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Fat Transfer to Fill Loose Skin from Chin Implant

I had chin implant in December, 2008. After...

I had chin implant in December, 2008. After healing, it left my right & left sides of my chin very wrinkled. The doctors said I needed a fat transfer to fill it in. I trusted their judgment.

On the 7th of July, 2009 I had a fat transfer to cover the wrinkled tissue (they did not know what caused it). Now my lower right lip meets my chin. It looks like someone slugged me and is distorted. The left side looks fairly normal. When palpitating both sides you can tell there is way too much fat on the right side pushing my lower lip up higher than normal. I feel like a freak.

I go to the doctor tomorrow, Monday. Can he dissolve some of this excess fat on the right side or what should I tell him I want him to do - I am extremely scared I am going to look like this forever and having anxiety attacks over it.

What does the community who has had this type of fat transfer feel about this?

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If he can fix this terrible problem by taking out or dissolving some of the fat

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Something is really fishy here and I hope that if the person who paid $500 for chin implant and fat transfer had some resolution if that was even real. I am really confused as to why some people seem to have marvelous results and other's report terrible experience. Clearly, it is important to go to someone who can produce a lot of beautiful before and after results; proving they have experience to know WHERE AND HOW MUCH to inject into the face. If people want to get help and be believed, they really need to post a picture .
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I am shocked. I would go to a reconstructive surgeon at this point. I would never let that doctor touch my face again, if I were you. I don't understand the chin implant to begin with, when it looks like you just needed some filler. Melanie Griffith did an chin implant and it totally destroyed her face along with permanent lip fillers, and an aggressive brow lift.
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sorry for your result, I guess you've got what you paid for:(...If I were you I would be very concern if some one told me they could all this work for $500.00!?in the USA...
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I had fat transfer done 14 weeks ago, I originally went to see the doctor because I had dents across my face, but then the PS starting pointing out other problems with my face, so in the end I was talked into having a full face fat transfer. It was a huge mistake, I wish I never did it. I woke up to find out that he had injected 50cc into my face because he wanted to give me 'bang for my buck' and he said that my fat was such good quality that he didn't want to waste any!! When I saw myself, I could of died, I was totally swollen, black and blue and had a hideous 'feline' look to my face, I couldn't even see my teeth when I tried to smile. He totally changed the way I looked, and now I look in the mirror and see someone different. The swelling and bruising went away after 3 weeks, but I still have the dent across my cheeks only now I have eye bags aswell accompanied with a blue tint, I'm assuming this a shadow of some sort from the fat that sits above it. Also both sides are completely different. I am massaging at the moment hoping that the fat will get re-absorbed. In the meantime I continue to hide my face while I look for a cure
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The one thing good about fat is that many times it doesn't last at least not the full amount injected (believe me it never lasts long in my face in area's that move, same with fillers) I would rub it in a spread out type of motion and use movement because it can help it disolve faster
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hum....was that right after the surgery?
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500 Dollars for fact transfer... there is something fishy about this no?
could you post up pictures of how your look all healed?
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Holy Mother of God. You have me really afraid. I had a bad upper and lower eyelid surgery 7 years ago. It has taken me this long to deal with it, and look for any reversion. My surgery left me with a hollowed, hard appearance, totally altering what I once looked like.My husband thinks I'm crazy to want this trauma again, but I hate the way I look, now more than before the original surgery. Every plastic surgeon on here has suggested fat injections or grafts for filling in the hollowness and volume I now need from age. I read where fillers can move,shift and get into other area's,but did not think fat grafts and fat fillers could. It certainly appears as though that has happened, maybe not. Maybe it's only swollen from injections. Please,Please keep us informed on this situation. Let us know how things went. My prayers go out to you. I know exactly what your going through and it is an aweful, helpless feeling. We trust these doctors, put our faith in there judgement and professional experience. I wish you the very best.
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OMG! It looks soo painful. Are you better now? Are you still seeing terrible results? Post a new pic if you're better off! Good wishes, god bless.
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