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Went through a very bad sprout of acne when got...

Went through a very bad sprout of acne when got off the pill...never had dealth with acne at 32. The result was not pretty. Saggy skin, horrible marks, etc. I had tried everything; laser, dermabrasion, fraxel, etc. until I knew that only the cheek lift would work. I explained to the doctor what I wanted and he told me if I did the cheek lift for the slight saggying that had begun from the lasers that the saggying would be helped but he wasnt sure that I would be able to get rid of the acne marks. I wanted to do it anyway and I did.

I am SOOO HAPPY with the results. I've gotten my tight skin back along with the "acne marks" are pretty much gone. You can see on one cheek there is a very slight indentations but other than that...I'm super happy.

I don't think that I would have ever been satisfied with the results of a laser and it was damaging the top layer of my skin. I saw O improvement from the lasers and this cheek lift was defo the way to go. 37 and LOVING IT!

Michigan Plastic Surgeon

The price was right, the experience was there. He saw me at least 3 times before the big decison and told as much time as I need to answer any questions I of charge. He tried to prepare me for realistic results and he went above a beyond. He is board certified and has a clean record. After the surgery he called me that night, the next day I went in for him to check everything and have been back for my 4th visit today, 4/13/10. Surgery was 4/2/10.

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Actually, I should have asked where is this doctors office
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who is this doctor that sounds like God?
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This is the doctor I've been researching, very awesome you went through him and like the results. I had a rhinoplasty surgery done 5 years ago and while I like my nose, the excess skin made me cheeks look saggy. I now have smile lines around my mouth I never had before. I'm only 26 but I was really considering this surgery. Does he just lift the skin around the hairline? I don't want to do facial fat grafting or fillers because of the mixed reviews. I'm very torn here.
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I've done the cheek lift and I've also done fillers. If you are considering fillers, don't have him do it. He is a great surgeon but not very good at fillers and botox...I know, I have tried.
What he does with the cheek lift is he cuts the side of your skin by your ear, he then creates a pockets and pulls the underlying skin back and then settles the skin on top. Its been about a year at this point and I'm still happy with the results. I am in my 30's so I supplement with the fillers. If you get the right person then they will do a great job. Depending on how many wrinkles you have a cheaper and less invasive option might be the filler. They really do work wonders. There is a woman at his office that does it and her name is Lanay. I love her. I have a 16 year old son and everything thinks I am either his gf or classmate because of the way I look. Plus, the fillers are wayyyy cheaper. I would try those first. If you don't like it then you've always got the option of surgery. The fillers last about a year and they stimulate collagen.
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Hi barefeet, thanks for sharing. So to confirm, your surgeon did not pull the underlying muscles and tissues, just the skin?
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