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Treatment Progress - Falls Church, VA

I've been on invisaline treatment for over a yr...

I've been on invisaline treatment for over a yr now, I will be completed with all my trays in May. I must say I’m a little nervous about my final results. I don’t think my teeth will be totally straight by the end of the treatment. I have seen some improvement but the upper right teeth are nowhere near where they should be. And my doctor has not mention plan B. so I’m wondering if I made the wrong treatment, maybe I should’ve gone with traditional braces.


Many Invisaligners end up doing a refinement at the end of their treatment, just to take care of any teeth that didn't move exactly as predicted.  Have you talked to your doctor about that possibility?
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Post a before & after pic please. I hate reviews that talk so negatively but don't have any evidence about such a bad review. I would appreciate it :). -future fellow Invisaligner
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Hey, sorry about not posting any pictures. I really don't have any for myself. But I'll ask my doctor to let have the ones he took. In the mean time I will post a picture of my current progress.

invisaline progress update

Here are some photos of my current progress


My doctor hasn't mentioned this possibility. I posted some photos as you can see my teeth are still very crowded. :(
Thanks for posting the pictures!  I think you should definitely talk to your doctor about the possibility of refinements.  Also, you may want to ask to see your ClinCheck video, if you haven't yet--or to see it again.  The ClinCheck shows you the projected path of your teeth throughout the treatment, and all doctors get one.  Some don't show it to their patients unless their patients ask, though.  If you'd like to see an example of a ClinCheck, you can check out fightingthefear24's review.  They're under his March 8, 2014 update.

invisaline update

So a couple days ago I had my attachments removed. My results are not what I was hoping for. My dentist said I would need a refinement so he took new impressions and pictures. My new set of trays will be here in about 3 weeks. I'm not only concerned about my teeth not being straight but also my bite is way off. He said the invisaline would correct that. I don't know.... I guess I have to wait and see.


I'm sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted first go around. I agree with ocdave that sometimes it's the doctor putting too much faith in invisalign. Hopefully the refinements help. My bite is slightly off too, but my Doc has already told me that that is something that he personally fixes when I'm done with this last tray. Sometimes it involves reshaping a certain tooth and contouring, other times it requires bands/trays.
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Thanks for this information
Hey bbllsa, my results sound kind of similar to yours. I went through the first year (22 trays), and then another year of refinement (18 trays). The refinement failed to straighten both of my lateral incisors, mainly my right, and correct an open bite the initial 22 trays caused. I used a regular Dentist for my treatment, not an ortho. I never really felt confident in him during the coarse of my treatment. After my refinement I went to consult an Ortho. He told me Invisalign was not capable of moving those teeth and that braces were the only way. The root needed to be rotated, and plastic trays were not capable of doing that. So now I know that I wasted a year on a refinement that would've never worked in the first place. I'm now moving forward with braces to achieve a better result for all of my years of trouble, along with the extra associated costs. Are you seeing a general, cosmetic Dentist or an Ortho?
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