2 days with no relief. Does anyone have any encouraging words on when this pain will subside? I am so worried I may have caused myself a long-term problem trying to get a "quick-fix" result on my abdominal fat.

What is worse is that my belly fat now seems more firm and protruding. I honestly think it looks worse than pre-procedure. I know it is supposed to take some time, but I am skeptical on the results. So disappointed in myself for falling for what I would say is a scam procedure.

Had my lower abdomen, inner thighs and then stupidly went back to do upper change at all, aside form very uncomfortable after pain. This was a year ago and man, do I wish I had saved that whack of money. Total scam as far as I am concerned. But my fault for believing in quick fixes. Diet and high interval training is the only way. Oh, and body acceptance, that's probably the most important right there.
Everytime I write a comment it does not come out clear. My question is did your Dr say why it works for some people and why it doesn't work for other people you would think that if it freezes fat it would work the same on every body . .
The people at the clinic said results would very but no discussion of no results or long lasting negative effects. As for it being the same for everyone that is what I would like to work on with ZELTIQ (who contacted me yesterday). From the posts here you can see that some people not only wind up with no change but negative effects like the area toughening and taking the shape to some degree of the area when put in the device. Maybe it is technique? Maybe the temp isn't cold enough for some? Maybe some people simply don't react the same (which I agree sounds odd). My problem is that I not only look worse but am dieting for the first time, have lost 12lbs and see no change. I am concerned that whatever happened that made the process fail also changes the fat cells so that the body not only didn't absorb the frozen cells but can no longer use them as fuel. Also there is no doctor.
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