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I am 49 years old and had a mommy makeover...

I am 49 years old and had a mommy makeover yesterday. I had TT with MR and 225cc silicon sub glandular. I can hear you all gasp at how small the implants are:) I do not want bigger boobs, just volume replaced. I am 5'2" and 125lbs and work out 5 days a week so going small was the best option for me. My boobs are quite swollen so they look a tad big right now.

I was very nervous and questioned my decision right up until they put me under. From the minute I scheduled the surgery, I was thinking I may cancel. I have great friends and every single one that has had a procedure done, reassured me that they had never regretted it and I will be so happy.

Then of course, I have had all you beautiful soul mates who have been such a huge emotional support for me.
So far, here is my experience. I had barely opened my eyes in the recovery room when they had me dressed (cant remember that) and in my friend's car.

I was not nauseous which is a first for me as I always throw up when put under anesthetic. The Dr prescribed an anti nausea pill given for chemo to cancer patients. It was $80 for 1 pill but oh so worth it!

I could converse last night but not for long. I am taking the maximum amount prescribed Percocet in the shortest window of time (1-2 every 4-6 hrs so taking 2 every 4 hrs) and the pain is very manageable. It's not half as bad as I thought it would be. I have no pain in my breasts, just my stomach muscles when sitting up and my lipo areas. I am black and blue where I was lipod. They said they took out 5lbs!! Crazy.
Today I really have no pain, just massive swelling from the lipo. I know that day 3 or 4 tend to be the worst emotionally etc but as of right now, I'm feeling great with no regrets. Will keep posting and post pictures when I can.

Congrats! I'd love to see pics. I am also considering small implants, but there aren't alot of us out there that don't want biggins! :)
I promise to add pictures in a few days. Breasts are perfect! They are still swollen and will go down more but they are filled out now and not awkwardly big. So happy with my choice of 225's.

POD 3 I am down to 1 Percocet every 5-6 hours. I...

I am down to 1 Percocet every 5-6 hours. I woke up this morning and got out of bed easily on my own. I am almost standing up straight today and feel so much better. I am through the worst and very excited about that!
So, yes, the first couple of days were tough getting in and out of bed but when just lying in bed, there really was no pain. I expected a lot worse so don't let the potential pain be what stops you from having a MM!

I'm glad you're doing better pain-wise! Thanks so much for sharing and keeping us posted.

cant wait to see pics
Can't wait to see your before/after pictures. I am also 125 and 5'2" and workout 5 days a week. I just scheduled my mommy makeover here in Arizona. Although I have a bit of sagging, I have decided to NOT do a lift as I just really don't like the scars from the bl. I am, however getting smaller implants like you..probably about 280cc to fill in the volume. I am so curious to see your pictures. :)

I am now 9 days PO and feeling great! I was out...

I am now 9 days PO and feeling great! I was out all afternoon yesterday and today I went shopping, did laundry, cleaned the garage and cooked dinner. I am 90% standing straight and really have no pain at all. I didn't even take Tylenol today although taking a hydrocon at bedtime still. I do get tired and need to take a break or nap once in the morning and then late in the afternoon but am feeling way better than I expected I would at his point. Stitches out on Monday and then I'll post pictures. I am very pleased with my 225cc implants, boobs are full but not huge. It's all very exciting!
Wow! Sounds like you had a great recovery! Hoping I do too! :) Would love to see your pics. I am having a MM March 6,2014 with Dr. Vanderpool.
I found you through a posting on another profile. Seems like we probably had/have similar body types. Looking forward to seeing your pictures! I had a TT/BL/BA about a week ago. Check out my profile.
I had MR from the belly button down and yes to the lipo of hips but not flanks. I have had 3 c's and an ovarian tumour removed so this was the 5th time I have been cut open! I think that has a lot to do with my recovery. Also my husband travels for work and was out of the country up until the night of my surgery and then left 3 days later again. I have had no choice but to get my butt out of bed! Luckily my youngest is 13 so no small kids to watch. I just took off my compression binder and replaced with some knock off spanks today (PO day13). What a difference!! It feels like heaven! They are just as snug as the binder but so comfy!
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