350cc's Mentor Silicone Mod Plus Profile *NEW pics at 20 weeks*

I am relatively small: 5'5 and 117lb. 47 years old...

I am relatively small: 5'5 and 117lb. 47 years old with three children. I had a 22? measurement under breasts. My PS recommended 350 cc Saline unders Mod profile plus. I am looking for natural (non-Pam Anderson) breasts of somewhat small size. Hoping for the best.

First week was a bit painful under breasts, and apparently I developed a hematoma right breast. Doc said since no real pain, lets wait and see. As an aside, Doctor's should NEVER tell me anything that could potentially be construed as a problem :) I am my own worst enemy!!! Anyway, looks like it is getting better.

Photos at two weeks. I appear much larger than most 350 cc photos I checked before sx. Right side is high (my dominant hand side).

Hopefully my pictures submitted work out :)

One month out...

Today is a month after the breast augmentation, and I am noticing great improvement. The breasts are softer, dropping, do not hurt as much (nerves are firing, although), and hematoma appears to be going away. Swelling is way down, and I kinda like these new breasts. They looked really boxy in clothes up until this week, and I feared they were too wide. However, they are moving inward slightly, and the look is way better.

I got the clearance to run, and so I did. I was told to wear a very good sports bra, and I chose an extra support UnderArmour. The run was ...different. But no problems with the breasts moving. They just felt a little heavy. No pain the following day, so I believe exercise is a go. Yeah!

Here are a few pictures I took at 3 weeks. Hope they help, because my husband is getting a little worried about me posting pics on the Internet :)


Just noticed I said I have Saline implants. They are, however, Mentor Silicone implants. For the record.


6 weeks.

I am now 6 weeks post op, and breasts are progressing nicely. I really have to compliment my surgeon on her professionalism throughout: she is quite focused and I appreciate that immensely.
My breasts are much softer, still high, are somewhat wider than optimal, but I got what I asked for.
Hematoma appears gone, and I am in no pain. I have twinges of nerve "awakening", but nothing really worth noting.
As an aside, I moved up from a small Champion sports bra to a medium. Old swimsuits fit fine. The really only challenging part of this whole process is finding tops that do not make me look matronly. I really want to avoid that :)
My breasts do not appear much different than 3 week photos, but I will post a couple anyway. Hope this review helps.

Here are 6 week pictures

9 weeks

Feeling better everyday. Some residual strange pains that come and go.

Newish pics

Tried to load this yesterday, and it was being obstinate. Here goes: 9 week photo as well.

350 cc's 3 month mark!

Feeling really great about my breast augmentation. Breast are very soft and move just like real breasts. Nerve pain every so often still, but I understand this is somewhat normal.

Additional pictures at 14 weeks

350 cc's *14 week photos plus BEFORE picture*

A few more 14 week photo progression

18 weeks photo

I thought I'd put some clothes on...................

Tee hee :)

And...forgot this one. Straight on.

5 Months 350 cc's Really Happy:)))

Ok. Now at the 5 month mark, and I am 100% happy with my decision to have the BA and 350cc's. I STILL have some lingering nerve pain in my right breast, but it is not terrible (I never have to take anything for it). Sometimes I think it is caused by pressure from tight sports bras, but it also happens when I have on loose bras, so it is a guessing game. I am not sure if the breasts have completed their "drop", but I really like where they sit. HAPPY:)
Best of luck to all those on their BA journey. It is worth it.

Almost a year out!

Hi. Thought I would post a few more photos. I am thinking of getting a small lift at some point, as the level of ptosis in one breast was more than the other, and the implant kind of pushes that skin downward. Love the implants otherwise.
Farmington Plastic Surgeon

Nice, down-to-earth doctor. My before and after on this site at 14 weeks shows what good work she performs.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your boobs have turned into a wish pick for me. They look awesome.
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I like them a lot! Very natural looking!
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Great results!! Very natural! Congrats! What do you do for exercise? You look so fit! :)))
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47 plus 3 kids & a body to die for whoop whoop - well done :-) look hot hot hot
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You look awesome !! I can't believe you're 47, congrats !! Your breast looks really natural, so you said you chose silicone right and under the muscle ?? I think that's a great option for me too since I want a natural look, how do they feel though ?
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The silicone implants feel VERY natural. Other than me being somewhat petite and have "big" breasts, no one would know:)) Mentor silicone 350 cc's Round under muscle. No problems with the implant, just my aging skin, hence the need for a small lift. Good luck!!!!
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you look AMAZING for 47! your body is rockin and a total milf in many books LOL j/k..but you look great girl! how are the girls feeling? full sensitivity back?
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Full sensitivity back after a couple months. They are really nice to look at:))))))
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THANK YOU for posting your pics. I am also 47 year old mother of 3 and currently in the best shape of my life at 5'7" and 130 lbs. Well...OTHER THAN my boobs, which are , lets say, sad. Your pictures are going with me into surgery!! They are perfect.
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Ahh..... thanks Marie. Good luck!!!!!!
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You look AWESOME!
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Hot Moma!! Perfect body!!
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You Look Amazing... a Model in deed...can't wait to get back to exercising....
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Look like a very classy model :-)
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They look really good and natural v
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i love everything about your body!!!!! lol gorgeous!!!
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Thanks so much! I am really glad you like your BA. It is kind of transforming:) You look great!
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Thank you for mentioning abstaining from chest exercises. I've stopped weighted chest exercises have gone back to push ups and hot yoga w/lots plank/chaturanga. Probably wise to stop that if I ever want soft cleavage ;) I agree with the ladies below. You look fantastic!! Hope my final results are similar. Also, not sure if you mentioned previously, but what type of incision did you have?
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Thank you! the incisions are in the breast crease. If I lift my arms over-head, I can see them. Otherwise, not. You BA looks great:) In terms of the chest muscles: I feel way to much pull to the sides and I have noticed when I do too much with my arms and chest, my implants get "stuck" up high. They drop eventually, but its odd. It is reminiscent of the early BA days. Best, M
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Your results are amazing but omg your body is fantastic!! If you hadn't listed your age I would've guessed you were in your 20's. Keep up the good work!
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Ahhh.... thanks!!!! And best of luck on your augmentation!!!! Remember: Take your meds, tack a laxative (you will find out why:), and try not to use your arms too much for a while (it hurts!!!!). Best, M
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Omg your body looks like your in your 20s! And 3 children?!!! Where can I buy those genes? Lol u look absolutely amazing! I am loving the natural look of your BA! :)
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Thanks for your recent update. You look fantastic! Do you do anything else aside from running to stay in such great shape?! ;)
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