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I had my MM consult with Dr. Vanderpool on Dec.4th...

I had my MM consult with Dr. Vanderpool on Dec.4th and he and his staff are so kind and caring. I took a couple of days to think it over and decided to call and schedule a date for my MM with Dr. Vanderpool and March6,2014 is the day! I have been reading a lot of great tips here on Realself and have been gettting prepared so i can have a smooth as possible recovery. My MM will consist of TT with lipo and BA.
I'm getting really anxious! My preop is 2/26 wow! It's really seems like time has gone by sooo Fast! I'm on the count down lol! I will try to get some before pics. on here soon.
yep - need those pics! :) Dr V does some great work, I think you will be pleased.I really like his attention to detail, I feel like he takes a lot of pride in the final beauty of his work, not just doing "surgery". Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Thanks! redpony13 I am following your new "journey" as well. I beleive knowing there is another woman out there that is going to have a MM by the same great Dr. Vanderpool helps out in so many ways!

A Week Away Yay!

I had pre-op yesterday and I getting so anxious for this to happen. Filled all of my Rx and ordered another bra for after surgery. My PS is so sweet and genuine when it comes to caring for the patient.
He went over the process again with me yesterday and asked if I had any further questions. I couldn't think of any. I think I was just really excited to get this part of the process done.
March 6th will be here before I know it. Wow!
dont forget to take some before afters! :) It will be here before you know it!!!!! Bags of frozen peas make great ice packs for incision areas, lipo spots, and breasts.
Thanks redpony! I will definitely have to try the bags of frozen peas.

Before Pics.

Well here they are! Yuck!
How are your results? Would you add some after pics? I am thinking about booking a consultation with Dr. Vanderpool.
Fayetteville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vanderpool and his staff are the best! They all made me feel comfortable during my consult.

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