I've been heavy since elementary school. I wore a...

I've been heavy since elementary school. I wore a jacket ALL the time to hide them. I was the first girl born after 3 boys and they always teased me in a funny way about being so short and big chested.My brothers would tell me to throw them over my shoulder to tie my shoes and to save my wrists and put my hands behind my back when playing volleyball and all of them told me to give some to their wives!Girls at school used to call me STUFFED. A teacher told me to take off my jacket,nobody was going to steal it. People I babysat for as a teen had husbands that would try to get a peek or feel.GROSS!. Then I got married and all wedding dresses were strapless and i had to wear a bra and kept pulling up the front all through the entire wedding video! When I had my first child my breasts got really enormous so much that I was afraid to breast feed so they could dry up quickly. My second child I chose to nurse since my first born had a lot of trouble with formula. Poor kid I used to fall asleep and cover his face.!. Everyone always looked at my breast first!

I am 4'10" and wear a 36H and sick of special orders and they still aren't big enough cup size but to order bigger cup requires bigger 38-40 which leaves me chafed from being to loose underneath.! Then 5 years ago I quit smoking.GREAT but gained weight and trying yoga and they sag to my knees..I walk a lot and they always make me feel like im suffocating and they just bounce all over the place.! Having asthma isnt helping and taking steroids all the time to help me breathe makes me hold more weight so they are all combining to making me very uncomfortable. I am a home health aide and when I bend down to take care of elderly persons feet or legs it feels like my bobs swell up and go in my throat!They get like huge hard balls. I swear they swell as the day goes on and they get bigger. Recently I was cuddling with my 3 year old granddaughter when she slept over and I couldnt move them away to hold her comfortably, they fell under my armpits and she looked at me confused where to put her head.and when I went to strap her in the car seat I had to lean over her and OH BOY poor kid!. Being this short and all this in front of me doesnt give me much arm space to move around!. Im so tired of it.!I hit them on my counters and draws when im braless which I do first thing when i get home from work.!

This summers humitity was so brutal and first time I had huge rashes I was afraid wouldnt ever go away to the point I thought of changing jobs to work in an office!. ALL over big boobs! how sad is that. My husband or 13 yr old granddaughter help me get the bra on each day and if nobody is here im in trouble because I cannot hook in front and twist it around without burning my skin which will get worse as the day goes on and i start to sweat. I am terrified to have surgery and I wish there was another way but they are only getting bigger and everybody notices and a few girls have brought up reduction telling me how it would be great for me because I wear my straps off my arm as the day goes by because i cant take the pressure on my shoulders anymore.My cousin who was half my size had it done and said it was nothing compared to the tummy tuck thing she had.! So i called my insurance and they said they would pay 100% if my doc says its needed. My doc says its needed so i go for mammogram Sept 7 and meet the surgeon October 23rd and we will go from there. I hope I have the courage to follow it through. I really need this. I have been sleeping on a recliner over a year because its the only way i am comfortable to sleep.I cant remember the last time I laid flat on a bed!

A couple of years ago I had 12 teeth pulled and a lump removed from my tongue that was there for years and I did it all while I was awake and with Novocaine because I couldn't afford to get put to sleep. I grunted through each step but figure if I could survive that and returned home directly with a mouth full of gauze and temporary teeth that I couldn't remove until morning when I had a follow up, and natural birth 2 times , an eptopic pregnancy, appendix removal and hernia repair then I can do this also. I HOPE!!! God help me! I want to be a size C and see my feet and the ground when I walk. I want to cuddle with my grandkids without smothering them .I want to throw on a shirt to run to the store without having to fully engage a bra. Id like to throw a housecoat on if I get unexpected guest without them still protruding down to my belly button. Id like to plug in my coffee pot without having to tip toe the boobs on top of the counter. I want to get the clothes out of the bottom of my washing machine. My list is huge of things I can not do until I get a reduction!. Thanks for this forum to actually out this all in writing I feel better already!. One minute I cant wait and the next minute i shutter the thought!.Thank you everyone for being here!

Sitting here trying to catch up on posts and...

Sitting here trying to catch up on posts and watched a lil youtube. That was a bad idea.now im wide awake and its almost 2am. I will be sorry when i head off to work. Im thinking about if it makes a difference when your in your cycle if it effects surgery/recovery.? Im 52 but still get my periods about every 4-8 weeks and just before and during my breasts swell and are sore so im thinking if surgery should be planned when this is not happening. I dont know.im just very squirmy tonight and i need to knick it off because i have 2 months to go!. I was tired all day and probably shouldnt of had coffee tonight either.i think i better take time off from obsessing over this upcoming event that i am so looking forward to getting done and getting on the recovery side.!

Im putting a call into my dr in the morning and...

Im putting a call into my dr in the morning and see if i can get a call if someone cancels. I have to wait until oct 23rd because hes booked until then. Wow. He does alot more than Br but i can at least try. Tonight i was at my 8 year old grandson football scrimmage and spent entire time in discomfort and pulling sides of my bra to get relief from the discomfort. I couldnt wait to get home and take the bra off. Between my size and the humidity mixed with my cycle swelling,im a mess.at least with this constant discomfort its helping me to keep my eye on the prize with less doubt

Called Dr today and there is such a list and I am...

Called Dr today and there is such a list and I am on it . if someone cancels I will be called. So I feel better now that I may not have to wait 2 months. I took pics this morning and will post when my granddaughter gets off my computer!

Very strange adding those pictures or even taking...

very strange adding those pictures or even taking them with my camera phone,,haha..but figured if im going to do this i better share my part to..since all of you are sharing and it helps me!.im hoping my next pictures are alot prettier than these..haha

Nothing new to report except i notice some days i...

Nothing new to report except i notice some days i cant wait to do this especially when they seem to weigh the most and it's frustrating. Then some days i see the posts of girls not having such an easy time with recovery and i cringe all over again...really im sure i will toss this back and forth until the last minute. Things i was afraid of in the beginning does not scare me now.thanks to this forum but some new fears im picking up from this forum is changing my mind on some days. One day at a time.

Ever since I made the decision to do this im...

ever since I made the decision to do this im anxious to get it done! ive never been a procrastinator...not enough patience to not swiftly get things done.i want to get it done yesterday..it seems my chest is the biggest problem most of my days,,.Im thinking to look for a doctor that doesnt have such a waiting list. I know October 23rd will come quick enough but Im hating this weight on my chest.! I have not been able to breathe all summer..Today I went out and played football with my 8 year old grandson and it was great and we both enjoyed it but i struggled .Of course i only throw the ball and catch it and sometimes I kick it up in the air.Yesterday I practiced my 13 year old granddaughters cheers with her and amazing how many things I cant do because of this big load in front of me..Im figuring if i write these thoughts and activities in my profile I will have something to look back on when I have those days that I think I can get away with not doing this BR.. I barely can tie my shoes, MY BACK IS FREAKING KILLING ME>! my cute little 3 year old granddaughter wants me to hold her and with the bonkers and the short arms it not easy.!!.Im mad today I think because of all the anxiety of leading up to this decision then having to wait...and all the times just today that they were in my way! ridiculous!

Had mammogram today.I always had trouble with the...

Had mammogram today.I always had trouble with the left side for some reason.just enough to take extra tests on that side and I would get called in for a redo and a few years ago I went every three months for about a year and nothing was ever wrong that they could tell. Well today she took extra pictures of the left again and she said don't be alarmed if they call me back in about a week for more pictures,,,it would just be because of shadows or?. I said I'm sure I will worry anyway as I was Today when they needed more pictures. And that side really hurt.so I hope all is well in that tissue!!!!!

Mammogram results today. ----- normal -------....

Mammogram results today. ----- normal -------. Yayyy. I was a little worried for nothing. One step closer....5 weeks n 6 days to go.....

30 days left to wait... yesterday I was upset and...

30 days left to wait... yesterday I was upset and thought maybe if I worked harder at losing weight I could skip this be. The thought of wasting time with recovery. Him. Wheel I have asthma and it flared up this past week and I'm now on 50 mg prednisone a day for this week and follow up Friday and go from there. Today added musinex and after 3 doses I finally can breathe and always in my mind was * oh my god please let me get better because I have to be healthy for the br*. Then tonight my 13 yr old granddaughter needed picked up from cheer last minute I threw on a shirt n shorts and looked in the mirror and decided who cares I'm not getting out of the car and i didn't have time to deal with a bra. So I pick her up just in time so she's not standing out alone at night. She decides she needs a few things at the store but was to sweaty to go in the store(she was cheerleading) so I say I'm braless but scree it I'll go in..haha boobs hanging under my armpits and I try to use my purse to coverup some only to realize when I got to the register that 3 buttons came undone and flesh was showing. And all I could say is...oh what the hell I couldn't leave them home.... ridiculous what we go through all day long. Come on October 23rd..!!!!

I meant 35 days

I meant 35 days

So today i spent most of my day in the e.r. my...

so today i spent most of my day in the e.r. my asthma has been so out of control and i sat up all night coughing and taking all my meds every 4 hours. so now with all this medicine and still not breathing that great and knowing i have to give it more time but impatient and worry i wont get better.its almost like a test to see how much patience i can have and to practice keeping my butt still awhile.! now im hoping the ps dont have a cancellation and calls me because now im not ready!. i have to be in great health to have the surgery. hohum.i just had to say this today.!!

I want to say. I've been sick with my asthma...

I want to say. I've been sick with my asthma lately and extreme the last 3 days so I've been out of work and trying to mend as quickly as I can. I have not got dressed since I left the hospital Wednesday which means just a nite gown and socks ..no bra since its not comfortable and I need several showers a day for the steam and refresh. Well I'm really noticing today my entire back is killing me. Yesterday I thought it was from the coughing and today I realize its the weight of these breasts that also make big book marks on top of my belly.. much as I hate wearing a bra and never feel supported obviously it offered somewhat support cause I can't even take the soreness in my neck back arms that I blamed straps for. Come on br day and don't let anything interfere with this getting done!!I also found myself carrying them whenever I was walking from one room to another..ridiculous!

OK so tomorrow the big day with the PS. I to have...

OK so tomorrow the big day with the PS. I to have wondered if I really need this or if my hugeness is my Imagination. My mom says she will choke me if I change my mind. It seems since I made the decision to do this my boobers have gotten bigger and heavier. My anxiety has led to panic at times. My Lil 18 yr old nephew was killed Oct 4 in a car tragedy. I'm so sick about it as is all our family and the entire high school and his football team. He and my sister lived next door to me and it happened near our house. So my nerves are extra shot.. I was thinking how worried I was about having a brief until this happened and at first I thought I should cancel and thought this was not important and then as we had many services I found I can't fit into anything. I'm mourning and lifting my sides of my bra right n front of people cause I was so hot and uncomfortable. So as I start a new job last week it was good for me to get out around people and my first day off I decide I'll relax my nerves and do nothing but sit on this forum and catch up and refocus. Well who would have thought my selfish husband would pick a fight and I got up and went for a long walk and did a lot of thinking and decided I am doing this for myself. Its for me me me. And I have a supportive family and even my sister n mourning laughed and said" look how your taking care of me and pretty soon we are going to take care of you" awwwwww....this is my second marriage and has been a mistake from the start but I settled and decided I'm done with that to. We haven't talked a word since the spat. We are not kids so we know what needs to happen. I want to sell MY house to and move on. ,my kids are grown and I have a hard time every day walking out this door and seeing my nephews bedroom window and thinking of all the football he played in my front yard with my kids and grandkids..I thought I'd share this with my new family of wonderful girls here on a forum that is more tan a forum..you are a family of strong encouraging women... i hope i get thru the appointment tomorrow and i hope im brave and all goes well. My moms neighbor ad br a couple of weeks ago by same ps ad she looks awesome although says she has some pain but refuses pain meds so she has control. Il do exactly what dr says. Im mostly afraid il have a panick attack going in or coming out so il make sure my ps knows i have panick attacks normally so es prepared so i dnt jump and run.

OK PS was awesome..I went in a wreck..I came out...

OK PS was awesome..I went in a wreck..I came out laughing..he said I'm perfect candidate for br and he can easily remove 6 pounds or so and get me to a C cup. Lol...I cant imagine..lol.. he does not use drains. He said it takes about 4 hours and I'd stay overnight and he replaces dressing before I go and I wait about 6 days to remove the surgical wrap and he told me to buy a 3 pack of Walmart sports bras and I'll wear them for about 3 months..lol. I can't imagine!..I can shower from waist Down..he said my skin looks great for someone with heavy breasts and not much stretch marks...I asked about wearing the compression bra that long how do we know if anything is wrong.and he said we don't wanna know.joking.! He had me at ease so quick...I told him bout my anxiety so that won't be an issue...it was just a very pleasant experience!!!. They just wait for insurance which is not usually more than 2 weeks and they're scheduling for mid December which is fine with me!!

And I must add.he said keep breathing in check...

And I must add.he said keep breathing in check because he doesn't want me to have to be on any prednisone for as long as possible before surgery...so far this past week I've only used my nebulizer..huge plus for me!!! Maybe I'll lose some weight by then!!!!!! And only paid $10 copay today!!!

Ugh so my nerves have shot in every direction...

Ugh so my nerves have shot in every direction possible..I am trying to get on with my life and when this happens,it will happen.but every minute I'm reminded how much of a burden these huge breasts are.I'm uncomfortable at all times and I'm sick of it. Its been two weeks since my PS appointment and he said he sends the letter out and we wait for insurance approval and he said if I don't hear in two weeks to call. So I just called and Paula office lady says she hasn't got dictation back yet but as soon as she does she will fax it directly to my insurance company. so I ask just how long does this "dictation letter" take and she says any time now,so OK I still have to wait for that plus insurance approval..so my last visit they said they are scheduling mid December. and now I ask when he's scheduling and she says they are now into January...so now I'm thinking if someone don't move their ass I'm going to be into waiting longer and ts driving me crazy( short trip)..good thing my insurance is not scheduled to change..I've never been good at waiting and this hurry up and wait has been going n since august.OK I'm finished complaining.I'm going to have to deal with these things and enjoy every day.I'm sure my jobs will be happy!!!. Good luck to the rest of you who are waiting and thank you to those sharing...

One step at a time..my PS secretary called this...

One step at a time..my PS secretary called this morning to say they got the dictation and its been faxed to my insurance company. So now I wait for approval and will finally get my date. Oh God.!! Everyday these bags get in my way.... I know I don't have another option to get them smaller..I'm so short and they drag so low that I caught it on the kitchen draw handle. I think these annoyances will keep me from backing out!! My PS says they're very dense so whatever that means I'm sure has to do with the weight..both hands now numb a lot so hoping this relieved also. Now at work we wear those vests that go around our neck and have pockets to put stuff in.ha.are they kidding...I don't need more weight around my neck!!..also my moms friend who had her br last month updated me saying its no picnic ad I'm still sore. Freaked me out a bit but thought she also never took pain pills,drove the next day and did all as if she didn't have surgery....idk. I'll update soon as I get a date...

I got approval notice in the mail as I was leaving...

I got approval notice in the mail as I was leaving for work so I will call in the morning and see if I get an appointment scheduled,, Honestly as soon as I read the letter I got a headache..like its starting to move closer! although a lot has been going on in my personal life with 3 deaths in the last 6 weeks and starting a new job etc.so hard to say where all the anxiety is coming from. i know I was up all night and a long day of work today and i cried at work and sent myself to the back to work alone for awhile until I could gather myself GEEZ..i don't know if i'm coming or going half the time!.well most of the time. plus one of the family loss was my 18 year old nephew and my sister is a wreck and I try to help her and there isn't a thing I can do to bring him back or put that smile back on her face and its so darn hard. The other 2 losses was my moms sister and brother weeks apart so i'm trying to comfort her.... It also is making me think maybe I can't do this br...I know I need to get this damn load off my chest ,,but wish I didn't have to go through the ordeal.!.i'm probably talking out of my head because i'm tired and stressed and nervous..mostly worry during recovery i might have anxiety that I cant control..my moms friend keeps saying shes uncomfortable 6 weeks later and the burning etc,but i'm trying to also remember she never took any pain pills and drove 2 days later and washed her own hair and everything she wasn't supposed to do for awhile..but its hard not to listen to her tell me how its not a picnic!..I took more pictures and saw how disgusting i look naked haha,amazing how different they look on film!..i'm putting up pics and hope my next pics will be of these being up where they belong.!

Got my date,even though it seems along time...

got my date,even though it seems along time away,its actually good,it will give me time to get rid of this cough ive had since september!.im sure i will go back and forth with the emotions..my lil sister told me try to put it out of my head until then,hahaha,,could if i didnt have to move these things out of my way all day long.haaaa,cant believe it,m sure the time will fly by!

I got a fracture in my back from the deep...

i got a fracture in my back from the deep uncontrollable coughing i have been doing and spent the day in the hospital on morphine and breathing treatments and now home on pain meds and rest..this is a test of how i will do for the br because already 24 hours later and i cant stand doing nothing.although with the br i should be able to get around without this kind of pain..at least i know im not allergic to the stuff pumped in my iv,,ive had this cough for a couple of months and im hoping for good snow to clean the air,ive had chest xrays and that eased my mind for something serious because i surely was starting to worry about my health! Im always wondering if I will carry through with this plan..Im trying not to think about it until the time comes and see what happens but lately with this 2 months of breathing issues im so glad I didnt have this cough after my br,that was an aweful cough,now im on 80mg of prednisone which is another thing my ps said i need to be off before surgery ,,i've taken that off and on for years because of the asthma,so im hoping losing these chest tanks will help that breathing and i pray pray that i dont chicken out, I know siting in the hospital yesterday in pain i was wondering if i can get through that,! although there will be a god outcome from a br.although my nurse had no trouble telling me her 18 year old daughter had that some time ago and it was awful and she had to take her into boston bla bla,,i didnt need to hear that for sure! so now im doped up between the prednisone which i've had about 4 days now and will until monday when i go back and see how i'm doing and taking the tramadol which im not sure iof it does a thing but i can say today im not in the pain i was in yesterday and i only coughed about 3 times severe enough to feel like my back was blowing out so i get someone to press as hard as they can on the spot while i cough gently,i try to move around and take deep breathes,,this is all the same stuff i will be doing for HOW LONG after the br..?? i suck at doing nothing!! had to vent and so glad to know you girls!

Ok got my paper work with dates,,its getting more...

ok got my paper work with dates,,its getting more real..lol...so pre-op is
february 14th at 10 am.
surgery is february 27th at 1030 am
post op appointments are march 4th and march 11 both at 9 am
ok i got that out there,no turning back no,,,
i am so hoping i get feeling back in my fingers regularly after this also,i am counting on alot of good things to happen with this but now if i have a healthy recovery and dont have to carry these bags around il be so happy..even when i hurt my ribs and in the hospital it was embarrassing the dr trying to find rib cage and i had to pick the boob up out of the way,! because of course i was braless everyday i find more reasons to add to my list to keep focused on the prize and dont chicken out...it will be nice to cross my arms again to,lol...whoo hoo,imagine imagine imagine.this week of sitting gave me good practice as what to expect but i sure am getting cabin fever ive been here since friday morning but glad i can move around better.so i will have a little idea when i have my surgery how it will be to do nothing but eat sleep rest walk deep breath(which was difficult with this rib fracture)but i now can take a deep breathe today without pain,,alone today makes me a little nervous,ive been walking around carrying my cell with me just in case..haha..gee im a ball of nerves,,

Checking in. I'm watching an old Roseanne show and...

Checking in. I'm watching an old Roseanne show and she's having a breast reduction. Ha.. today is à day that I'm looking forward to it again with less fear. I've lost ten pounds with this back injury I recently I had so I'm happy with that and all I really did was really watch my sodium intake because taking eighty milligrams of prednisdone a day for awhile can make me swell so I was careful. Seems everything I do lately is a test run for the breast reduction. Especially having others do stuff for me was the hardest and realizing my husband wouldn't be much help. So we had the talk when I realized he was sitting out and letting mom and my dear friend do everything a and I've learned he just wanted to stay out of the way and said he figured if there was a problem or a need for him that I would notify him. Ha. silly man. And the pain meds and morphine along with steroids made me emotional enough that he was afraid of me. Hahahaha.so back to work last night went well.only in pain when I cough and have to push real hard on my back and its so much better. So happy because I want to get back in great health before my br February 27.. Moving closer. I'm going to finish watching Roseanne surgery in comedy. Love you all

Days like today i.want to remember later! im so...

days like today i.want to remember later! im so uncomfortable.. bra band feels tight and binding all day.feels like im swollen im sure horomones. i cant wait to get home and take this bra off.! every edge feels sharp against my rib cage. my shoulders burn. the weight is torture. . il be so glad february 27 th and hope my recovery isnt to bad.but if it is i want to remember how bad i feel today and realize the br will only last a short time and never have to carry this weight again.so recovery wont be as bad as i am now.

Finally feeling better! Ive been nervous for...

finally feeling better! Ive been nervous for months because of my asthma acting up and worried i would be sick on my surgery date but saw a specialist today for the breathing and good news i dont have copd or emphysema.yay me..ragweed has been my problem he feels but anyway i feel great today and had my physical therapy so had a great day! i cant remember last day i had it so good with the aweful breathing and i was so worried my appt will be cancelled,,i cant believe im down to 4 weeks to go.! ive been getting my room ready,,took the wheels off the bed so i wont have to climb into it,and have been practicing laying in there,,lol..next week is my blood work and the 14th is pre op,.i cant wait to be done with this!

Pre op was good,he had me laughing a few times..he...

pre op was good,he had me laughing a few times..he was leaving the room so i could get dressed before we talk so i will be more comfortable and i said im more comfortable without the bra on,haha..he took pictures,,he said he will take off 6 pounds and going to try to not have to do a fng..but may have to by how low they hang,,my biggest fear! only because mentally im not prepared for that.He also said he may have to go high in the cleavage because i have a bridge from one breast to the other.looks to me like thats from the weight..he said those 2 things he will ry not to do but is a possibility! he said if i get a cold its a no go.! ive tried so hard to not get sick,now my other half has a cold and stayed home from work,i swear he tries to get me sick so i wont go thru with it,,i hate thinking that way! ps said he will use as many invisible desolving stitches as possible for less scarring and i will probably end up a full c..all of my pre op stuff was good,,blood work, ekg,mamagram..he will change the bandages the next day and once im eating and using the bathroom and comfortable he will send me home! He also said I can take a xanax the night before because he wants me to get a good night sleep! well that wont happen without the xanax,lol. february 27th come on!!

Omg 9 days to go have a sore throat a little and...

Omg 9 days to go have a sore throat a little and stuffy nose . I get that way at work thinking I shouldn't work next week cause if I have a cough they won't do the surgery that would be awful cause my sister already booked a flight to come stay with me and it wasn't cheap and my sister in law took the week off she's about a nurse and I took 2 weeks off. Hoping I can get they this in the next 24 hrs. Heck I'm ready to not work this week just to not be around the perfume and dust from relocating everything I'm the store!!

6 days to go..i actually am getting very excited...

6 days to go..i actually am getting very excited to get er done! i dont feel nervous today! thats a plus..had some bad rashes today from not wearing a bra for about 12 hours,,they hung down on my belly and that skin on skin made a mess of my belly..im so glad i wont have to deal with it this summer! last summer i struggled every day to get thru the heat,,i would soak wash clothes in cold water and put them under the bottom half of my bra just to get through the day..im so ready and so excited!!! I am addicted to american idol and we have a meeting set up for my hospital room for 8pm next wednesday,,haha and all my support girls are willing to watch it on a 12" screen at the hospital just to be with me,,awww im so blessed to have so much support..they are such a great group of girls!! trying to talk my husband to stay with his sister and he is refusing,ugh..one bathroom,4 girls and one man,,,mmm,i think he is just thinking of all the good meals he is going to get!.im excited ive lost 7 pounds and i havent used my nebulizer in 12 days so far,! havent gone a day without that in many months! so my prayers are being answered trying to not be sick on surgery day and getting my health tip top! moms ear surgery is healing nicely and she should be able to hear in the next couple of weeks the dr said...my grandson got put to sleep today to get 4 jammed teeth pulled and he was puking his guts up when he woke poor baby but is his old self already and he says we are recovery buddies,,,lol,hes 8! so everybody is good and its almost my turn!!. I told him yesterday I was going to get a new grandson if he couldnt be nice to his 4 year old sister so when my son picked them up i asked my grandson to tell his tell his dad what im going to get NEW (meaning new grandson)and my grandon says *new boobies*..

Its here omg cant believe it! My sister has...

Its here omg cant believe it! My sister has directions to post to you all when i come out.. love you all. Thank you so much for your support! I hope i dont run! And i hope i wake up happy!!!

Yesterday was better than today my breathing...

yesterday was better than today my breathing acting up from coughing up junk..the period isn't helping,,anxiety has kicked in,my sister and sister in law taking good care of me.low grade fever last couple days,,chest feels heavy,and haven't moved bowels since Wednesday, can't remove wrap until Monday at follow,not that I'm in a hurry but they feel tight

Hi ladies I hope you are all doing well today.I...

Hi ladies I hope you are all doing well today.I seem to improve through the day.I can't believe the process.< so worth it,,everything is manageable! I got to the hospital at 11.. Went though paperwork.nurses came in and set me up and reike lady helped me relax.surgeon came in and marked me up anesthesiology gave me the run down on what he was gonna do,I cried a few times,,really thought I couldn't go through with this because of my anxiety..by next thing I knew I was in recovery''''they gave me a breathing treatment because my asthma acted up which he did say ahead of time would probably happen,,they expected it to the take about 3 hours but it took 5 ish'he said the numbers but all I remembered is the 7 pounds he removed.I stayed overnight at the hospital and could have stayed longer but he said he rather I go home because of all the germs,,,,,so Im home and these girls are taking such good care of me,,I will put the Picts up soon as I get up to the computer,,everyone I start to type I fall asleep,lol, pain pills are managing the pain I can't believe I didn't run like hell out the back door,my body feels so fantastic not having that weight!, I love them!!!

Good appointment. All looking good and left side...

Good appointment. All looking good and left side has a concern spot that he said will be fine but use gauze and bacitracin and sports bra and take it easy and my next appointment on the 11th.i feel okay just one day at a time. Started really using the bathroom today so thats great. Its hard to relax and sit so im taking xanax twice a day. Walking a few minutes every hour eating healthy and watching alot of funny jeff duram puppet shows and sleeping. Last antibiotics tomorrow so things looking up.i am so happy this was possible!! I have scars and rash on my belly from the old boobs resting on my belly for so long so hope that clears soon and never have that worry again. Thank you all for everything this sure has been a journey im grateful to have shared with you all. Good luck to those starting and happy healing to those on this side. Another note i have all disolvable stitches.never had drains and im so happy!!!

So happy I did this,,, the week looking back was a...

So happy I did this,,, the week looking back was a blur'. Worst night was day 5 had worst headache of my life and went number 2 really bad,have had a low grade headache all week but my boobs. Are awesome,I told my sister I probably have this headache because I can't stop looking down my shirt!! Unbelievable!!!! As scary as this all was it was totally worth it and so glad its behind me!! I just love them,my sis keeps laughing at me saying she never Imagine my boobs smaller than hers.haha, girls don't back out,its scary both it goes by quick and you will be so happy..I'm not used to doing things for myself and this is so awesome!! Thank you my mom my sister my sister inn law for getting me thru, and thanks all my peeps on this forum,!! Miss my grsndbabies can't wait to hold them tight!!!

Hi girls. I been struggling with discomfort on...

Hi girls. I been struggling with discomfort on right breast last couple days and couldnt sleep, my mom kept telling me im looking for trouble and my imagination! Dont you love it! Well dr today said i had excesse fluid and he drained 2 tubes if old blood and it didnt hurt a bit and i feel so much better so i hope i get some sleep tonight. I have to wear the gauze wrap another week but its ok i only have leaks at the nipple/tline and he said they look great and still watching that purple spot but it is improving and said for a large reduction with no fng we were pretty lucky.i told him you girls complimented his work.i feel great right now.and went to lunch with my friends. My sister went home yesterday and i will miss her.my friend slept over last night so i had help today and a ride.dr order still keep my arms by my side.i definately feel sore end of days i do a bit to much...but im gona slow down for a few days.my boss was real cool when i called and said hurry and get well.i still love my hooters.noticed a magazine in the store today and girl had huge fake boobs on front cover. Crazy

put you back to sleep work in the torture chamber

Went back to dr today cause left tline was...

Went back to dr today cause left tline was bleeding and that's the one hes concerned about and he said its ok and actually thinks it looks better and said hes pretty sure its going to be okay he said give his stitches a couple more weeks to heal amd keep arms by my side. He said we asked my skin to do alot without an fng'' poor guy pulled his back out but wanted me in the office because he wanted to be sure its ok especially since it was a spot of concern so feeling better ...yahoo one day at a time! Tomorrow will ne 2hugging weeks

Happy as can be!! I have the best ps!! 24/7 on...

Happy as can be!! I have the best ps!! 24/7 on call. Things going great. I see improvements daily! I love looking in the mirror with little tops.unbelievable! Today i drove although i didnt want to but my mom took me to take my 14 year old granddaughter to gymnastics and mom was getting dizzy spells so i had to drive.she recently had inner ear surgery so hope that's all it is but by time i got home i had some swelling and discomfort but im ok. Since i never got steri strips im still wearing the pads and have drainage and my ps did say give thesr stitches a couple more weeks and i obey but had no choice today so not planning on going anywhere with mom until my tuesday appt. The ps keeps stressing a large reduction thin skin and asking my skin to do alot so arms by my side and rest i dont want to ask for trouble.il post pictures when i get on the computer but i noticed today that black line he was concerned about is pink and peeling! Yayyyyyyy

Trouble spot lookin better yay me

Trouble spot lookin better yay me

Had 3 wee check and I'm doing great. 2 small spots...

Had 3 wee check and I'm doing great. 2 small spots still need the bacitracin and gauze but I've graduated to wait 2 weeks for next appointment unless I have trouble. Last night I was burning but I dealt with it and kept blowing on them because thanks to this forum I knew it was expected. I have alot of sneezing and stuffy nose and headache today hoping its allergies and not a cold.! My asthma has been controlled since a couple of weeks before my surgery so I don't need any trouble haha. I drove myself to doctor for the first time how liberating . I was careful kept my hands at the bottom much as possible. The ps said still 2 weeks keep my arms by my side and no lifting or arms over head yet so I'm a good patient and today the tlines looks soo much better whew. Still very sore and the black/purple spot still icky looking but it's pink not black so makes me happy. I'm having fun trying on sleeveless tshirts I never could wear haha. Il put a picture . I sent one to a friend who commented on it being a head shot and I said yes and the boobs are in the picture just can't see them haaa. Love this just waiting to flop and a bed and sleep without a million pillows and be able to get out of my recliner from laying down and reach things without waiting for help which at my height I should be used to haha. A couple more weeks and il be ready for work I think. It's strenuous so I will not get crazy but start slow. My breathing definitely is better without those 7 pounds on my chest!!!

Doing good. Still have drainage but its better...

Doing good. Still have drainage but its better every day . Still have burning usually at night but I'm trying to be patient .4 weeks along time for me to be patient. I've done some driving and shopping and lite cleaning but I do feel it end of day. I think this would of been different if I had steri strips. This gauze is getting annoying but I'm keeping my eye in the end result. I love love my little boobies. I have all feeling except left side a little but who cares haha I'm sure that will come in time. I'm so glad I did this and I'm so glad I don't have to do it again in my lifetime.! Never really had pain except that one big headache it's just annoying after awhile to be I'm discomfort but I'm a big girl not a sissy so I'm getting there lol

Five weeks all is good healing nicely. Worst part...

Five weeks all is good healing nicely. Worst part is the soreness and the hardness I still have . Just got instructed yesterday to start massaging them to get them to soften and the right is much harder and sore than the left. But at least I barely have drainage finally. I started back to work Tuesday and didn't do to bad ... Now starting my husband reduction and its not easy but I'm taking one day at a time. Yay I can start my yoga today just don't press boobs on the ball or floor. I got this!!

Better today I realize the discomfort I was having...

Better today I realize the discomfort I was having was caused alot by the rapid hand arm movement I make at work over my shoulder height cause I had a good day today and at work tonight I felt the bra shafing continually so I'm good I love these little things hahhaaaa still hard and learning to take it slower instead of diving right in just cause dr said I'm good I don't think he realized I'd in the same day do my yoga clean a customers house and put it 5 hours of recovery and clothing department at my job all in the same day . I learn the hard way at times! Love my boonies being small I notice I never get short of breathe no matter what I do yay. And all of my list of reasons why I wanted to do this have come true!.. Only down fall is the weeks of discomfort but its not even close to compare the 24/7 discomfort of that extra 7 pounds on my chest yay me!!!

Every thing great except the hardness I'm loving...

Every thing great except the hardness I'm loving these lil boobies. I have not ran out if breathe since my surgery and I can go up stairs I can reach my outlets over my counters when I go out to eat I can sit up to the table yay me..!!!

Doing great . Right side still hard under nipple...

Doing great . Right side still hard under nipple and above but better every day and not to sore finally! I'm so excited about this every day !! Very keel to fit into things and not bump into stuff. I have done great with my breathing and can walk for hours no shortness of breath although hips and feet hurt haha. Good luck to girls coming I'm and girls healing.!

Things going good! Righty still hard spots but...

Things going good! Righty still hard spots but better each day . How liberating this is. Anyone getting ready for this be patient and the end result will make you so happy you did it ! I thought I would chicken out and so happy I did not!!! I'm the biggest I know on fear!! Go for it!

Everything fine still a little hard on right...

Everything fine still a little hard on right breast but its all good.! So cool to throw on shirts without a process!!

3 months and new pictures

All is fine. Still little sore to the touch and righty still hard but look great . Trying to get rid of this belly now haha started slim fast a few days ago figure il try it for a few weeks. I walk so much my feet and hips don't wana move at the end if the day so its not far from lack if exercise plus going through the change yay me.!!! Been 3 months for that to.! Anybody scared to do this don't be. I'm the biggest chicken alive and I'm a new person having done this and everybody daily tells me how happy I look.! Also helps I had my husband reduction and booted him out and filed for divorce 2 weeks ago . Yay me. Those who have been with me since the beginning of this journey know why I did this and I did it.!! I feel great and don't ever remember being happier !! Good luck to everyone and remember the end result!!!

3 months all healing nicely

Smaller in the mirror and don't sag at all. The camera doesn't give how nice they are lol so happy with them! Slept without sport bra first time not bad!

I Crack myself up

This is a picture if me pointing where my boobs were.! Ha. Today I'm trying to not wear a bra for as long as possible to get air. These puppies have been in a sports bra around the clock unless I'm showering. Dr said that's to keep scars flat and to wear a few more months. I don't mind since I never could wear one in my life! Haha . Im still hoping they will feel whatever normal is supposed to be. I'm still sore to the touch but can run without discomfort actually they don't even jiggle . I'm working on strictl eating to lose this tummy! So happy I filed for divorce feeling wonderful about that to. My asthma has improved 100% so far since my surgery. I also had no period since so the change has finally begun! I'm back at my home health care job full swing but still take it easy . The last 3 days my grandchildren spent at my house. so much is so good. Had to start blood pressure meds Friday for a couple of heart valves looking problematic from an echo test i had so hoping my next appointment shows that has also improved because besides the fear of something going wrong. Everything is great and I'm so happy!!

The scars left from the openings

Everything great except my big belly. I wanted to post close ups of what was my openings so those who are having the problem can see how they do heal just fine. Got my first genie bras today they are great !!!! I'm seeing people I haven't seen since last summer and getting so many compliments about my weight loss lol)

31/2 months

Wanted to show pics of close ups from where I had my openings so those with new openings can see they will heal eventually some just take longer than others xoxoxo

41/2 months upate/new pictures

I'm doing well, back to work full force and adoring my grandchildren when I'm not working... got rid of the unkind husband and have done allot to my house to freshen it up... The new boobs have brought new freedom, I've lost about 23 pounds since January and doing the *dash* for weight loss.. Got my numbers down for blood pressure and cholesterol,,, I wish I would have done all of this when I hard more years in front of me than behind me but it's never to late.. I'm so proud of myself for following through with the surgery because the alternative would have been lugging those things around for life and not having them made me healthier all the way around inside and out.. I'm still a little sore and still have that hard spot,, some days I get annoyed that I'm not back to normal yet and hope I do soon but for the most part I don't think about it at all until I'm changing or sweating or massaging the scars the only part bugs me is the hard spot rather large and don't seem to be getting smaller and the tightness and soreness, on a good day I remind myself how I was much more uncomfortable 24/7 with the big boobs than I am now. I love my new ones especially when I'm getting dressed or sweating its great not to have to deal with those huge things,, when I look at the old pictures it's life a dream,! Not me.. I'm so glad I did it and glad its a once in a life time deal because recovery has been long and required more patience than I ever thought I'd have.. so as I read other girls totally back to normal after a few weeks out seems to hard to believe when at four months I'm not at the same place,.!.. I'm sure I will get there eventually... But I look good and I'm still wearing sports bra's for cheap money and I can breath so well I haven't had to use my nebulizer since my surgery. I can't ever remember saying that.!! I can get around much better than I've been able to in my adult life,, I can run up stairs without holding the boobs. I can hug and hold my grandchildren close without having to move them or of my way. I get compliments constantly how much younger and thinner I look,, and the clothes are cheaper and easier to find!! I can go braless around the house without getting rashes or flopping to the bottom of my shirt,, my list is so long of Good things as compared to my 2 small complaints of soreness and a hard spot. Lol... so I wish the best recovery to the girls who got through it and strength to follow thru to the girls getting nervous about doing it.. It will change your life for the better I assure you.!!

First new outfit

My granddaughter wanted to buy me a new outfit for my birthday and I am so excited how small I look who hoo which proves to me my old clothes need a garbage bag because I keep wearing them from habit and look like a moo cow . Had to share with all of you. Also I have a date for a concert Friday night . Stoked!!!

New life

Doing great.!!

New life

Concert went great met the man of my dreams what.a wonderful life I have now!! I will update with the pictures from the doc at my 6 month appointment good luck to everyone!

7 months po

Everything going great ! Still have hard spot on right breast goes Into nipple area but dr said with such large reduction. Could take another 6 months to go away if at all but no big deal! I love them! I go for mammogram ultrasound Friday for the new baseline. I've lost 33 pounds since January and doing so good.! Enjoying my life with my new man who's best man I've ever had in my life!! Selling my house now and heading to all new adventures .. Anyone don't this don't be afraid its worth it! Recovery is long but when I get dressed or look at myself I'm not discussed and people don't look at my chest first and clothes fit me and I don't get rashes and sweat to death this summer!!!

7 months


So went for mammogram and they had the plates ready going by last year it was so funny the lady asked if I was sure I was who I said I was and then I said I had reduction she laughed saying she prepared before calling my name and had to reset everything . Well they called me back last week to do it again because a lot of areas look suspicious then had to go back three times. Now say go again in 6 months because they believe its scar tissue from the surgery and need more time to heal inside . They said it's not uncommon to have repeat mammograms after a reduction to be sure its scar tissue . Otherwise everything great and I will update my 8 month picture tomorow . Life has improved so much and these days I'm always cold without the baggage . What a great summer this was to not drag those girls around ! Good luck to everyone !! I hope all have as good result as I did !

11 months n new pics

Hi ladies...I hope you all are doing great.!! i am having the good life.little boobies .got rid of the old loser husband baggage,divorce finalized the end of last year,sold my house,,and my car,,and moved in with the man of my life that ive been yapping about since last july,,who i now am engaged to.!.ive never been so happy in my life and he treats me like gold!!.life is great.we are going to elope to the place we had our first date and take off to foxwoods for a few days with my sister and her hubby then have a party a week later and invite our family and freinds! I saw my ps today and he said everything is great...he is fantastic and we are planning for the same ps to do my surgery for my carpal tunnel about april..I had a few mammograms and they think it may be scar tissue from the surgery making the tests look weird but am doing another in march to check it out..the look on the face of the woman who was doing the tests were priceless when she came out to get me and asked if i was sure i am natalie because the plates she prepared for the mammogram didnt look like my boobs would fit them.! haha so she had to reset the plates and i had entire staff checking out my new boobs..lol..i still have that hard spot and some numb areas but who cares..ps said that will stay that way but only time i notice is when i take bra off at night they feel a little weird..but i adapt quickly its no big deal..i love my perky boobs,,no more sweating and actually i am cold all the time,never in a million years did i ever think i would be this small and have them not be a bother.they have bothered me since elementary school! so now i focus on my life and not how im going to dress or get through the hot summer or the backaches and shoulder pains i was always plagued with..i was honored today my ps said he read my blog and could see all the good we ladies do for each other in here..and to my surprise he said because date changed my insurance did not pay him!! for such a massive surgery and the best job to improve my life and as i have said in this forum a million times he is so damn awesome and was just happy that he changed my life! he will have a big reward waiting for him because how many doctors truly care about their patients,i cant believe they not paying because of the date change,,he is busy man and had to plan my surgery according to how many surgeries before me and availability of the operating room.that just stinks! wish i had money to pay it and if i run into money i will pay him because hes worth every nickle plus some!! the receptionist told me she got busy and didnt put in for the date change ahead of time! UGH so i feel terrible about that,,and glad he still is going to do my hand surgery so i can feel my fingers,,I wanted to check you girls out and put in an update. I was going to wait for the one year mark but cant resist> so here goes some updated pics,LOVE TO ALL MY SISTERS HERE AND GOOD LUCK TO THOSE WAITING, DON'T BE AFRAID

one year

quick update..one year next week feb 27 and on the 28th my same ps is doing surgery on my hand so im hoping for a good outcome,,trying not to be nervous because after a br this should be a peace of cake and i trust the ps one hundred percent.!

1year post op

Everything is going great ! Still some parts have no feeling but all nerves react so may need more time but if not it's not a big deal! I don't notice unless I don't wear a sport bra for entire day. Had hand surgery by same surgeon February 28 and it's doing great also. This ps definately puts me at ease quick. Now he has physicians assistant who I saw a few times and my first visit I had lump and pain on top of my hand and knuckle swollen and she had no idea why. He would have eased my mind but luckily it was better the next day and I have feeling in my fingers I haven't had probably 30 years! Why we wait so long to improve ourselves I'll never know why!! This doctor is the best!! When I was in his office a patient said he travelled a ways to come see him cause last ps he had cut the nerves and he wants this ps to do his surgery cause he heard so much about him !! I agreed and said he is the best and is travel to see him to.! Hope you all are having an easy recovery and those waiting try to stay focused on the end result it's going to change your life for the better!!! 100%! I look at old pictures and can't believe that was me!! Good luck am happy healing!!
Cambridge Plastic Surgeon

I asked my primary and he directed me right to Dr calianos and he so happens to be same surgeon a couple of local people told me about.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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You look terrific, that smile really says that you have got your life back. I will be 12 months post op in Nov and I still cannot believe the difference. I was not brave enough to post pre & post pictures but yours look amazing. Best of luck for the future (minus teh girls) PS I agree with you when I see hugh breast implants, thay are mad
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You look wonderful and I am so happy for you. Yes this is a wonderful operation and we are so lucky to be a part of this web site. Best of luck to you and your new fellow.
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Thank you!! How are you doing?
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Great review - thanks. Such a major reduction and such a major impact on you life. As an asthmatic myself I am happy for you that the reduction has helped with that and overall weight loss - yay - happy for you!!
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Thank you! I hope your recovery is going good! It dedicatedly will help with the breathing! Good luck!
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You look wonderful. I'm 5 days post and can't wait to start enjoying them. Happy healing
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Thank you and I hope you are coming along in your recovery nicely!
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Your review was wonderful to read an very inspirational, I am heading towards my 50 th year an just could bear to drag my old droopy boobs into the next century. So did my research, list some weight an git it done. All though I am only 6 weeks post there are already positive changes an I am made up! Thanks again fir your revenue an u wish you well in your new life ,
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Thank you it Is wonderful as time goes by! Good luck to you!!
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was just having a look through your pictures and in some of them you see some areas that are a cream/yellowish colour (kinda feels soft and gum like?) - I'm just wondering if you ps said that was normal to have some areas with the yellowish colour?
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The yellow is from the iodine they covered me with stains for awhile especially can't wash or even see them the first 6 days I was wrapped.. I didn't have much bruising at all surprisingly... And they were hard quite awhile maybe because they take the fat and leave the muscle?..
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If you mean at tline that's because it separated and new tissue was forming
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yes I meant at the tline - that's good to hear, mine doesn't look infected but was just being cautious. I have seen other pictures with the yellow on the tline so thinking it's normal :) I have an appt on Friday anyways so will talk to my dr then but sounds normal from what you said, thanks!
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Yes it's normal . I freaked at every little change lol. It's good to have this forum to see what's expected! Good luck!
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Still looking great :) Glad to hear you're doing so well, and that things are working out fabulously with your new man. The weight loss is nothing but impressive, wow, 33 lbs! Congratulations :)
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Thank you nanny. I feel so liberated!!!
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Congratulations !! You will be so happy when all the healing is complete !! And thank you!
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You look wonderful and sound so happy! Congratulations to you :)
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Thank you top heavy. And how are you?
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I'm pretty good thank you. The scars are slowly fading and I'm around a 32B now which is wonderful and very happy making! I can't believe I allowed myself to go for so long feeling miserable because of my boobs but not doing anything about it. I really hadn't realized that I had been in so much discomfort until after my boobs had gone! Every day I marvel and delight in my new girls!
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Agree 100%.. Now this is living!!!!!!! So happy for all of us ladies!! I still wear sports brad lol so comfy can't imagine wearing hooks and buckles. And strsps again!!!
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You look amazing!
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Thank you! I love them lol
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You look so great. Enjoy the man in your life and your great looking boobs
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