Fat Graft Good but Not for Athletes !

Awesome experience but not for people who like gym...

awesome experience but not for people who like gym a lot and keep onb b urning their fat !!!
like me for instance
i did my fat graft in my hollow face when i wasnt inmy optimal weight now i have to loose around 10 kg and i will loose the effects of fat graft ...
Im thinkin to try radiesse
any comments?

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I'm sorry your transfers didn't last. I had it done under my eyes and to my cheeks about 18 months ago and am happy with the results except it didn't completely get rid of a dent under my left cheek. You asked about Radiesse, I wouldn't advise it as I had some side effects when I did it (to try to fill that dent). Like you, I also like to lift weights at the gym but to bulk up, not lose weight. My doctor had warned me to eat lots of good fats (nuts, avacadoes, flax oil, fish oil, salmon etc.) in the first weeks, which I did and still do. I'm also careful not to overdo it on exercise--I don't do much cardio. If your face is gaunt, I'd suggest cutting back on exercise and try to gain some weight back.
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