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Terrible Teeth! Let's Fix Them - my Journey, Starting with Braces - Finland, FI

It's been nearly one year into my orthodontic...

It's been nearly one year into my orthodontic treatment and I have a lot tell, so I will be doing several updates in the next few days rather than telling everything in the same post. But let me begin with telling something about myself and my starting situation.

I had been self-conscious about my teeth since I was a teen. My teeth were quite bad and I was (and still am) the perfect example of what happens, when you skip brushing your teeth and drink a lot of Coke. And eat a truckload of chocolate, every day. For some reason, my parents did not pay much attention to how I was taking care of my teeth when I was about under ten years old. We always had Coke in our fridge and my mother kept buying me candy, because I insisted to. Looking back now, I can't understand why my parents did not stop me from being such an idiot - that should have been their responsibility as parents, I think. A small child can't be assumed to control her own sugar consumption and oral hygiene. As a consequence of this negligence, I had my first cavity at the age of five. More and more followed until I was about 11-12 years old and started to show signs of sensibility. Continuous drinking of Coca-Cola had eroded my teeth, making them annoyingly sensitive and worn-out looking. Luckily, I didn't manage to ruin all my teeth, only the ones that erupted before I came to my senses.

In addition to all the erosion, my teeth also become crowded. I developed a deep bite, maybe partially because the dental erosion ate away the height of my molars. Unfortunately I don't have any real "before" pictures of my teeth, but I do have a set of pictures from the cast that was made from my teeth at the orthondontist before the beginning of the treatment. From the pictures you can see that my front teeth were crooked, my right canine was rotated and erupted too high from the gumline, my molars were undererupted (lower incisors were overerupted but you probably won't be able to see that) and when I bit down, my lower teeth nearly touched my palate. You can also see the ugly shape that my four upper front teeth took because of the erosion. This is especially clearly seen in the lateral incisors.

So I always wanted to fix my teeth. I was so ashamed of them! After seeing in one photo, taken when I was 14, how terrible they looked, I never smiled in photos again. I usually covered my mouth when smiling or tried to smile with my lips closed. When the years passed, my teeth also started to turn yellow from all the tea and coffee I had been drinking - despite the use of whitening toothpastes. My dream was to get my teeth straightened and whitened, and something done to their shape. But unfortunately it wasn't until I was 29 years old that I finally had the money to finance cosmetic treatments fot my teeth.

And so my journey begun. The orthodontics would be my first step. After some consultations I was told that best results for me would be achieved with traditional braces. The treatment time was estimated to be 18-24 months. In August 2013, the treatment started with the placing of four spacers between my upper molars. This was done to create space for the molars bands, to which the archwire would be attached. After two weeks, it was time for the brackets and a soft, thin nickel-titanium archwire to be put on my teeth. Cementing them to my teeth was quite unpleasant but not painful. The shock came afterwards. The ceramic brackets felt big and bulky against my upper lip, and the hooks that were in my molar bands bit into my cheeks every time i moved my mouth. I was wondering, how could I ever live with these things in my mouth! But then I thought that if twelve-year-old children can go through this, so can I. And I did. In a few weeks, I didn't even notice the braces anymore.

Of course, there was pain and discomfort. For a few days my teeth were sore and I would get blisters in my cheeks and lips because the brackets irritated them. But using the wax the orthodontist gave me helped a lot. I was very happy to be on my way to a prettier smile, that I would not have to be ashamed of!

With the pictures of the cast, here are also show some pictures from the first few weeks. Yes, my teeth are yellow, pay no attention to that yet! I will post more later.

After nine weeks

When nine weeks (or about two months) had passed, it was time to place brackets on my lower jaw. The arch on my upper jaw had now expanded some and my lower arch needed to be be widened too. All my teeth were to be tilted a bit outwards, to correct the deep bite and to create room for them to align properly. During this time, I felt really strange when biting my teeth together, since my upper and lower jaw didn't match at all. Sometimes when I ate, my teeth clashed together in a weird angle, making a funny and loud sound. Even my boyfriend noticed it, and made fun of me. :D This lasted for quite a long time - I felt that my teeth started to fit perfectly togerther again as late as five months to the treatment, when I got my first elastics put in. But I'll come back to that later.

As I said earlier, I had had some pain after the initial placing of the wire and brackets (and btw, also the spacers made my teeth sore, but there was a delay of few days before the pain started), but when my ortho put the wire on my lower teeth and, at the same time, replaced my Ni-Ti wire with a thicker steel wire, my teeth were hurting for over a week and quite badly, actually. Eating was an agony for a while, since every one of my teeth now hurt (and inside my gums felt itchy!), not just the upper ones. However, normal over the counter pain killer helped a lot.

Before I had braces on my lower teeth, I hadn't realized how crookes and all ovet the place they had been. :D Somehow, the metal brackets on them really made them look worse. You might notice this on the picture I will attach to this post. At first, my ortho left the most misplaced tooth out of the archwire. On my next visit this tooth too was attached to the wire, and it shifted to its right place in a few hours! I was amazed! This shift is visible in the pictures too. Actually, all the lower teeth aligned beautifully in a matter of few weeks.

After five months, my treatment had progressed ro the point where correction of my bite with elastics could begin. Attached is a picture of my first elastics band, they are called "Rabbits" and they are made of latex. I had to use that day and night. This band was supposed to correct the position of one of my premolars, that was responsible fot putting my bite "off". It took only a few days before I noticed a vast improvement. Today, I'm still wearing elastics at night, but I will tell more about that in my future posts.

Forgot to add a few pictures!

I was supposed to attach these pictures to the previous post. These are between 2 and 5 months of orthodontics treatment. The finnish text "7 viikkoa" in one of the pictures means "7 weeks", as in seven weeks in braces for the lower teeth, and four months from the beginning of the whole treatment.

Deep bite correction with elastics

After about six months, my orthodontist put new metal loops on both of my canines. I was supposed to hook a Rabbit from this loop to the metal hook on my lower molar (on both sides). The purpose of this was to bring my lower teeth forward, resulting in the correction of my deep bite. I have no pictures where I bite my teeth together and the deep bite actually isn't very visible that way, so you probably wouldn't be able to see the progress from the pictures anyway. But I will post a picture with the elastics in place.

I wore those rubber bands day and night for about three months, after which my ortho gave me permission to wear them only at night. But during daytime, I was given a new kind of elastics to wear, this time hooked in a triangular fashion at the same place the very first Rabbit had been. I am hesitant to show a picture of this configuration, since my teeth are really BROWN in that photo. I had just bought an new espresso maker and apparently the coffee I now was enthusiastically drinking was super staining. :D I bought whitening paste that was more abrasive and that took care of the stains, but they are visible in the picture nontheless. :D

However, there is a reason I would like to share that picture anyway. When you look at my photos, pay attention to my upper incisors. The middle ones are positioned somewhat asymmetrically, and their edges don't seem to be at the same level. It would seem, that the right one (left in the picture) is a bit shorter than the other and looks as if it is laterally tilted. The right lateral incisor (again, left one in the picture) looks like it should be brought forward slightly. This hasn't changed during the treatment. So, I discussed this with my ortho and she put a bend in the wire to bring the lateral incisor forward. This was at the beginning of June, at ten month milestone. The picture itself was taken at the end of July, and well, the tooth didn't seem to have moved much. I saw a teeny tiny difference, but that was all. My ortho told me that she would address the laterally tilted incisor later. I was also told that I might be out of braces by christmas, depending on how much fine tuning I wanted for the front teeth. Yay!

In my next update, I will complain more about the incisors and show my current situation.

Results after one year

Here is my latest picture, taken today. I ate paella and it made my plastic (or are they rubber?) ligatures yellow, which is really obvious in pictures taken with the flash on. Anyway, it seems to me that the right lateral incisor (left in the picture) is now moving forward. But, for some reason central incisor next to it now seems even shorter! I wonder why it has shortened (or retracted or whatever would be the right way to describe it) - and it definately has, since I remember that when i bit the edges of my incisors together, I used to be able to bring it into contact with my lower incisors, but now I'm not. I'd say the difference in lenght is about one millimeter. I find this one stupid millimeter really annoying! I think that in a beautiful smile, the symmetry of the central incisors is very important, more important than the symmetry (in length) of the lateral incisors.

I'm wondering, if this is one of those things that "get worse before they get better", or did my ortho place the new bends in the wire in the wrong place. :D She said that she would have to reposition one of the brackets next time (I should have asked which one) but that we will first see how far the wire adjustment alone would go. I hope that they would be equal in length soon. If there is much asymmetry left after orthodontics, my teeth would have to be either shaved down to some extent, or I would have to consider bonding or even veneers. One of the main reasons I chose orthodontics in the first place was to limit the need for aggressive additional procedures. For that reason, I'm really not much into the veneers idea. Or aggressive shaving, as my teeth already have so much erosion.

I will write an update when something new comes up!

Problems with wisdom tooth

Since the beginning of summer, I've had a couple of episodes of pain/infection/irritation associated with my only remaining, partially erupted wisdom tooth. Or actually I have two of them remaining, but the other one has not erupted and I hope it never will. This problematic wisdom tooth is on my lower jaw, left side. It started erupting around 2011 and I showed it to a dentist but he didn't think it needed to ne removed then, which I wasn't too happy about. Clearly, it doesn't fit in my mouth and it traps smelly bacteria.

So, now it has started to bother me, and I scheduled an appointment with a dentist. I refused an emergency appointment, since I didn't think I had an emergency. But the appointment isn't until october, and if they are willing to operate, I might be out of my braces before that happens. The public dental care is quite crowded here. There is, of course, always the alternative of going to a private clinic, but the cost is about triple. So for now, I think I will just wait. Maybe it is better to remove the tooth after my braces are taken out, so that the recovery won't interfere with the monthly adjustments.
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I thought I was reading my own review there for a second.  Wisdom teeth!  Bah!  It sounds like a good plan you have, though.
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Did you have to get any teeth extracted?
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No. I have had two of my wisdom teeth extracted earlier from the right side (lower left one remains partially erupted and upper one is still hiding somewhere) though. This was because of an infection, but it might be that my ortho would have wanted them removed anyway if I hadn't gone through it earlier.
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I think they should be able to extrude that central incisor, but they may need to take care of the other issues first for some reason.  Orthodontia is so complex, since everything affects everything else.  It is not a short treatment you are going through!  But once you're completely finished, and have done whatever whitening treatments you want to do, bonding can be truly beautifully done--you just have to be prepared to replace it regularly, which is an expense that adds up.  Veneers also have to be replaced, though, and they are more aggressive.  It would be a way to get bigger teeth, though.  There's also a possibility that the braces will make your gums recede a tiny bit, which would make your teeth look a little bigger also.  

A cosmetic dentist might have more options than an orthodontist, for finalizing the look.
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I agree that this is a very slow process but sometimes it is so frustrating to wait for changes to happen. For the whole time I've had braces, I've been staring at those two incisors, wondering when they will be leveled and aligned. I kept comparing my progress to others on pictures and videos and felt that mostly this kind of crowding was gone in six months and the rest of the treatment time was spent correcting issues with bite. But I'm happy that now my ortho is focusing on correcting this problem and it shouldn't be long until everything is done. I am now trying to figure out which option and which cosmetic dentist would best suit my needs after the orthodontics.
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Heippa! Great review. I'll be the second Finn and start my review soon in the invisalign-braces section. :)
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Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading you review!
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Congratulations!  I'm looking forward to the next installment.  So excited to have our first Finn in the braces community!!!! :) :) :)

Your teeth aren't that bad, but I can certainly see the need to make improvements.  Bite issues are both annoying and potentially destructive to your teeth.  Besides, your teeth are part of that first impression you make.  I'm so excited to see how you've progressed over the first year.  I assume you still have time to go, but I'll wait for the update :D.

Thank you!
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Thank you for you comment! I will try to post my progress to this date in a few days.
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I wonder how you found us?
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I found Realself a long time ago, when I was googling around for some cosmetic treatment - can't remember which one, since I do that a lot. :D Very often Realself Q&A section was on top of the search results list. It took a bit longer for me to find the braces section though, because at first I thought that Realself was a community for plastic surgery procedures only.
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Yeah, when I joined, it was for PS stuff, too.  I had no idea there was dental stuff here until one of the CMs asked me to please write a review for Invisalign, since I'd mentioned it in my PS review :). I'm so glad you found us!  I hope we start to show up on Google, though, LOL!  Eventually :D.
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