Loving my new boobs :)

Where do I begin...... I have been wanting to...

Where do I begin......

I have been wanting to do this procedure for as long as I could remember. The only reason that I couldn't do it before was that I couldn't afford it. Now that I can, I went ahead with it. When I was younger I did all the research I thought possible where I would find different ways of enhancing my boobs, being it tablets, creams and exercises. But obviously after showing my GP he would always send me away disappointed as they never worked. I finally booked my first consultation a few months ago and the Dr had pin pointed out 2 problems which I never really took that much notice of. First of all my boobs are far apart and secondly the one is a bit higher than the other. Which after my procedure one side will be more painful than the other. After careful consideration I finally picked the range I would like to be in and on the day of the procedure I will make my Dr decide the final size. I have a petite bone structure, with my height being 1,63 m and weight of 50kg. The range I am considering is 325 or 350cc. I am currently a 32 A, wanting to be a C cup. I would prefer a natural look but if it end up looking a bit fake, I really don't mind. I have been wearing double padded bra's which annoy me as they are always sticking out and are so hard. Costumes are another story as they are never padded enough for me. Find clothes is another problem as they never look like nice on me as I'm flat chested. I just know it will make me happy in the end. When I booked my first consultation my parents didn't really think much of it as they thought I wouldn't go any further. After I called and booked my op that's when freak out mode came about as all they were worried about is if something goes wrong. They are being supportive now and helping me out with some odds and ends and Im am grateful for that.

Today is a week from my op. My emotions and thoughts are all over the place. I have my moments where I'm excited and then it flips to fear and I'm in freak out mode. I have been very excited for this up to now. I am afraid now that i have realised that it is a week away. The thought of being put to sleep involuntarily freaks me out the most, then comes the pain. I hope that it doesn't take too long to heal. I am trying to stay focused on the positive but my fears always seem to get the best of me. I hope it gets better from here... I really want to do this for me!!

Today is 4 days till my op, time has flown. I am...

Today is 4 days till my op, time has flown. I am just trying to finish up with my deadline at work and still feel like I have so much to do still! I am feeling very excited at he moment but still nervous. I just want to be over and done with this now, so I can start healing. The countdown has definitely begun!! Will post again soon

So tomorrow is D-Day for me!! Eeeek!!! So I'm...

So tomorrow is D-Day for me!! Eeeek!!! So I'm excited and nervous. Thought I would be panicking but not too worried about it surprisingly. Lets hope I fall asleep tonight. Can't believe how time has flown. Goodbye to my small boobs haha! I have everything ready for tomorrow - bra, payment, snack (can't forget that) and clothes. Ok so maybe I am quiet nervous. Wish me luck for tomorrow!! Will keep everyone posted :)

So I actually went through with it and was calmer...

So I actually went through with it and was calmer than expected. I DID IT!! So happy. The twins are bandaged up and I can't wait to see them. My PS and mom landed up choosing the size. I landed up with 350cc. I am feeling a little bit of discomfort and pain but it's not so bad. I am not looking forward for day 2 as apparently it's the worst day so will have to wait and see. I feel very drowsy. Can't wait to sleep. I just wanted to thank everyone as this website is very informative and helped me out a lot. I arrived there 9am for 10 and was changed into my "stylish" garment. We took photos and my PS drew on me. I was then wheeled into theatre where they knocked me out. When I woke up later I was in a bit of pain and lost all colour in my face. They gave me some tablets and I was pain free again. I'm home now and have tons of meds to take. I am restricted with my arms and cant wait to move them around again. I got home around 3 and have just been relaxing. Thank goodness i have my parents and boyfriend looking after me. The joys!! Will keep you guys posted on how the healing goes:)

So I had my op on Tuesday and still feeling shitty...

So I had my op on Tuesday and still feeling shitty 3 days after. My right boob is killing me more than my left. And it's so sore and I feel like I can hardly move that Arm around. I wish this healing process went by faster. I have been feeling Naseus for the past two days and can't wait to stop taking my antibiotics - so painful. How much longer is this going to take?! I will take photos soon and post them up n just wanted to thank everyone once again for their support. I just hope this healing process goes by ok!!

My one boob is extremely painful? Anyone...

My one boob is extremely painful? Anyone experiencing this??

Hi ladies. It's me again, just wanted to update...

Hi ladies. It's me again, just wanted to update everyone with what I have been going through. These past few nights have been killing me!! The pain is unbearable in my right boob. I just hope it goes away soon as it's difficult to sleep with it. It burns a lot as well - hoping this is normal. Anyways, i just finished wih my last antibiotic dose this morning. Yay!! And hoping its all happy healing from this point onwards. My boobs feel very hard and are sitting nice and perky on my chest. I can't wait for them to settle as I'm loving them so far besides the pain and torture they making me go through. I can't to go back to my normal self once again.....it'll tAke a few more weeks I guess. I have been feeling nauseous still every now and then which I'm hating. I am so grateful to my parents and boyfriend as they have stuck by my side this whole week through this roller coaster of emotions. My boyfriend doesn't want to see them yet as he wants it to be a surprise, so I'm jut admiring hem in the mean time haha. I am so happy with the size and glad I stuck it through. Now I can finally wear the tops, dresses and costumes that I could never wear before. I got rid of all my double padded bras! Never have to wear those again!! Whew!! I just wanted to thank all you ladies for your insite and comments as its helped me out so much. Will be posting pics up soon of the new twins and keep everyone posted!! Have a good weekend....

Hi guys. So it's been a long week for me. I was...

Hi guys. So it's been a long week for me. I was allergic to my medication - maybe the antibiotics - which caused a rash all over my body. When I say all over my body, I mean ALL over it!! Hehe. So I landed up on other medication for that and had to stop the ones I was taking. I went on Friday to get my stitches removed and I am loving the new girls. They still a bit hard and sitting up there but that will take time. It's nearly been two weeks since my op. I spoke to my SP and he told me the reason why I was sore and uncomfortable with my one breast is because he had to cut some nerve which lands up causing pain into my arm. So I'm hoping that heels quickly. Otherwise I have a check up appointment next year jan so have to wait till then. I am doing my exercises everyday which is not too bad. And I have started with my treatment as well to remove my scars slowly but surely. Hope everyone is keeping well. Will update soon and with pics :)

So I'm 3 months post op and loving my girls!! Best...

So I'm 3 months post op and loving my girls!! Best decision ever!! Goodbye to double padded bras and hello to normal bras!! Haha. I am able to do everything now as I'm all healed up. Went bra shopping last weekend and was even happier with the results. I am so glad it's over and done with. Now I can flaunt what I never had :) hope everyone is getting through there's ....
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Did kind of implants did you get....
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hope your pain is better now.. i had mine done friday-dec 7 and have only had minor/moderate pain.. mostly muscle tightness.
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Do you want to swop? Haha. Glad to hear you have no pain! So lucky!!
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Congrats on the new ta ta's SA! You look great...No frankenboob!!! Lol Lucky girl. I wish you a speedy recovery:))
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Hahaha I have never heard that one before!! Getting better slowly, thanks.
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Congrats. I'm right behind you. Mine is scheduled for Friday. I hope your day 2 is easier than day 1!!!! Can't wait to see pics.
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How did your surgery go? Hope you well
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My surgery went well. I posted pics so far and they are all good. I'm so happy with my babies. Moving around much better now and less pressure. I will post more pics today. Swelling has gone down as well. I started taking the arnica Montana yesterday along with the Bromelain. Hope things are going smoother for you. Congrats again boobie sister!!
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Good luck tomorrow less. You're going to look great! I look forward to seeing the post op piks soon:))
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Hey we boobie day sisters!! Good luck tomorrow!!!
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Hey! That's awesome. Goodluck to you too :)
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Ah congrats girl!!
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Thanks :)
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Im right there with you. Mine is scheduled for Dec 7 and Im excited and nervous. This site and everyones posts have been so informative that Im not as worried because know what to expect. My mom will take care of my son for a few days which is a blessing since I scheduled it for a Friday. My boyfriend will be taking care of me although it seems the first day all I will probably want to do is sleep. Good luck on your journey to your new life. Im ready to step into my new life as well. Keep posting and update us on your status.
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Yours is soon as well :) doesn't Friday feel so far away?? Ah that is very helpful with your mom and boyfriend helping out!! Goodluck for your op and keep us posted too :)
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I have a couple weeks to go but still have the same feelings. Wish you well and keep us posted. Just remember you have wanted this for so long and you are doing this for you.
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I will definitely do that! I'm sure you will be just fine when the time comes :) thanks for your support !!
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I felt that the closer the day of surgery was, the more doubtful i got. But i thought to myself, this is what i have wanted since i was so young and i have the chance to do it now, so if i pass up the opportunity I'll regret it. You have to ask yourself: do you want it that much that you're willing to take the risk, i did and i really hope i dont regret it. Best of luck to you and keep us up to date with everything. :)
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Yea, that's exactly what I keep telling myself because I do want it. How you feeling today?? Will keep you up to date. Feeling both excited and nervous at the moment
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Im doing ok. I have full mobility of my arms so thats good, just feels really tight and sore. But its manageable, tomorrow i have my first post op appt with my PS so we'll see what he says, i'll let u know. :) do you have everything ready for the big day?
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Oh that's good. So the whole experience wasn't too bad then?? This website has really helped me. Yay Goodluck for then. Sure they'll be perfect. Yea everything is ready, now it's just he wait!! Let me know what he says
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Sorry you're feeling some anxiety. I know it can be a scary time. You might want to read Scrappy37's post here about what her first three days post-op are like.

You're less than a week away. You'll get through this. Please keep us posted!

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Ya I have some days where I'm excited and others when I'm nervous. Time is getting closer and I can't to get I over with so I can start healing!! Thanks for the post. It did help out :)
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