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My husband I decided to HCG diet with Dr....

My husband I decided to HCG diet with Dr. Dickerson because we could not lose that last 10-15 lbs we wanted to get off. We both workout 4-5 times a week. On the diet Dr. D went over everything and give us an app for our phones, and a book to help us be more successful and help with tracking our progress and food intake . Our only struggle was cutting back on the weights because on the diet you can do lighter workouts but you truly don't have the energy to go hard like we once did. Overall we did great and for me it helped greatly with the amount if cellulite on my butt and thighs and ALOT of fat shed in the abdominal area.

I lost 19 lbs and my husband lost 26 lbs. I went from a very tight 12 to a loose 10 and I am okay with that because J-LO booty is still there ;). My husband went from a tight tight 38 to a 32 (LUCKY!). Our only concern was the loose skin in the AB area which is slowly going away as we have been off of the diet and eating healthy with lots of cardio and AB workouts. I would def recommend this if you are serious about a life style change. Don't expect to lose the weight and then go back to eating garbage and think it won't come back. Also the 500 calorie restriction does get easier with time. Because of our working out we gave ourselves a little over 100g of protein. Oranges better than apples. You can find lost of recipes online to help make it tasteful. Stock up on "legal" spices. Vitacost has really good salad dressings u can use as marinate or for cooking with. We have included pics but cropped because we don't want to be recognized ;).

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Dr D and his staff are so wonderful! I recommend his services to anyone.

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Hello. Wow you are strong and confident people. For me the idea of any injection sounds scary. Did you have any painful feelings?
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Giving one's self an injection is easy. Prodimately you will give it to yourself in the butt b/c it's a meatier area. Slightly grab the skin, straight in push the plunger and pull strqight out also and your done. ALWAYS cleanser skin well b/f and after with an alsohol wipe. My son who ia 12 gives me my depo shot (birth control) and that goes inter-musculary. I think it's a good skill to have in life.
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HCG is illegal and many HCG products sold out there are NOT real HCG. In my opinion reducing your calories which you drastically did to only 500 calories a day then to a more modest 1200-1500 calories a day worked for you. 1200-1500 calories a day is still a slightly reduced caloric intake. What cost $1500 ?
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Finally something that really works...I worked hard at losing weight for years and nothing worked until I finally tired the HCG diet...that was 3 years ago and 102 lbs ago....
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How could be.. I mean its amazing..
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Wow you both look amazing!  What type of time frame did this take you?  

When you mentioned the 500 calorie a day diet I had a brain freeze.  Not sure I could do that for very long.  

What is your routine now as far as your diet.  How many calories a day, what foods can you not eat etc?


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Well it seems crazy 500 calories for 40 days and then you go into phase 3 which gives you more calories but strict food. what happens is your body uses that fat that is stored for energy. This is why you eat so strict. We now eat 1200-1500 calories a day. We eat protien ( egg, meat, fish) with veggies and limit the amount of carbs. We have gone back to working out harder now that we have more calories to help us. We haven't lost much weight since then but we are toning and getting more muscular. I don't want to be skinny I want to be fit. I am currently a size 10 and feel very satisfied what I look like out of clothes ;)
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You look amazing!!!   I bet it helps having each other to get through this.   

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