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Best Money Spent!!!! 1st Treatment Was 5/21/12- Fenton, MI

Great experience. Surprised at first that the...

Great experience. Surprised at first that the actual doctor wasn't doing the procedure but ended up being a good thing. The nurse that did the procedure was so nice and since it was an hour and she was next to me, it was better to have someone cool that you could hold a conversation with. Just like everyone elses review, the most painful part was the numbing injections. Due to being a guy, my underarm area was much larger and needed about 50 injections each. The 24 hours after were uncomfortable. Alot of swelling, minimal bruising and not alot of pain. It was more uncomfortable than anything. Swelling and bruising were gone within 6 days. I am about 3 weeks in and no sweat at all!!!!!! The one thing that nobody mentions on here is the level chose. At the place I went they said the Miradry is from level 1 to 5 and typically 4 and 5 aren't done except in Canada for some reason. They told me almost everyone did level 2 except their first patient ever did level 1. I wanted best results so I became their first level 3 patient. Hopefully more people list what they had and/or were given the option at time of treatment.

They gave advice and then left it up to me if I wanted level 2 like everyone else or try level 3 since I am a bigger guy....

That makes sense. I'm impressed you decided on the 3rd level! Looking forward to continuing to hear how it works for you. :)


This is the first I have heard about the levels as well. I'm curious if they actually let you completely pick or did they give you some guidance/advice on what would be the appropriate level for you?


Yesterday was 6 weeks and still sweat free....Life...

Yesterday was 6 weeks and still sweat free....Life changing!!! Confidence back, whole new wardrobe of crazy color shirts I could never wear prior and most of all I AM COMFORTABLE. No more uncomfortable feeling of a damp shirt. Its been 85-95 degrees here the last 2 weeks so its definitely been put to the test.
I had my first procedure on March 31,2012 and 2nd procedure on July 21,2012 . I was excited to have this done as I have been living with the annoyance of underarm sweat since high school. I remember seeing a dermatologist at 18 and questioned him about what to do. There was only prescription anti- perspirants and surgery available at the time. He said the surgery to remove sweat glands could be iffy as it may come back worse or in other areas. Since I didn't sweat anywhere else this did not sound good to me. Sweat more??? No Thank you! Have since tried different ways to solve this problem, with numerous underarm antiperspirant-deodorants and even an electrical currents machine. Yuck! Well it took 31 years to come up with something better. Miradry. We saw it on a News Channel one day and my husband suggested I do It. I had recently been trying the botox injections in my armpits which was working pretty good but for only about 4 months at a time. At about 700.00 each time, This was going to be costly . The Miradry procedure was with discounts from Dr. Ava Shambam's office in Beverly Hills 3230.00 Ask them how to receive discounts. First procedure was done and the shots for numbing was the most painful part of the procedure. A couple of times I could feel the burning from the machine thru the armpit but it went in to cooldown before I could say stop. Addition numbing was needed. The day of there was some bruising under right arm and severe swelling under both for about a week I also looked like I had pillows like swells and bumps and was numb still for about 2 months after. Month and a half after I couldn't lift my arm without feeling some pain the nerve under right arm seemed injured. My husband massaged my arm for several days and it went away. Started to sweat again about 3 weeks before second procedure. So was kind of looking forward to next one but was a little apprehensive since I had finally gotten back to normal. I read one of your review about levels fortunately the day before I had it done this time as there were not many before. When I asked the intern she said she used a level one on the first since I am small in size. This time she used 2 and 3 in the deep part of the pit. I hope to see the better results this time. Had it done yesterday. I feel that level 1 would be to minimal. Swelling is about the same with either levels. Uncomfortable to sleep since I sleep on my side and could not. Used Arnica pellets prior for about a week. Use Arnica cream on the sites for bruising and swelling and lots and lots of ice. My husband is a great supplier of this. My sweating was mostly active during being cold and at nervous/excited times. Looking forward to having this relief hopefully forever. Thank you husband for your prodding.

How wonderful to hear you are still sweat free!! Love that you are enjoying some new wardrobe choices due to the change also!

Megan: I had my procedure done today (7/10/12) in Skokie, IL (burb of Chicago). They told me that they do 1-5 on the levels. She said they do the outer armpit at a level 1 to avoid numb/tingle feelings up the arm, and that the rest they do on a level 3. She said the levels determine the amount of time the microwave energy/radiation is placed on a specific area. On my return visit in October they said they will do the whole thing on a 4/5 and the outer areas on a 2 and I would consider myself a "moderate" sufferer compared to others. Hope that helps. I am going to post pics of my own day by day shots once I am all healed and this swelling has subsided....

2nd treatment was back in October. Way different...

2nd treatment was back in October. Way different experience (in a good way). The nurse used a new needle that they just got for the procedure. Im not sure if all locations are using the new needles. The needle end is very short so as far as it can go is all it needs to go. The nurse was able to do the numbing process quicker, more efficient and accurately, and most importantly it was less painful (huge difference). Also, she gave me something for the anxiety I had as well as a shot to help with the swelling after the procedure. I was actually getting nervous after the procedure like the nurse did something wrong because I wasn't swelling as much. Come to find out it was all in my head and the procedure was just done perfectly. The redness in the new photos I posted today went away in about 5 days. Looks bad because of the brightness of the red, but it is comparable to a hickey. Goes away quick and easily. So the end of May this year will be 1 year since I started this whole process and couldn't be more satisfied. I was able to reduce my underarm sweating to about 95% and I was a pretty bad case to begin with. Oh, and again most people dont talk about levels so I always make sure to mention what worked for me. I had a level 3 on the first treatment and a level 4 on the second. Talk with the doctor about the levels and let them recommend what is best for you. I actually signed up for the volunteer Mentor program through miraDry so I hope to lend a helping hand to whoever is going through this procedure or thinking about going through it.
What is the level of pain after the procedure? Injections don't bother me much, I can take it, but that swelling and redness looks very painful.
You are awesome!! I'm having my pits done 4/30/2013. Did u have bad underarm odor? I do, along with it being wet all the time. Hope this procedure gets rid of the funk too b/c I've literally tried every deodorant out there... Even ordering some from another country (men and women deo) NOTHING WORKS. Hopefully I won't be funkdafied afterwards!

It is 9 months since my 2nd treatment. Just about a month ago I started to sweat again. It was like one morning my sweat glands woke up... Very disappointing since I had gone so long without any. No sweat, no smell. I had this done when it first came out so there weren't many patient reviews yet... I learned about levels from reading reviews. I found out with my second procedure that only a level 1 was used at my first procedure. After reading others reviews, I believe that the level should at least be a 3 for good results. I feel that the first procedure was a waste of time , money and unnecessary pain with little results thus guaranteeing a second visit. Outcome at my 2nd procedure with a level 2 and 3 produced the same amount of swelling and pain as with the first. I recommend that you request a higher level for best results. I had it done by Holly, From Dr. Ava Shambans' Beverly Hills Office. She is very nice and gentle throughout the entire procedure. The staff is very nice also. biggest pain of all are the 50 or so lidocaine shots for numbing. Not fun... I am apprehensive about getting a 3rd round. My hair was shedding alot for a time and I am unsure if it was due to the trauma and/or lidocaine shots from the procedure or unrelated. It became noticeably thinner to me but has now started to refill in... I am making another appt. for follow up. I will let you know if and when I decide to do this again. I did enjoy the dryness... So might give it another shot, I mean 50 shots...(per side) ha ha Good Luck...still worth it.

Dr. Seiger / Skin & Vein Center

Doctor was extremely nice and sat down and spoke with me. Felt professional instead of what other doctors do where you feel rushed. He spoke about all aspects of the procedure and stopped in twice to check on things and make suggestions to the nurse. The lady who did the procedure was AMAZING!!!! Couldnt have been a better person. Her son was the 1st to have the procedure done at their location so it felt good to know someone with the experience. Overall place was nice, BIG, professional, BUSY (which is a good thing) and clean.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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