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Whose the Best Bbl Doc in Detroit? - Farmington, MI

Hi guys I've been researching this site and others...

Hi guys I've been researching this site and others about possibly get Bbl surgery. I'm leaning towards getting a consultation with dr hardaway because I live in MI and she seems to be the best in this area. However after looking at some of her B&A pics Im still not impressed with her bbl work. I don't need to be nicki m. Or anything but I want a nice round plumped ass. With a nice waist ! I want to have my back stomach and arms lipo- ed and the fat transferred to my butt. Can anybody offer any suggestions of who is the absolute best in the Detroit area? I'm looking to spend around 5-6k

Farmington Plastic Surgeon

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I went to her for bbl & it was a complete waste of money. Maybe she's good at other procedures but bbl is NOT her area of expertise in my opinion. I'm 8 weeks post op & still ashamed of my body :-(
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Sorry to hear that most people who have great results have 700 cc plus in their butt. The docs in Florida and Atlanta seems to be the best
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Hello, please help? I went to dr hardaway and wasn't pleased with the results. My booty is slightly bigger but not what I was expecting. It's long with barely no cute shape...it's just there. I want a 2nd surgery but I don't want to go with her bc I wasn't that pleased. Does anyone have pics of dr Samson's work
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I am getting my surgery with Dr. Hardaway in November you didn't like the bbl? Did you have enough fat? The best I have seen for a great butt is jimmerson salama or yily
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I'm looking at her ba picture to and they don't look all that good. But I don't know any other Dr in Detroit did you come across a better Dr.?
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I have a consult with Dr John Sampson Monday for a BBL Monday.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

The only doctor we currently have listed as providing BBL in Detroit, is Michelle Hardaway, who you have already researched. There may be other doctors, but they're not on RealSelf at the moment.

Are you able to consider travelling to any other areas for your surgery, if you're not happy with the choices you have in Detroit? You can use our doctor finder, to find board certified surgeons throughout the USA and Canada.

Hope this helps!

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