37 Year Old Mom of 3 Don't Want to Look 87 - Farmington hills, Michigan

I need my lower eye bags gone...I want a well...

I need my lower eye bags gone...I want a well rested refreshed face. Upcoming surgery scheduled for August with Michelle Hardaway. I feel comfortable with her doing the procedure.Just praying that all goes well and I receive a great outcome. Has anyone been to her for eye surgery? I don't SEE many reviews for eye surgery in Michigan on this website.
Thank you all for your prayers and support. I thought I was being vain at first but I see nothing wrong with wanting to look your best for as long as you can. THANKS Bella for your compliment:) next time I'll get a better close up picture..because the bags are there. LOL
agree with bella
I just read your review. I DON'T notice any bags under your eyes. 37 you look 27!!!! You look good and NOT 87!

10 hours Postop and I feel Great:)

Surgery was today at 8:00 am. After all the final paperwork and payments were done I was wheeled into the operating
room at 10 am. I remember talking to the CRNA about my scopalamine patch for 1 minute. NEXT the RN gave my bag to the CRNA to hang and attach my anesthesia to. Then I woke up in the recovery room at 12:00. THE RN assisted me with putting my clothes back on and I said "So the Dr couldn't do my surgery? "
She laughed and said "sweetie you are done" I felt drowsy but ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN :) When I got into the car my husband said" WOW , I SEE A DIFFERENCE ALREADY" I didn't know rather to believe him or not because before I went into the operating room he said he doesn't know why I'm getting this surgery my eyes are fine.SMH. NOW HE SAYS HE SEE A DIFFERENCE ALREADY. LOL. When I got home I looked and I too can tell the difference even with the slight swelling that I have. SPEAKING OF SWELLING THERE it's a minimal amt I expected to have golf ball sized eyes. LOL. I know now. expect the worse and hope for the best and the outcome can only be better than expected;)??I have photos but trust me they are not GLAMOUR SHOTS.
oh ok sorry those pre-op pics were before,lol. Silly me i got ahead of myself. I was like WOW she went to work???????? HAHAHA! MY DUMB BUTT.
Lol..yeah that pic was preoperative..my last day of work before taking my LOA for surgery. I just told them I was going on a much needed vacation for 2 weeks since they said I always looked tired. I told them yes I'm tired of this job I need a break. (When I come back I will look rested and refreshed. .
HAHAHA! You made me laugh. Glad you told them :)

24 hours Postoperative.

I got transconjunctival blepharoplasty. She went underneath the eye to pull the fat bags out so that I wouldn't have a visible scar outside. I can tell the difference already:)
thank you so much. WOW,you got quick results,imagine in 1 month. TGIF!
May i ask what did you have done? What is the procedure called? Under eye Bleph or fllers?

Dr says still swollen

5 days post

24 days post Hoping these dark circles go away

24 days post and I'm wondering if I look better or worse. I LIKED how I looked 5-7 days post. Some bruising but the swelling at that time filled in the hollows around my eyes. Now my eye area appears to be sunken in too much and I have dark circles that were not there before. Oh boy ..someone tell me is this part of the healing process. Is it just hyperpigmentation? Am I overreacting?
The dark circles will go away but the hollow my not. You can get a filler put into the hollows. Good luck!
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