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12 years ago I decided to get my body back. I had...

12 years ago I decided to get my body back. I had gained a significant amount of weight after my first child and with the aid of weight watchers, I lost 30 pounds. I had my second child in late 2003 and got back to my pre-baby weight fairly quickly.

Then in January of 2007, I started exercising and the results were fabulous - I went from a size 10/12 to a size 6/8. But even with the exercising I could not lose the sagging belly with stretch marks above and below. I have this pouch that shows under my clothes. I do not want to lose and more weight. I have been counting down the days to my surgery in February and now after reading some of the horror stories, I am having second thoughts. Some say the swelling never goes down - that scares me to death. There are also the stories of severed nerves causing excruciating pain. I know that there are do the anticipated results outweigh them? I have found the stories here extremely inspiring. I am still moving forward with my surgery. Does everyone have these fears pre-op?

Hi WW! Reading your post reminded me so much of my own! I'm happy to report that I am now 10 days post op and feeling good! Yes I'm sore, yes I have numb areas from the lipo BUT I have seen my tummy and the change was unbelievable!! I had tears in my eyes the first time I saw it. Gone were the stretch marks, gone was the "flap" as I nicknamed it. I know I'm early in the process of recovery but this was so worth it!
Good luck to you!!!
Thank you all for the support. I have done much reading and research on this site and also spoke with a co-worker's friend who had the same surgery 4 years ago. I am past the panic stage now and while i am still somewhat nervous about the actual surgery - i've kicked into preparation mode. I am having my pre-opt appointment next week and have my list of questions prepared. I have found the information on this site extremely helpful and am thankful to those who have dedicated their time and efforts to educate and inform all of us. I have wanted a flat tummy for 15 years and i'm very excited at the reality that it's going to happen!!!
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I have gone back and forth for 10 years on doing this. I've been terrified of death, wound healing, etc. The Not Worth It was very scary to read, but there are sooo many more Worth Its. I also noticed alot of the Not's seem to have issues that increased their risk (one lady had gastric bypass previously, one had diabetes, others let their wounds go too long without seeing their Dr., or their Dr. didn't address problem early) Make sure you trust your Dr. and sounds like you're in great health. My surgery is next Friday and surprisingly the closer the date gets, the calmer I get. Keep reading the Worth It's, many of them are inspiring!

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You'll be fine just know this is for you. I had mines done it was bitter sweet. Go on my blog to read my experience. Hope it helps. I just did one stupid thing, which was have Sex day 7. It was gentle but I was horrified.

How in the world did you have sex on day seven????  Oh my god I was still hunched over, swollen as hell in the Va Jay Jay and had a drain in. 

I think my hubby would have run to the next county it I had suggested that.  I was a hot mess on day 7...Yikes!
My drains were out. was very gentle didn't take long! He was wanting it that bad. Lmbo as I'm typing. I guess the new bod made him go crazy. He couldn't take it anymore! Really it wasn't bad at all. Day 7 we went to Wolly World for 2 hrs. And, I guess he assumed I was ready. We have a healthy sex life.
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