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I am 21 year young mother w/ a 2 year old son. I...

I am 21 year young mother w/ a 2 year old son. I have been researching a tummy tuck for the past year and a half and I am finally ready. I gained 70 lbs with my son and lost 30/ I do have more weight to lose before my scheduled appointment. I am very uncomfortable in and out of my clothes. I wear a body suit everyday just to hide the loose skin. After my consultation today I couldn't be more happy with my choice

I am excited for you! I know how you feel, I feel the same way.... I am glad you are doing it. You deserve it!!!!

I think it's great you scheduled it far in advance. That gives you plenty of time to get to your goal weight. Try out I used it and lost 50 lbs just by learning how to count my calories. It's free too which is great. Download the app on your phone so you can just scan barcodes and log your food.

I lost weight quicker knowing that my surgery was coming up!

Hi Cas!

Welcome to RealSelf!   I am so happy you joined us and that you posted your review.   Keep the posts and updates coming.

Good job on the weight loss you should be very proud of yourself.  Keep up the good work and you will get to your goal.

Tell me a little bit about your consult and how you found your doctor.  



Excited for you as well! Please keep us updated about how it all goes =)


So I spoke with the nurse today and scheduled my...

So I spoke with the nurse today and scheduled my appointment for August. I am giving myself time to get down to my goal weight which is 150/145 I am currently at 190. My doctor did recommend that I start the atkins diet and so far so good. I have be exercises more. So hopefully everything will work out good.
I actually downloaded that monday. It was recommened by the surgeon.. I LOVE IT.

Week 1 is over... 8 lbs down Breakfast: Boiled...

Week 1 is over... 8 lbs down
Breakfast: Boiled or Scrambled eggs & turkey bacon

Lunch: Chicken breast baked with small salad

Dinner: Chicken breast steamed broccoli

10 cups of water

30 minutes of workout 5 days

Its always good to have motivators. My 2 sisters...

Its always good to have motivators. My 2 sisters are the best motivators ever. Even though they don't have to they want to join me in my weight loss journey. Dieting exercising the whole 9 yards. I've exercised by myself once before and its always better when you have someone with you [ my thoughts] so knowing that I have there support and them pushing me harder makes it all the better.

Now that is a strict diet!  Make sure you are getting enough protein, fruits and veggies.  If you cut the calories down too low your body will start to store.  Plus you want to be totally healthy and lean.

You can do this so keep up the great work.

Oh yes definitely . I snack on fruit and veggies through the day. ( I couldn't stay away from them if I tried)



I don't think I ever told about my PS. I choose...

I don't think I ever told about my PS.
I choose to go with Dr. Vanderpool because he made me feel the most comfortable. He went over everything and even literally painted a picture. I handed him my questionnaire paper and he actually filled in out and mailed it back to me. He sent me tons and tons of info on not only TT but other procedures as well. Everyone in his office was super friendly like they were hyped up on red bull or something. His office gave me a great feeling and mad me feel like I was in good hand. I did research his method on NO DRAINS and it seem GREAT to me he has been doing it for the past 8 years with success.

So my fiance isn't so thrilled about me getting my...

So my fiance isn't so thrilled about me getting my tummy tuck. He is hoping that I am not approved for the loan. It kinda gets under my skin. I asked him why he couldn't give me an answer. I honestly think its a jealousy type thing, thinks that if I get this done I will leave him. IDK my mind is racing. I don't want to make him unhappy yet. I AM NOT HAPPY. I tried to explain that to him that no matter how much I work out or eat right my body goes down. He thinks that this is something that will automatically come together. I think he is also scared for me at the same time. He won't admit it. Anyways I am super excited talked to the back today. Find out tomorrow if approved. If not I will have the money saved up by the time I have my appointment.





I have a few more month before my TT and i can't...

I have a few more month before my TT and i can't wait. I have been working hard to lose the weight an getting back in shape. Not only just to get my TT tuck but also so I can be use to it and keep it up afterwards. My next consultation with my PS is July. I have only lost the 8lbs so far. Work and personal life has gotten me super stressed out, I find peace in running and exercising. I haven't been able to do it the past few days. I will for sure start back up this week. Once I get everything situated at work and home. IT HAS BEEN HECTIC.
good luck!! I know you are excited! I have been waiting for almost 5 years. I dont care that im not at my pre-pregnancy weight just so that i feel more comfortable with myself..
I at least want to be somewhat around it. Im 203 right now I want to be around at least 165.
I'm Around 190... And wear a size 12 before kids I was 150 and wore size 7-9..
Dr. Vanderpool

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