Tattoo Removal Process - Farmington, MI

I began the process today of having a tattoo...

I began the process today of having a tattoo removed from my chest. It's about eight years old, 2x3", and contains black, red, light blue, and pink. The dermatologist said it should take 4-6 sessions at $250 ea. I had my first one today and attached are pics. I'll continue to update the progress as I have more sessions and complete the process.
Thanks for joining us to share your journey - good luck!
whta kind of laser are they using on you?
Q-switched alexandrite this time, and yag next time.

Fading already?

Wishful thinking? But I think see fading on the left side already. A little scabby and red still, but not as tender.
aloha anewmimi, It looks like you are already having an amazing experience with the removal. I don't think it's wishful thinking, unless I am wishing also, but I do see some fading. his is encouraging for you and for all of us here on the forum. With each success, it gives many hope. Good luck with the fading, keep us posted so we can celebrate your ink's disappearance with you. aloha...k

Definitely seeing progress--4 days post RX

Some of the black ink is breaking up and just gone in places. Pretty happy to see such progress so soon :)

6 DPTx

More progress :)
Wow, what great results after less than a week. Very encouraging. Keep us updated :)

Progress at two weeks

Funny now the pink ink, which used to seems subtle, is so noticeable now.
You are making nice progress, happy for you!

Second treatment today

I had my second laser treatment today. Q-switched YAG on the blue/black and KTP on the pink/red. I'll post more pics as the healing progresses.
Happy healing and congrats on another treatment!
Happy Healing!
Michigan Dermatologist

I like his bedside manner so far. I will update once procedure is complete.

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