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The Worst Decision of My Life

I got a Fat Transfer under my eyes from a...

I got a Fat Transfer under my eyes from a respected Los Angeles surgeon. I never thought I looked bad, but there was some minor hollowing mainly around the outer oribital rim which would make me look a bit unrested sometimes. I was told this was a straightforward procedure, with few risks, and that I'd be looking great after about 3 weeks of swelling and bruising.

Here's what I wasn't told.. that there is a chance to develop balls of fat that look like horrible lumps under my eyes. I also wasn't told that the tissue under the eye can stain from the bruising causing a hue of bluish purple haze that now needs concealer to fully cover.

I'm two months post op and have been working with a specialist to remove the lumps, and to fill in the mistakes with Restylane.

My advice is to avoid fat transfer under the eyes. Don't make my mistake. Use dermal fillers like Restylane in the hands of professional. Make sure you see tons of before and afters of your injection. And if you didn't get it.. avoid fat transfer. I've had the worst two months of my life.

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RockDude...I am so glad that Dr. Hoenig was able to help you. I wish he was still taking patients, but about a month ago, he started referring fat transfer repair patients to other doctors. Apparently he got weary of patients not being completely satisfied with the results. I guess that could get tedious after a while. Apparently, its almost impossible to get back to how you looked before the transfer...and expectations were too high. I am seeing one of the doctors he recommended and trying 5FU. So far not much result, but I'm going to try one more shot before I give up. I'm going to ask him about using the agressive "smashing" routine next appt. He hasn't tried that yet. Thank you for posting...its very helpful to those of us still fighting to get our faces back. Much appreciated. Its gives us hope to hear a success story.
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The specialist I went to was Dr. Jonathan Hoenig, who is the best in the biz. The main treatment that reduced the lumps was very aggressive "smashing" of the lumps with my fingers, as directed by the Dr. Please note that I would NOT recommend doing this without the guidance of a Dr! Then I got some 5FU. The lumps are still there, but have lessened over time. Restylane was used to help disguise them as well.
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Hello, I agree this is a horrible thing if it is put in the hands of the wrong doctor and goes wrong. You mentioned that you worked with a specialist to get rid of the lumps. Will you please tell me how the specialist removed them and the name of the procedure? I have the same problem and have had cortisteriod shots but they only softened some but are still there. Thank you
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My advice for everyone is to go with dermal fillers which are less invasive, have practically zero recover time, look great, and can be reversed easily
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How are you eyes now? Damn, this sucks since I thought few things could go wrong with F/T.
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I had a very positive experience with fat transfer under the eye. I am young but had large under eye bags due to genetics. The healing took 3-4 weeks for the bruising and healing to subside, and then the fat was somewhat hard for another 4 months. However, the results were pretty good. There is still a slight outline of a bag, but there is a substantial improvement that would have been impossible without a fat transfer. I wake up everyday super excited to look awake, as opposed to tired! I had a great surgeon, so all in all it was a very positive experience and I am thankful everyday!

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wow awesome thankyou!! the fillers are cheaper anyway. and the worth it ratings are lots higher!!!

I really want to do something for my under eye but I don't want to be made worsened or weird ;<

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Fat transfer under the eyes is notoriously difficult to get right. Would you try a lower bleph to get rid of the rest?
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