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Radiesse Has Ruined my Face - Farmington, CT

Radiesse injected into lips and nasal labial folds...

Radiesse injected into lips and nasal labial folds. I now have a permanent joker smile and my cheekbones are very pronounced giving me the appearance of a chipmunk. The pronounced cheeks now give me the appearance of hollow eyes and I look much older than my 39 years. I am convinced that this Doctor is not experienced in fillers and had no knowledge of Radiesse. He used me as a guinea pig and now my face is permanently altered. I don't resemble myself and people are always asking me what I had done because it's such an obvious change. Doctors are now saying that Radiesse could be permanent. I would have never done it had I known that. I also have a skin condition now..... called rosacea which I never had before. It's in the area where I was injected.

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it is fine now, it fades slowly and that along with the filling of the undereye area will give you the look you want. just be very careful about finding a dr. who injects under the eye......that is a very delicate area. and only use restylane under that area .
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Did it fade ??? How do you look now?
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hope i could make you feel a little better....i had been thru a pretty bad experience with radiesse also, similar to you where i had hollows under my eyes from the radiesse being injected too high on my cheekbone. What i did was go to a very good doctor to inject restylane in the hollows of my eyes and it came out really nice. a little bruised at first but after a week, it looked almost normal. And trust me, the radiesse will definitely fade away as the months go by.
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Thanks for the encouraging words... it's been months and I don't see any signs of it dissipating - although the swelling did go down. I will NEVER get any fillers of any kind again. And you are absolutely right. Skill is the key. If a Doctor doesn't know exactly where to inject filler to get the proper results; they shouldn't be practicing on patients. Injecting either above or below the area only makes the area you are trying to correct look worse.
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i would sue the pants off this doctor, radiesse should never be used in the lips, every knowledgeable doctor knows this! It will not be permanent, i have had radiesse many times and it will dissipate with time, give it about six months and it will look alot better. I am so sorry, there are so many doctors that are ruining peoples faces with these uninvasive procedures that require such skill. Everyone with a medical degree is injecting nowadays it seems. My GP is now doing botox! what kind of experience does she have?
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Hi Cynthia,

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you. Have you gone to see anyone else about getting it fixed, what did your doctor say? Please keep us updated and thank you for joining the community.


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