Fat Transfer Waste of Time and Money

This is a totally useless and wastefull procedure....

This is a totally useless and wastefull procedure. The first month I looked like I was beat up. Then slowly I began to look like me again.

The reason I went was for a large wrinkle in my forehead,which i was treating with raddiesse and botox. After months of recovery all benifits are gone and Im left with constant dark circles under my eyes that I did not have before. I still have to get botox and raddiesse.

I see no benifit whatsoever. I realize it may be just my results but I should have saved the money could have continued botox and fillers for a year for the money I spent. Oh also My Fiance hated the way my face looked!!

would you mind giving me the providers name...i am scheduled for fat transfer procdure and the doctor is in wayne. i'm starting to worry. thanks.
Has anyone had a mini-lift of eye surgery with Dr. Little in DC? I would love to hear about your experience. Thanks!
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