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I still can't believe I am scheduled for a MM....

I still can't believe I am scheduled for a MM. I have talked about it for 3 years and I finally got the guts to commit. My husband bet me I would never do it and being slightly competitive ha ha I scheduled my consult.

I am just so sick of being the mom in the skirted one-piece at the pool. I am a mom of 4 kids ages 18-3. At 5'10" and about 165 lbs as of today,( but have been working out and counting calories like crazy)I am on the larger size, which is fine if you aren't flat on top and huge in the middle.

I had 3 surgeons to choose from and went with the one who has done the most people I know. It was great to have physical evidence that he does a nice job.

I am having a TT and Breast Aug. I have horrible stomach muscles they seperated with my last pregnancy and just are yuck. I can't wait to be able to see my belly button, not just a big dimple.

I am more nervous about the breast Aug. I don't want to end up looking top heavy. My concern is cc's. PS told me that due to my broader chest/shoulders and breast base size I have to go at least 500cc's. I will have minimal cleavage and that tennis balls on chest look if I go smaller and he won't do it, since he doesn't want his patients looking that way. He was really nice about it, but pretty firm. I can go with a low profile, but needs to be a bigger size. Anyone else have similar circumstances?

Oh yah he also said I don't need lipo. Is that normal?

Oct 3rd is fast approaching and I need every bit of information and support I can get. Even though my husband, MIL and Mom are all on board (very supportive) I want women living it to talk to:)

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So I've sat with 500cc's of rice in my bra...

So I've sat with 500cc's of rice in my bra for the last 3 days. Even showed my best friend. She looked shocked and said "oh that size makes you look better" I guess I am just paranoid about looking like an old stripper. Ha ha

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Ok, want to know if it is really worth it to get...

Ok, want to know if it is really worth it to get the lift recliner. I have 2 recliners', but no lift. I also have a husband that truly will be NO help. He is gone with work and also super squimish.

My kids will be with my MIL and SIL and my mom is helping me for 2 days, but she has a work conference out of town. So after that I am pretty much on my own.

I need to pre plan and make sure my recovery is as easy as possible.


If you will have minimal help, I say go for the lift recliner. It will be a life saver if you are on your own during those first two weeks. Those tummy muscles will feel absolutely worthless for awhile, and my PS cautioned me about using my arms too much to lift myself up, for risk of damaging the BA pocket and incisions.

Best of luck to you! I certainly have no regrets. (well, maybe a little... I could have gone bigger with the implants. LOL)
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Ahhhh I am torturing myself with that size question!!! I truly am just going to leave the final decision in my doc's hands. He does really great work and I feel I can trust him.

LOL...you will not look like an old stripper!!   

I am so glad to hear you had a choice of three doctors.  You did you homework and it sounds like you are ready to go.  

I have read some women say that they had a hard time getting out of the recliners.  It was hard putting the leg rest down.  A lift would not be such a bad thing. 

Are you on your own with the kids and all after day 2?   OMG I hope not....you need more time than that to recover.  You should not be doing anything for the first 1-2 weeks.  ZERO...

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Wow!! I am 5 days out from surgery. Got the call...

Wow!! I am 5 days out from surgery. Got the call today with time, info and more info. Can't say I am scared, just really excited and energized.

I have cleaned every inch of the house and have all my supplies ready. I have kids clothes packed and schedules, calendars made. I am super thankful that the 3 little ones are going to Nana and Papa for the week. I will miss them, but will love the peace. My hubby was supposed to be out of town a starting 3 days post op, but work rescheduled and he will be home. YAY! (not that he is any help, but he could at least drive me to the doctor...haha)

I managed to drop 10lbs in the last 7-8 weeks so now things will look even better. My ps says I lost even more breast volume so wants to go 500ccs for sure. but I think at 5' 10" I can handle a bigger implant than most??? hopefully..... I want to look good, I don't want people gawking LOL


How are you doing?? How did your surgery go???
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Hi Ndmama. I too have been going back & forth about the cc that I'm going with. When I first started looking, I was thinking 200 cc. Then I started going on consults. From talking to the docs (and the girls in the doc offices with BAs), I changed my mind. Once the swelling goes down, especially if you're getting high profile, they won't appear as large as you think. I will follow your story. Good luck today!
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Ready set go!!   Good job on the weight loss:)

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Well I made it through my MM. The day of surgery...

Well I made it through my MM. The day of surgery was so easy, until I woke up :o) Getting into the car and getting home was hell. There was no part of me that didn't hurt or feel woozy and I just wanted to sleep. My recliner was the best feeling ever. Thank God i didn't throw up, my ps had the nausea really well under control, YAY! Days 2, 3 and 4 I slept almost all day. I would fade in an out during bathroom trips, meds and talking to my husband.
I honestly could not believe how amazing he was through this. I didn't think he would be any help, but he stepped up and did virtually everthing for me those first 3 days.

I ended up going with 550cc since my weight loss even sucked more life from my sad little puppy ears.

From the few peeks I've taken everything looks really good. Two days ago I was seriously saying "Why did I do this to myself", but today off most of the meds and pretty pain free I am super happy:p


Hello Girls...... I am doing great today. a day post-op I was thinking I must have been crazy, but now soooo worth it. I went with 550ccs and they look great! glad I let my surgeon decide based on my proportions and anatomy. Can't wait to heal and be able to show off the curves minus a binder and drains;) Will keep you posted and put some picts up once I am no longer the hunchback of Notre Dame.
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Well I am now 10 days post-op and feeling really...

Well I am now 10 days post-op and feeling really good. A couple days ago I was reading all your post-op posts about going places and feeling great and let me tell you I was bummed! I still felt crappy, crabby and not able to do anything. But all of a sudden yesterday I got a drain out (today the other goes) and started to feel good. Today my other implant dropped and I don't look like a lopsided freak ;o)

I do have to say...... I hate hate hate my binder. It is itchy,annoying and squishes the heck out of my stomach.

Well I have my 2nd post-op check-up today and am excited to see what my PS has to say. At my last appointment I was soooo doped up I barely remember going.

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Well I made my first journey back into my normal...

Well I made my first journey back into my normal world. All of my best girlfriends met at one of our friends houses and had afternoon coffee. I sqeezed myself into jeans (layers of padding, a compression garment and binder)cuz pride made me forgo the yoga pants. I did pretty well,but like someone else said I am basically a sausage, so my bff had to push me out of the chair. (yes, slightly humiliating) But man was it great to be out with people. I can only watch so many episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians. LOL

Honestly my TT is not bothering me if I didn't have the stupid sausage binder. But my BA area is super sore, at least right under my arms feels like it's on fire some times. I probably need to quit doing stuff with my arms Ugh! It's hard to not do stuff.


Glad you were able to venture out. I hate being cooped up. Don't know how I'm going to do it when my turn comes!
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I am beginning to look into this; actually my daughter just told me about it last night. I have been looking into these two procedures. Who was your doctor?
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