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Oh my goodness, I have wanted a tummy tuck for 25...

Oh my goodness, I have wanted a tummy tuck for 25 years...I am 53yro. 61"tall and current weight is 163. I have lost down from 205. Diet and exercise. I had lost 60 but gains some when peri -menopause started. (it sucks).
I so want a flatter stomach (no pouch) stretch marks don't bother me.
I want to tuck my shirt into my jeans and wear my western belt again without bulging lower belly. Look nice in swimsuit again.
I have initial consult 7 Jan. My biggest fear is he will tell I can't have the procedure.

Hey, I say go for it wholeheartedly. No doubt your PS will be able to do this for you. It is just the best feeling to not have a pouch. I am 49 (not a spring chicken) and wow... it has made such a difference. I look forward to following your journey to the flat side !! Take care. Suzi

Welcome to the community:)  He is not going to tell you no.   You will have your new tummy soon.   Congratulations on the weight loss.


Hi all !!! Well went to first Zumba class last...

Hi all !!! Well went to first Zumba class last night. What a blast but oh my I feel it today.. Hope to lose more weight before my procedure.
Well i was very bothered by my doggy ears. In my opinion it ruins the whole shape of the tummy tuck. Some people can live with them, I couldnt. If you check out my pics u can see the doggy ears that i had snipped. im very happy with my revision.
Thank you..
New York I agree that the dog ears ruins the shape of the tummy tuck. When I go for my 6 month check up I'm going to have him take a closer look at my left side. I can see the dog ear and I notice it with my clothes on. Im sure no one else notices it but I do! Girl you look fantastic!

Getting Closer....was just sitting here reading...

Getting Closer....was just sitting here reading all the reviews from all the wonderful women , glance up saw the calendar..realized that my pre-op is one month from this Friday..
I am still driving my husband crazy with all the TT trying to tone it down.. was at Walmart yesterday and saw all the 2 piece swim suits..was thinking .....wonder if I will be able to wear one again..I was 22 last time I had a tiny suit on...maybe the top and shorts kind will be ok..
Well I have been gathering some supplies already and making list. Got my money...trying to avoid sick people (rather hard to do)
This weekend will be scrubbing the kitchen down..from ceiling to the floor...
yes, have been sitting here thinking .. what do I need to do...yesterday was thinking oh I have 36 days then phone rings now 2 also worry about preparing my hubby for the after ...he says ...I can handle this...are you all ready?
I hope so? :) I have everything ready for work (I will be out 6 weeks due to the hyst). I have people lined up to help me the first few days home (kinda glad I have a couple nights in the hospital due to the Hyst). I made a copy of a great list of things to have from one of the people here on the site... I have a recliner already. Everything is paid... Prescriptions still need to be filled. Hmmmm... I think thats it? I have clothes to wear, compression garments I am borrowing from a friend that had this done years ago. I feel SO ready! I cant stop looking at pics and wondering if thats how I will look!! :)
I know ...I do that now I wear a size 12 jean and seriously since menopause started I gain 10 pounds so now a little snug in the belly..long story short ask hubby..think my jeans will fit better afterwards...doubt it ...your hips are still gonna be the!!!!! oh tonight just to be mean I pick up this skimpy bikini at Target and said I am getting this one should have seen the look of horror on his

I have 11 days till I have my TT..Is being...

I have 11 days till I have my TT..Is being depressed before normal? It just started today.

Ok Pre-op is one week away with surgery the very...

Ok Pre-op is one week away with surgery the very next day..decided to call PS's office to see what I will need...very short list..

Ice Paks
stool softener...start 2 days before surgery
Spanx garment
large maxi pads

I have every thing but the spanx ...

will be shopping today...getting very excited...
I'm on the 12th too. Getting really nervous! Your hubby sounds like mine lol He thinks I'm going to find some "young hot guy" after my TT, men! Can't wait to post our "after pics" the waiting is torture.
I tried sending you a private email...not sure if it went...but mostly just telling it is great to have you on the 12 and look forward to sharing this journey... I think all the husbands are like that...My thoughts are why would I want a younger man..I already raised a
I didn't get it, must not have went through. It's great having a fellow tt sister for the 12th. Sounds like you are all ready to go! I have some last minute things to shop for this weekend. I bought some loose pants, but read that a lot of girls prefer a dress so I will try and find at least 2 of those. My list keep getting longer. I haven't worn a bathing suit in 27 years either. Don't think I could pull off a small bikini but maybe the boy short type. Going to wait until after the tt to swimsuit shop. I'm having fun looking though.

Three more days...getting so excited I am almost...

Three more days...getting so excited I am almost numb...having to watch my appetite. Nervous eating...have one more room to clean trying to stay busy.. Had my youngest Granddaughter spend the night last night she is 2..and a little spit am enjoying her won't get her for a few weeks now.I think I have everything I need..still looking at CG's got a girdle thing from walmart but not sure I like it...going to take some advise and look on Amazon..
Not sure how Hubby is holding up...I think he is worried about me ...He loves me :-) ....He keeps telling me ....we need to just take your surgery money and go to I tell him... we can go after I have the surgery...
Well Ladies , I have rambled enough hope you all have a wonderful blessed day...happy healing to the ones already flat and good luck to the ones coming up
Thinking about you!!!!!!! Let us know how it goes
Thank you... I will
Everything is going to be great tomorrow, just remember when you wake, it will be over, as far as the surgery goes. You will just need to be careful for a few weeks. I am so happy for you, I know the feeling your going to have after your surgery, and when you look down and your flat, it will be one of the best days ever. Have a great recovery!

Made it to the flat side . Been sleeping alot ....

Made it to the flat side . Been sleeping alot . Pain meds work wonderfully . Hubby is taken really good care of me. My whole body hurts. He took 15.5 pounds with lipo and belly flap. Will write more later
I bet you will look just great! Can't wait to see you on the flat side.
Happy all went well. Get some rest. Cant wait to see pics. :)
keep us upd@ted @ll the luck in the world to you LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took a couple pics

Took a couple pics
You sure are looking Phenomenal! I saw your post on bootiebeauty78(I think) and yes she looks great. I went to Dr. Horndeski too and I am 18 days post op. My experience is different as well as others who all have their own healing process. My issues are mental more than anything because I want it to all be perfect right now! Plus I am mad that I have been gaining weight in my post lipo belly due to me being a lil muncher and that darn recliner keeps me hostage. Of course you do not have to sleep in the recliner, I do because the bed is very uncomfortable still. Check out Dr. Horndeski and all I can say is so far I am happy, just waiting to give him that 5th star to see the end results. Gotta earn that with the end results, we cant all be perfect but we certainly can strive for it. They are wonderful with after care and very caring staff thus far. I cannot imagine why they would change. Good Luck with your decision. O I will say this, it is major surgery so get ready to be in the healing process for st least 3 months after (at least that is what I am seeing from others online).
Looking great!! Happy healing!!
looking gooooooooooood LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

I am 1 week po today. Very pleased with belly.....

I am 1 week po today. Very pleased with belly.. Back tho hurts. Can anyone tell me when my thighs and ass are going to go down ?
Wanted to see how you are doing on swelling, do you think the bromalian is helping? My swelling is so bad by the evening it almost hurts. The pics I just posted are from first thing in the morning before it really sets in.
Swelling is worst at night... Taking bromalian and arnica have a couple more days then will be finished.
How is your swelling doing? Decreasing? I have been taking Bromelin (sp) and I don't think I am swelling as much. May be just a natural course, or the pill. Either way, glad for it :-)

Hello Everyone...17 days out...pain is getting...

Hello Everyone...17 days out...pain is getting better just taking pain meds at bedtime...swilling in thighs and legs the same...DH was suppose to go back to work tonight.. but he is now sick...and I don't feel like taking care of him...all the meds are causing me to have GI upset...

Monday had my 2 week appt ...PS says everything looks great..swelling still ..he thinks I am one tough lady..why I have no idea...I know I love my flat tummy...well anyways ...his office is a hour away so we decided to spend the night..hubby could have mentioned this so we could have packed..good think I brought pain meds with...swung by Walmart got change of clothes and tooth to hotel...laid around a bit . went to dinner at this nice restaurant..was exhausted by the time we got back ...passed out...sleep good and on my side...woke up made love awesome....(really really needed that)....decided to spend another night...just hung out and relaxed...came home...back in recliner for the and dad came down for dinner...the kids came over and brought their families..I am now exhausted ...waiting for 9 pm then it is medi and beddie by time...Oh Jeans fit ...just tight in different area now lol...well ladies I am rambling...good night and happy healing...
Hi Sara.. How are you doing? Now that you are further out in your recovery are you staying out of trouble? :) I just wanted to Thank you for caring about me these past few days! Appreciate all your kind words, always helps the healing process.. Have a wonderful day RS friend! :)
Hi, so glad you are doing some better and hoping your fissure gets better. At 5 weeks I still have swelling but it will go away eventually.. I bought a orange 2 piece swim suit.. Hubby really likes it. I was 24 last time I could wear one :-)!!!
Model it for us!! So exciting. That's the downside to the vertical incision. But, honestly, my stretchmarks are so bad, even if I didn't have the vert scar, I still wouldn't be able to wear a bikini. You definitely need to post an updated pic!!

In just a few days I will be 6 weeks post op...Oh...

In just a few days I will be 6 weeks post op...Oh my this is a long recovery...
I am so tired of the swelling...last week pre surgery jeans fit today not!!! Went to see my BFF Tuesday drove for about 3 hours with pit stops..first day just sit around and talked..then Wednesday went shopping all afternoon..went and ate Chinese(figured it didn't matter already swollen)..watched the Alex Cross movie...excellent...then drove home I am swollen and have pain left pubic PS's on call nurse she thinks it is just from swelling..I think next week I will start walking and hope that gets me back to normal soon. All in all I am doing good and still love my is coming back ...just want this swelling and achy feeling to go away...
Love the bikini! You are looking so awesome even with swelling!
Thank you!!
Go 'head Sarav59!!! lol. Looking good in that orange bikini- even with the swelling.....Congratulations!!

Hi All, well I have made it to 7 weeks post op......

Hi All, well I have made it to 7 weeks post op....Really not a lot has changed I am able to wear my pre-op clothes. they are a little loose..Yay..I still swell more days than not but oh well eventually it will stop..still have not lost weight...have decided it's swelling but have a feeling I have gained...
I only have walked 2 days last will not cooperate hopefully next week will be better..maybe I will go to the gym and try water aerobics. I am staying compressed at all times I only take off to bath.
I am still loving my new tummy and BB...oh numbness is probably 75 % above pubic area is still numb some on my left thigh..i still get little sharp pains and last two days oh my ...the lipo areas are painful again..I have a lot more energy and get bored real quick now. I am so looking forward to being 8 weeks..
Went to my sisters for Easter ...My family other than my Mom and Dad had not seen me since surgery. I wore my jeans with tee tuck in and a belt...They could not get over how flat my stomach is...made me feel so good... I think I have in a way encouraged my sisters and niece to get busy on losing weight ..I sure hope so .. not necessarily for them to look better but for their health..My younger sister started walking about a year ago..she saw how it had helped me to drop my weight and helped with stress..
Well it is time for bed..will post new pic's soon..
You look awesome!!!! What a great transformation...
Thank you so much
o i can't wait 4 mi red bikini, chica your lookin ABSOLUTELY fantastico! i love your journey blog here i am reading tonight...i am so happy for you, that your happy with your results because your really looking amazing in your pi! so glad your finally getting what your wanting,Life way too short not for us LADIES to be on the..."Flat sexxxi side"in our waist area,and stomach,your fabulosa! adios chica and again LOVE the red bikini ! beautiful! CertifiedSexxxiFlatStomach2013

Will be 9 weeks tomorrow...I will say these past...

Will be 9 weeks tomorrow...I will say these past few weeks and been fun...swelling, weird pubic pain after travel, but I love my tummy...plan on wearing the compression till I am just totally sick of it...summer will be hard here humidity is horrible..favorite pair of jeans are still tight in the legs but fit good at tummy..summer clothes fit and look so much better...hoping to be buying new clothes at end of summer..staying positive on weight will go to Ps at 12 weeks...using scar treatment...alternation silo strips and mederma. I can't see a difference between week 6/7 to week 8/9...well that is all for this time..sorry not real informative ..adding pic's from phone in a bit...
Hi sarah! Your Looking really good. Sorry to hear that week 6 and 9 are the same because at week 6 today I was hoping some of the swelling would start to go down a little :(
Sweetie , I think we are stuck with this swelling for a little longer..but it is better day to day..I am not real good about low sodium...I have to have a little
Woohoo! You look great!!!!!!!!

Hey Girls.... Well it is eleven weeks since...

Hey Girls.... Well it is eleven weeks since surgery now has time flown by...I still love my results but was hoping to be better by now...but oh well!!! Good news is all my clothes fit and I went back to Zumba classes this week ..Tuesday and today...Monday walked 2.22 mi in 30 minutes...did some yard work feels great to being active again...I kinda based activity on what I did after the c section...30 years ago was in the Army then so once maturity leave was over and 30 leave state side..moved to new duty station and had to get back into physical training and lose 35 pounds in less than 6 mos...
Have to say I have been sleeping with out binder last 2 nights..can't tell any difference in the morning so guessing it is not a problem..sleeping better.. still wearing cg all day ...can't give it up yet...and wearing golds gym belt when I work out...swelling is still the same Arkansas humidity is already starting we are still having unusual weather Hot then cold...been in the 80-90 degree range and may get snow in NWAr. later this week. then back to hot...ok lets see weight is still the same bouncing back and forth day to day between 156 and 162 so have stopped weighing..Hubby has made a couple skinny remarks... did tell me that a certain pair of pants made my butt look big..I just smiled and said may have a big butt ...but I have one flat then when I mention having my boobs done or butt or thigh work done he is all you look great don't touch anything else...I am already saving for BL or lipo on thighs..
ok that is all for now ...will update after my appt on the 13th...take care ladies happy healing to the ones already on the flat side and good luck to the ones coming over...
You look awesome, im now even more excited :)
Thank You!
You look fab!! Great results!

Loving my Tummy

Hello Ladies and Gents....Well it is now been 4 months and 2 weeks since I started this awesome journey..
I actually wore a 2 piece to the lake this week (first time in many many years) was great did not feel the least bit self conscience. Hubby said ...I looked ravishing... :-) Then today went to water park with my daughters and grand children and my was a great day..did not wear bikini wore a tankini...we had a blast..went down the water slides with my oldest granddaughter..
Ok since my 11 week update ...not alot has BB is looking a lot better swellin in it went down like over night was surprised..was at ER with daughter went to rest room... mirror was at right height and when buttoning my pants of course looked in mirror and it was Oh WOW!! showed hubby when I got home..he was so nice about it ...saying looks good Sara...(man of many words).
Lets see what else oh ...PS will see me in Oct ...I will be 8 mos po then.. still have more swelling or uneven fat deposit on left flank...but tummy is great..I know he thinks I am ..I don't know ..disappointed in his work but oh no I think he did a fabulous job on my tummy...just want my left hip to look like my right hip ... so I am going to be exercising and dieting till then or at least till our vacation in September then hit it again I want to see some changes in my pants sizes ...if my hips and thighs would go down i do believe I would be in a 10...
Ordered Zaggora exercise pants and boy do they make you sweat...maybe cellulite will look better now...Between the Arkansas humidity and sweat from walking it felt like I was swimming last night (10 pm) on my walk...grandson went with me...wish I could see him more ...Michigan is a long trip...ok back to the tummy...I am exercising ...walking Zumba...some weight abs ....swelling is minimum ... mentally like others still see the fat girl..but getting better..I am horrible with the scar treatment ...I have mederma oil,,, vit e oil....and used silicone strips for a while ...I hit or miss on applying the cream...
Energy wise ..I am back pretty much to normal .... I am still not back to work yet...(My doc is out on medical) just painting our office..I hope he gets back soon ...been with him 16 years...hate looking for new position...but oh well not ready to retire I am getting all kinds of recovery time...I really felt for the ones that had to go back at 2 to 3 weeks... I had planned the 3 week return but you know what happened so ....
Ok so I have been thinking maybe a new hair style but keep changing my
Well girls I am rambling so time for bed...I will get daughter to take pics and post soon...Good luck and Happy Healing everyone....
U look amazing!!!
Thank you
Sara - you look wonderful!!! Isn't it amazing how losing that tummy makes us want to change other things about ourselves? It kind of gave me some gumption that I didn't have before.

5 months Po...

Hello everyone....Well tomorrow is my 5 month anniversary on the flat side..all smiles...
I am doing great..not seeing much change ..hope I will be like the girls hitting the 6 month mark and wam notice something different. I am dieting more now than before goal is to actually see the 15 lb weight loss he took off. I still wonder ok ...he took it off why is it not showing on the scale..I know this is not a weight loss surgery but heck if it was removed then it should show..on the scale..clothes fit so much better..tho!!!
Hubby and I have a Florida vacation planned for September so would like to look smoking by then..Promise I will post some new pic .... will update again soon..Happy Healing Y'all
Hey girl! How's things going? ((((Hugs)))) and thoughts of you today :)
You look wonderful! Such a difference and your bb looks great!
Thank you

6 months pics

Took these a few days after looong road trip.. But still lovin my results

More pics

You look great.....
You have had an amazing result. What a transformation! Congratulations to you.
Looking hot!! Dam hot!!

Finally posting 1 year update

My goodness time does fly by so quickly. I still love my results...had a dogear revision in January now left hip looks like right hip I am really very pleased with the end result. I have gained a little weight..I always do with life changes ...started a new job. Tummy still looks good tho. Now that the swelling has gone down can see scar around BB. Thinking temporary tat for bathing suit season also need to tan a little..I am still going to Zumba 2 days a week is just too much fun...Sister and I have started doing the 5K run/walks and now my 9 year old granddaughter is doing some with us...great quality time for us girls..will be adding another granddaughter to the mix in May.... love my grand babies...will post some pic's of tummy ....Hope everyone is healing well and wishing the ones fixin to go flat the best of luck.
Just finished reading your journey! You look awesome!! Loved the photos. I can definitely relate to a lot of what you went through, I can't wait to see the swelling go done! Keep up the good work.
You look amazing! I wanna see new pictures!
Thank you!! It has been a exciting year
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