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I had no idea that "fat" could do so...

I had no idea that "fat" could do so much. I only knew I no longer had any on my face and I looked unhealthy, unattractive. I really thought my only recourse was a facelift. I had f/g along with plasma resurfacing, Botox and conservative lip augmentation. I am one year out, as they say. I look fantastic, if I do say so! Sorry, but I'll throw modesty out the window and speak frankly. I look 10 times better than I did before adding precious fat to my face. I recommend anyone experiencing volume loss just forget about temporary fillers and go for fat. Choose your doctor wisely--go with someone who makes this a specialty, someone with copious experience.

This doctor seems to be the teacher of this industry. But why does he charge so much? I know you get what you pay for, but $8700? I see others comment on here and average price is $2500...

Sorry have been traveling and no time for email! They say you keep less than 1/2 the first time, yes I kept about 35-40%? But as a smoker that is Great odds... no lumps, now at 6+ months I'm still very happy - wish under my eyes it kept more, but also they do say IF you have a second fat fill, more stays as you have already built up the blood supply from 1st time -- No money for that, so I'm glad I did it all in 1 shot. Have a ton of photo's posted in MrsBoots on another plastic surgery board -- will try to get a before and after up here too! WELL worth it, but PAY alot to get the best doc you can :-)

Hi, did you need any follow up touch up's? Generally some fat is always absorbed and touch up's required after 3-4 months. If so, was extra charge for those, or included in original cost. No dumpling or lumping? Love to see some posted photo's.
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