I Had my Lips Done and Around the Nose, Forehead, and Laugh Lines. I Am Very Pleased with the Outcome of my Surgery.

I had my mini lift with fat injections to my lips,...

I had my mini lift with fat injections to my lips, forehead,nasal lines and laugh line areas one week ago and am very happy with the results. I experienced very little swelling and no bruising whatsoever.. The only thing I do have is a few small hard bumps in my lower lip from the fat injection that goes away after time and with massaging of the lower lip.. MY age is 49, and I did a mini lift because I smoked for 35 years and was in the sun my entire life and wanted to look my age not 10 years older.

Fat tends to not last in the lips and nasallabia folds.

Have you overcome that? I noticed your review was only a week after the procedure and am curious as the real results are seen in a few months.
Dr. Anna Chang

AC is Excellent!

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