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Had my first treatment today. The pain was...

Had my first treatment today. The pain was bearable, I thought it would hurt a lot worst. The worst part was when it was over and the burning sensation afterwards for about 45 min. I see a little fading and I'm very anxious/nervous about all of this. I hope this will be worth it. I'm very nervous of the chances of scarring, however my doctor assured me that there would be no scarring. I'm also dreading how long this process will take and if it will even work. I'm ready for this to all be over so I can gain back my confidence. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do after treatments to help this process? Do vitamins and water help? Also I am scheduled to go every 4-5 weeks... Will I see better results if I wait longer in between sessions? I will post after pics in 3 days when my bandages are off!

2 days after session 1

Hello! I'm very thankful for the feedback I got, so thank you. It's night 2 of my first tattoo removal. I did blister, but it doesn't hurt, just looks gross. I've kept my tattoo bandaged, changing the bandage every night for 3 nights. I was told I could shower 2 hours after treatment and I have to say- it stings. Water touching it just feels like a strong stinging sensation no matter what the pressure or temperAture of water I use. So this is very annoying. Did anyone else have this issue? Also I am going back and forth about how much time I should put between each sessions. I just want to do whatever makes this process quicker. As we all understand I'm sure. I'll post a picture as well of my tattoo!

Question about options!

Has anyone considered the surgery for a large tattoo? Excision?

Session 1 again!

I want my details to be as descriptive as possible because I know when I was researching tattoo removal I wanted to know EVERYTHING I could read lol. I just wanted to say that for me, my shoulder feels kind of like a got punched when I sleep (I am on day 3 of tattoo session 1). It is just very sore and uncomfortable to put pressure on. It feels very similar to what it felt like after I got tattooed in that area. it's completely bearable though so no one worry! I just want to make sure I don't leave Anything out for someone who is scared and wants to know details before going through it themselves! I also have formed another blister. They are fairly large (about the size of quarter+). I'll upload a picture in a few hours when I get home! I'm not too excited about going through this once a month lol, but at the same time it's worth it and I feel proud of myself for going through this even though it's "self inflicted" pain in top of a mistake. It still is something we should proud of for handling because the average person I do not believe could do this! So good luck everyone and I'm praying for a good recovery for all of you!

Pictures of 3 days after first session

Taking a shower is painful

I am on day 3- my bandages come off today for good, and I desperately want to take a full head to toe shower without pain. Does anyone know how to stop that? it feels like a stinging sensation- exactly what it feels like when you get a blister that pops and touch it. I hate it. I haven't been able to do much more than a couple seconds of water because it stung so bad. I'm desperate for the spots to become scabs :(

Picture didn't upload! Blister day 3

Astanza revolution laser

Is the one I am using. It is a q switch. I have only had one session but I already see fading in the red ink. Should I switch to a different laser though?

Tattoo removal day 4 1st session

Day 6 concerns

I noticed a few pink spots and I'm wondering if this is scarring?

So worried

My red roses are turning purple and so flaky and I'm terrified of scarring. Normal?

3 weeks In to first session

I am almost completely healed and noticed white on the outside of my tattoo- I suppose this is scarring or permanent skin discoloration? When my tattoo is removed will it be like this as well?

Over thinking?

After starting this tattoo removal I am beginning to obsessively think about removing all my others- I have many and I just am starting to think I look better without them. It's scaring me and draining me how much this is effecting how I feel about myself physically. Anyone else go through this? And were you happier once you did rid yourself of all tattoos?

Longest this could take?

What's the average time it takes to remove an entire tattoo? Two years?

Decided to remove three more tattoos

I have decided to remove three more tattoos. Two are fairly small and one is a large one. What do you guys think the time would take? All black ink.

Next session

I have my 2nd session scheduled for June 7th which would be exactly 4 weeks- should I up it to 8 weeks? I'm okay with it being 4 weeks but I want to do whatever causes the most progress.

Second session is next Saturday

5 weeks from first. I'm nervous and anxious. I feel most depressed today. I want all my tattoos gone and I'm scared they never will be. I'm ashamed of myself for impulsively acting. This is so difficult. I wish it was an overnight thing and not a 2-3 years thing.

2nd session- overdue

Second session healed quickly, haven't seen results really, super bummed. It was SO painful. 8 weeks apart due to money. third session in a few weeks. Feeling super down.

The doctor was extremely nice and loving and relaxed. Seemed very sure of herself which is comforting.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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I browsed through your posts and first off... Take a feel breath!! Yea the struggle all of a sudden makes you second guess the others, at least for me it did... But now I look and I don't regret my others, I KNOW I WANTED THEM. But the one I am removing made me feel like I should've never had any of them done... Time heals wounds, literally and figuratively... I am having a rather large, deep, dense black outline removed... 7 sessions in and a LONG way to go still... So my best advice is be patient... If these were done professionally they are placed deep and densely and hopefully evenly but because of that it will take longer... Now as for the white spots, I'm not sure but hypo/hyper pigmentation is always a possibility so please be aware of that... Next, what I learned with healing is it takes time... It always looks worse before it gets better... Healing cycle could be a couple days or in my case a couple of weeks... Patience and deep breaths, and yes keep yourself hydrated and as healthy as possible... Good luck and welcome to real self! ...B
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Sorry to hear youre feeling down! Dont forget I'm here for you when and if you need it :)
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Sorry you are feeling bummed :( 8 weeks is a good break and highly recommended. Check out this video that speaks to time between treatments:

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Hey here, I wanted to share this information with you, I realize you have already started your treatments but there is some great information, be sure to check out the video section as well - great information and more to come!

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Sorry to hear you are struggling, this really is a long process. Time and patience will be necessary as well as an optimistic attitude to help carry you through this journey. Are you even wanting to remove the other roses on your arm? 

I remember those days of being so upset with myself and the situation I had landed in because of my decision to get a tattoo, but what I have learned is that it doesn't help to worry and stress, you can't change the past no matter how badly you wish you could, and you just need to let go and move forward. Trust me, I got annoyed when my husband would tell me that, it's so hard to do...but it's important, and in time you will find your way just like I did and many others on the site have, check out Barbiedoll90 review, she has some great words of wisdom through this. Challenges such as situations like the one you are in now is how we grow and become wiser, this will one day be a memory and that is what wisdom is, a memory of a difficult time in our life without the emotional charge. 

Keep your chin up and be good and kind to yourself, you will get through this. 
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No I love my bottom roses. In fact those are the only tattoos I'm in love with. And I'm trying. It so exhausting. Regrets are harder when you see them physically.
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i also hate what i did to my body with my tattoo, and now i'm trying to counter that by working out and giving myself a good body despite an ugly bit of skin! i've always been pretty active.. but i'm stepping it up (: i think it's helping some.. i definitely still get down days..but it's better than everyday obsessing with how ugly everything is.. what gets me down most is the money i'm spending D: but my boyfriend says it's more important to be happy, and we can deal with money next time and i'm so grateful for his support!
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Oh yes it must be wonderful to have such support :) I'm very happy for you! And yes I've been working out extra hard as well. I'm just ready for this to be over. Ha
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I am glad you are keeping the roses, they are beautiful! Yes, when you can physically see what you regret, especially on your body, it does make it more challenging. This is when you have to change your perspective and realize that it could be worse and that you have your health and I am sure many other wonderful things in your life. I am really glad you are here, I know for me it was so comforting to be connected to people going through the same thing. 
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heya, i'm at almost exactly the same place as you with removal, 4 weeks after first session. Looking at my skin, it's definitely not ready for another session of lasering.. on the surface it has healed (new skin grown over and no more scabs) but i can tell it is still not fully healed, and i can see some redness and some uneven texture. i can't speak for you, but do make sure your skin is fully healed before you go for another session! i know we all want our tattoos gone (mine is serious ugly and screwed up so i feel you), but i don't want you to end up with scarring..take care (:
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I really feel you and can definitely understand what you are going through. I never thought I will ever have such emotions in my life, but I do have. I know it is easier said than done, but try to stay positive. You have so many things to be thankful for and your tattoos.. well, they will be gone eventually! Don't let your regret get into you! It is summer, beautiful day and time! You are this moment and believe me, in 2 years you do not want to remember this time in regret or how you wasted it on regret. Thats what I am doing. Best of luck and stay strong!
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Dear Awayatt, I am going through removing myself (my 3rd session next week) and what I learnt is 4 weeks is really not enough to see fading and it is better to give your skin more time to heal! If you wait longer, you will see more fading and save money! My tattoo is small and black and I can go evry 4 weeks, it is not expensive, but I prefer to go slowly, but surely and do not laser my skin too often. Good luck with your removal and remember, it all will be gone! :) Just need some time!
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aloha awayatt4: Good luck with your next session, as for waiting longer, some experts say the more time between sessions the better, while others say something else. If your skin has healed from the previous session, then go for it. That's what my expert said to me. I've waited several months, or several weeks between sessions. There might be an urgency to move forward, we all want the ink off. As long as you're healed, then proceed ahead. Stay positive, stay focused and stay healthy. Good Luck! Keep us posted, we're all hear for you, sharing your journey. aloha...k
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Awayatt4 I wish you the best with the other tattoo removals if you choose so, I think your skin has beauty with or without ink, so it's all good, and I'm sorry your review has been hijacked. If any of it has made you anxious, just remember that people are arguing these points because there are some "unknowns" , but "unknowns" can turn out to be good and you can just as easily believe the unknown factors to be positive things, as easily as someone(name not mentioned) might be psychotically negative and dooming about those same "unknowns". Keep drinking water, keep positive, and keep us posted. All the best!
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Good post j. I should not have hijacked the thread. Too much venting on someone else's blog.
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It is completely fine! This site is for venting and I enjoy reading the new stuff I get and opinions!
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And also. There are exactly ten pictures of successful tatt removal on the internet and all the tatt removal places use them. I doubt there have been many completed tatt removals I. History. Save celebs. And here is the kicker- once you start the process you alter the ink. It's been proven. Look up the German studies. So if you only face it what you'll be left with a the now highly toxic and cancerous ink in your tatt. Forever. God help us all.
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I think you really need to take a deep breath and calm down. You are right, nothing is proven and we do not know for sure. Like many things in our lifes. For some reasons we are in this already and it is important to have a positive outlook and attitude, unless you won't be able to go through this. I am not going to sit and cry over my tattoo. It is not a big deal! It's not the end of my life and won't stop me from anything. Yes, it is scary! Yes, it's unknown! I suggest you to doing research. I found some people (even in realself) who did removed their tattoos. No one can tell you your result too. It all depend on many many factors. One doctor told me that the ink will be in my lymph for the rest of my life as it is not going anywhere. It's toxic yes. Getting a tattoo is not healthy as well, you know. Every time I see people smoking I think it is not healthy as well. We all are going to die one day. This is a reality, but right now I want to live a happy life and be happy! We are here to support each other!
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If the ink never leaves your lymph node then your node is not working. Lymph nodes flush toxins. You're right I do need to be more positive but you are misinformed on the ink particles in the lymph nodes forever
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I said that one doctor told me so, but my current doctor told me that this is not true :)
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God this is so terrible. I was hoping the many stories would help. I feel so bad for everyone and me. And these so called experts chime in. Here's the truth-- there are no laser experts. This is an experimental technology in its infancy with no real data behind it. The unknowns are do great. The toxicity of the lasered ink, the migration if nano particles throughout the body and the long term effects on various systems and increase of cancer rates.... Not tested. I'm getting laser fine because it is the only way. But I know there will be a price to pay, and no I'm not talking about the ridiculous premium these laser wielding predators charge who real off other peoples pain and regret. My fate was sealed when I got my botched sleeve. I'm in hell. There is no clear answer for this nightmare and I see other good people going through the same thing.
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laser isn't in its infancy, laser removal has been around since the 1980s over 30 years, everything in life has risks, every time you get in your car it is one of the most dangerous things you can do and risk dying
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I understand. I'd take the car though. A million times over.
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cancer is so common nowadays, and so many things are thought to cause cancer - processed foods, the chemicals in our soaps and shampoos, phytoestrogens in plants, handphone radiation... you get it, so many things! so many people who have never had tattoos or tattoos removed also wind up with cancer. we are all going to die anyway haha, if the tattoo is really upsetting you and you need to remove it, then remove it. keep yourself healthy by doing so many other things..
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