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Hope I Don't Regret This - Fargo, ND

I had lines in my forehead that makeup settled...

I had lines in my forehead that makeup settled into and though not drastic lines I felt like maybe I should start taking care of this before they get to bad. and my 11's were pretty bad especially because I have a scar there that accentuated them and makes it look even worse. I am just really hoping I have great results and don't wake up with a droopey lid...:/ also I got a headache after .pretty sure that is normal though


Headache is pretty normal.  Keep us posted on how everything goes!
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4 days later

still nervous..i have dry eyes which is pissing me off because I don't normally. and I still have a headache..my lines are ALL GONE but..not sure I like not having the ability to make weird faces and also my lids are differen't shaped now...less round and my eyebrows have this somewhat jokery look.....


thanks :)

ITCHY eyes

really itchy dry eyes which I can only attribute to botox...NO WRINKLES, and headache is most def a sinus headache...not sure id do again I have dramatic eyebrows to start with now there sort of like cruella.

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Okay im good now

no more itching and no headache, and I feel like my face feels and looks normal I guess it takes a minute to get used to..it will be one week tomorrow since I had it done..

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Some pictures


omgaahh I need this next! lol Your results are great and you look amazing!
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Thanks still wondering if I'd do it again as I feel my eyebrows look different as well as lid shap is not as round so overall happy just nit picking
But then I look at the pictures and hell yes u will do it again lol

Damn eyelids

Freakin eyelids have this good

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Haha my phone back to the eyelids HELP experienced Botox ppl

They have a good and make me look sleepy I also feel self concious to put makeup on. What is wrong with this my reaction or just too much Botox or wrong spots I had 20 units injected between eyebrows and throughout forehead.

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What do you guys think


I'd say that's very good botox that you had. You're a very pretty girl anyway - but the botox has softened your face. Just please stick with the person you trust (if you decide to do it again)- I am in the middle of a botox disaster :(
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Awe thanks in so sorry your having trouble, what happened ?? I did overall get great results just may use a little less next time
Feeling good about it but still think it changes your eyes look at Kim kardashian but vanity is a b$$$$

Feeling better about it

Overall feeling better about the whole experience just takes your brain time to catch up although as stated I feel my eyes appear smaller and the under eye bags ugh


Thanks for sharing! it's my brows/forehead too because I'm ALWAYS making faces! Can you still make weird faces and how many units did you get?
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i had 2o units in between brows and then scattered across forhead...I specifically asked that I still be able to raise my one eyebrow (like the rock) and I would say your very limited with expressions im about 2 mo out and sorta make some now...but still limited I def..cant be as expressive as normal which I am very animated but nobody noticed I couldn't make them or that I had this done...
I think I would have liked a little less than 20 units

Ever so slightly wearing off

I can see and feel it's ever so slightly wearing off and that scar I have that damn near disappeared is a little more noticeable I will wait for the 6 month mark to get it done but I may go somewhere else ..I have heard great thugs about medi spa and ya ya I know but honestly I don't wanna do 20 units or pay for 20 and use only 10 and I just had some moles removed the office and doc I used for Botox the last time and can't say I was happy wih wait time or procedure so I dk but I def will it up just wished it looked like 8 wks post bc that's the perfect amount of no wrinkle but face making ability in my opinion ..


Your results are awesome! Do you mind if I ask your age?
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27 yrs
Dr.Sue Matheison

sweet people

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