A month post op..BL/TT/Lipo

I am a 35 year old female, and Im having a FTT and...

I am a 35 year old female, and Im having a FTT and a BL. I am super excited and a bit nervous. I am so thankful for this site, because thanks to you guys...I am feeling less nervous everyday. I am a full time student at UA, and a busy mom. I have a loving family and great man by my side. i finally have the time to do this for me, and I cannot wait. I had my son via csection and my body has not been the same since. I consider myself to be very active. I love to run, bike, do yoga, pilates...You name it, and I love it. But...no matter how hard I try I cannot get rid of my tummy and my love handle hips. And my boobs are so droopy, due to breast feeding and a rapid weight loss after pregnancy. So I made the choice to change it. I cannot wait to wear clothes without freaking spanx, and have boobs that dont have to be lifted up to wash under them! I am scheduled for 7/31, and have my preop on july 25th. I had my mammogram already, and I love my doctor. Ill keep you guys posted on how everything goes...and thanks for hearing me in advance, Im sure the closer this gets...the more Ill need you guys!

I have heard that works but so many women use recliners- I am going back and forth about renting one.

I have read about swell hell, my dr said day 3 is the worst but I have read swell hell happening at so many different times.

I want to wake up! Then mostly being able to take care of my kids. My husband is flying from LA for 2 weeks but then I am on my own.... So that makes me worried.
I heard that laying in bed with your head and feet propped up is good too. Have you heard anything about that? October is a long time to wait! I would be going crazy!!!lol. Thanks for the link, I will check it out. I am most nervous about the swelling. I don't want to be in swell hell. That seems to be the biggest complaint from most real selfers. What about you?

Here's a link that may help about bio oil



I don't know anything about it but I need to do more research. I am debating if I should rent a recliner???  I don't have surgery until oct...... So many days but I guess I will be super prepared,eating healthy and hopefully in the best shape I can be.

What are you most nervous about?


Had my preop yesterday. I think the reality is...

Had my preop yesterday. I think the reality is setting in that I am really doing this. I'm so nervous. The preop went great, and the nurse answered all my questions. I took a tour of thre operating room, and everything looked great. But I must say, that the thought of me cut open on that table was a little frightening. The doc met with me for a few, to tell me that I will look beautiful after everything is done. I hope he is right. I'm just scared, you know? I got all my supplies and meds ready to go, and I will clean the house and play a round of golf to make tomorrow pass faster. It will be my last golf game for a while. I went to the Gym today, and boy am I going to miss it!!! Thats going to be the hardest part for me. I love to exercise, but I know in the end this will all be worth it. Keep your heads up ladies. Good luck to you all, and may you heal swift and safe.

Sounds like u had a good pre op.
Hey blonde. I hope all is going well. It was a good preop. The doc didn't stay very long, it was more with the nurse. But it was still good. I found out the procedure will be drainless. I'm happy about that!

Thatis awesome- no drains!!! I hear people saying they are annoying. That's so great!

Hello ladies. Well tomorrow is the big day, and I...

Hello ladies. Well tomorrow is the big day, and I am so nervous. My surgery was originally at noon, but I was bumped up to eight. I have everything ready to go. I finished all my last minuet errands, and cleaned the house. I hope I will be ok. I'm just scared. I'm sure that's normal. I will post post op pics and update when i can. Wish me luck. Happy healing to everyone!
I wanted to wish you Good Luck and Prayers be with you! Can't wait to see the new you, Happy Recovery! You will be fine, positive thoughts.
Good luck! Can't wait to see u thru. I'm scheduled for Friday but I made my profile on Tummy tuck. God bless
Good luck tomorrow, I will be thinking about and praying for you.

Thanks for the well wishes. I am an hour from...

Thanks for the well wishes. I am an hour from surgery and my stomach is in knots. I took a laxative yesterday afternoon and that is not fun!!! I guess it's good bc I got everything out, but the cramps were awful. I'm very excited for the change this morning, but the anticipation is killing me. Well I go to go! The bathroom calls....again. Lol. Thanks everyone! Happy healing.

Starting the road to recovery been tough! Wow...

Starting the road to recovery been tough! Wow girls...I'm in some pain. Cg is tight and I have to get up an pee every hour. Ivebeen eating crackers, jello and homade chicken soup from mom. My man has been so great. If it wasn't for him and his help, I would be in some agony. I'm really
sore and my thighs are bruised and swollen. I had the lipo as well. I think the most pain is the MR spot. I nerver realized how much I used those muscles till today. The pain meds are happening and ladies..take you Naseau meds!!! I've been nauseous all day. Luckily only one vomit and was presurgical bc of the antibiotics on an empty stomach. Incision site burns a bit, and I have asked myself the famous question..." what the hell did I do to myself"??!! I'm sleeping/resting in my bed with my feet and head up, and it's helping. I hope tomorrow is a little better. The staff at the docs office was amazing btw. Happy healing ladies!,
I see you made it out thanful for that. Take this time to heal and try to stay positive. Cant wait to see the new you.
Hope you are doing well!!! Keep up posted and keep taking those meds!! First three days are killer afterwards, but each day gets better!

It has been a month, and I couldnt be happier....

It has been a month, and I couldnt be happier. Everything came out beautiful, and I will post pics today. I will admit the recovery has been tough and not for the faint of heart. It was painful, but i looked amazing from the first day. Of course I am still wearing this binder and I swell at night, but its not as bad as I thought it would be. Im so tiny now, and clothes fit me so well. I have started walking 3 miles everyday. and it helps me from not losing my mind. All in all, I am very pleased with how I look. My doctor is an artist, and I will recommend him to all my friends.
You look incredible!!!

You look AMAZING!
Sounds like you are over the hard part and now get to start reaping some of the rewards of you hard labor. Thanks for posting it is so great to hear how others are doing. You look great !!! Continued Speedy Recovery

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. All...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. All you ladies on Realself, really help with this process.
I see you had a breastlift, were implants added? What size. I have surgery with Dr V in January. Very excited, hope I turn out as lovely as you did.
Waterside, the pic of me holding one boob, is the before pic. Kind of saggy. But perky now! And alejandra, you can do this. You will not regret it. I won't lie it is a tad uncomfortable after, but you will do great.
Do you have before and after pic of bl?
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