I feel years younger; my quick lift really upped my self image.

I had more than normal bruising and swelling and...

i had more than normal bruising and swelling and the initial results looked 'iffy', but as the swelling diminished, i saw the new me and was quite pleased with my results. i wanted a more refreshed look but did not want to have that stretched skin that so defines 'face work'. i did not want friends to know the extent of my vanity so i kept my surgery quiet and hibernated until the bruising was no longer evident. my surgery was a year and a half ago and i still have friends tell me how good i look....i just say thanks...it must be genetics!

Though friends still told me how young I looked...

Though friends still told me how young I looked for my age, I started becoming more and more aware of the drooping of the skin on the lower half of my face. My “parentheses” were getting deeper and my neck more closely resembled that of a turkey. I was thinking about a possible facelift but was concerned about the price, the potential change to my basic look and the recuperation time. I hoped for the surgery to appear seamless. I wanted friends to say how well I looked but I didn’t want them to say, “I’ll bet she had her face done!”

After some on-line research, I felt as though the Quicklift would provide me with the biggest benefit and the shortest downtime, so I proceeded to inquire locally and found that a local surgical center was scheduling seminars where I could meet and question past Quicklift clients. This was the missing link in my investigation. I would have an opportunity to see before and after results and be able to better understand the complete process from women who experienced the procedure.

It was enlightening and after seeing the dramatic outcomes (the women looked refreshed and healthy but still retained their original appearance), I was hooked. I scheduled my surgery shortly thereafter and have never regretted it for a second.

As advertised, the surgery was quick. I was able to have it performed in the doctor's surgical suite with his caring and professional staff catering to all my needs during the procedure as well as through the aftercare process. I look terrific (it has been two years) and slay people who learn my actual age. I love that. I highly recommend this doctor to anyone who is contemplating making a similar change. They are the best!

Janet Flynn
Sparks, NV

What did got for this price of $12,000? A facelift or a quicklift?
i got a quick lift but it was three yrs ago in november...i understand that the prices are much lower due to the downturn in the economy.
I have always Accepted and liked the way I look.... and I have always taken care of myself to be the best that I can be... Exercise, healthy diet, positive thinking... So, for me it was only natural to want to take care of myself cosmetically... and I just wanted to thank YOU Dr. V for making me look just like ME only healthier and a few years younger... I am one month from being 61 years young, so why should that stop me from feeling pretty and healthy?... Dr V. YOU understood what I wanted to have was a natural look and that sometimes less is more... and the mini lift was just the thing for me... along with my eyes... YOU really know how to do it, and I feel just a little bit more glamorous! Lucky ME! Diana .....
boris volshteyn

dr v. was very explicit regarding my results. he made it clear that i should not have unrealistic expectations. some wrinkles would still exist. he said i might require additional work i.e. juvederm, or other injectables to help reduce the naso labial folds. as it tured out, i did do some injectables and i am exceedingly happy with the finished product.

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the staff is competent and caring and will work with you to facilitate payment options.

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