No drains!!!

I knew I wanted to get TT since I had my first...

I knew I wanted to get TT since I had my first child 15 yrs ago. I have three kids and I've recently decided to go through with a TT and breast augmentation.

I'm 5'2 and weigh about 134. My PS suggested that I have lipo on my flanks as well which I wasn't aware I needed, but might as well have everything done. I had been looking around for PS since last summer, finally decided to go to PS last month and decide on a date, that was 4 weeks ago!OMG!! I can't believe that its right around the corner!!! I went to my pre op on the 6th of this month and paid for my surgery in full.

My mom will be helping me after my PO.I'm excited and nervous, but cant wait. I'm concerned about the scar, and hoping someone can recommend a good scar cream. My PS has assured me that my incision will be placed very low next to my pubic area. This forum has been very helpful and I hope I was thorough with my all my stats.

Omg, I can't believe my surgery is only days...

Omg, I can't believe my surgery is only days away!! I feel that I'm not even prepared, as far as having my kids clothes ready-- my mom will be taking care of them. I have to drop off my prescriptions off the pharmacy. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed:( any suggestions of what items I should purchase aside from comfy clothes & meds?

Nervous anxious trying to get everything ready...

Nervous anxious trying to get everything ready prior to surgery:-)
Posted pics

Having issues posting pics, where on the site can...

Having issues posting pics, where on the site can I add photos, I can add YouTube videos but I can't seem to find photos???

I can't believe my tt is less than 48 hrs!! I...

I can't believe my tt is less than 48 hrs!! I feel almost in disbelief that I am finally getting my tt done, say little prayer for me!! Anxious, nervous yet very excited!!!

Hi all recovering tt's, I had extensive lipo...

Hi all recovering tt's, I had extensive lipo about 3000 cc removed, I feel weak with difficulty just getting to the bathroom. Thank God for my cousins & mom. My cousin is a RN and made sure I was comfy able and meds taken which she trained my mom and other cousin how to take over in the event she was absent. I love my family for being so supportive:-)

2 PO, where do I start? I arrived at the OR at...

2 PO, where do I start? I arrived at the OR at 8:00 am and they immediately started, I woke up crying and in extreme pain. I've been emotional since surgery and very uncomfortable. Thank God for my cousins who have been taking care of me. I had lipo in my flanks abd area, and I've been very sore. Clearly, then I've been on pain medications!! My boobs look great, and my tummy still swollen so I realize I need time to heal! Well Im still having trouble uploading pictures as soon as I can I will post!! Well I'm gonna rest I feel like crap :(

Today is 4 PO, and I have my highs and my lows....

Today is 4 PO, and I have my highs and my lows. I'm extremely swollen on my back & abd area, at times worse than others. Compared to others on this site, I feel like a big baby:( Anyway go to ps to get drains removed, can't wait. I feel really restricted as far as being active. Gosh I sound like a whiner! Also I've noticed I should have described my surgery as a mommy makeover. (I had a bm on 3 PO , felt so much better, lol:-) I've been having trouble posting pics, don't know if it's due to posting via iPhone so as soon as I can will post more befores and after. At the moment feeling better whether this is due to meds I don't know but hey I'll take it! To everyone recovering wish all a happy & smooth recovery:-)

Yesterday I got my one & only drain out, yaay!...

Yesterday I got my one & only drain out, yaay! Starting to feel better, I guess i'm tired of crying, but I am feeling better. The only negative is the swelling, my back and abd area still looks abnormal, but I know once the swelling goes down I know it will change. Much easier taking showers without the drains.

14po I'm feeling better, been crazy busy this...

14po I'm feeling better, been crazy busy this week, I'm a full time student and had missed a week off of school. Anyhow, for the most part content with my surgery but concerned with minor things I want revised. I went to ps office 2 days ago and was reassured that my scar would flatten out, I'm confident that if so he can handle it since he also fixed a previous scar from a prior surgery and I'm very pleased with the results. I had fat transfer to my breasts and noticed one appears more fuller, ps stated I would have to wait until the swelling goes down before making a determination. At the end of the consultation he stated that in 3 months if needed he would revise, so I'm happy with that:) scar is very low which I'm happy about and I'm happy with my bb:) standing for the most part upright and suffering from severe swelling. Aside from that I'm improving, this is a long healing process but definitely worth it!! Also I've already ordered two bikinis from vs can't wait!! To all my tt happy hearings:-)
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Too soon to tell, have not taken a look to evaluate the outcome.

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How r u doing? I notced you havent posted in a while. Hope everything came out as you wanted.
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Who is your doctor? Im trying tofind more pics of people that went to Dr. Mark Lowney. But I also want to find others too. Can you post some pics? Please? : ) I am from Taunton.
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Congrats you look great. May i ask who did your surgery? I am having on on 4/12 and i am so excited/scared. I have wanted this for a long time and as it nears im realizing how big this is..
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Hi Anon, congrats to u!
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Hey Anon this is not an easy surgery and I get ya with the emotions but you have your drain out that is huge!!! THe drains are a big PIA but needed. I am sure you are looking great, I was not able to post i wrote to admin, she said go to your profile page and hold the shift and hit refresh til the boxes come up to add pics hope that helps!
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Hi mom2twoboys, thank you. I felt I would never start feeling better but with patienance and time I an improving:-)
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Hope tomorrow you start feeling better :)
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Hi Hrmeans

Thank you, I've already bought anica, will have to research bromelin. Anyway thanks for the advice & happy healing:-)
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You're already tiny, you will look great!! This week will fly by! I've been taking arnica and bromelin around the clock since surgery, so make sure you have those! Oh and I bought an extra binder so I could rotate with the one the ps sent me home with. Have a great week!
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Yeah, I hope so. When are you scheduled? I can't believe my tt is only 4 days away, I'm really getting anxious! Thanks for your comments and support
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Don't worry about your belly buttom...I have read and read up on everyone's experiences and there are many more positive ones than negative. That is why this place is so great because everyone is so honest!

I am doing it for --ME-- too! Don't you worry about a are going to be able to rock one come April!! As far as the scar, I am worried about that kids were not c-section, so that is something I am going to have to get used to. I guess I'll trade that for the tire around me waist :)
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I'm starting to get nervous, more so regarding my belly button. I realize that it won't be perfect but I'm scared it's gonna look horrible and deformed, to the point where I won't be able to wear a bikini :(Well I pray everything goes well:-)
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I definitely feel like I can vent and people here can relate to one another. I've only told a few people and the responses have been mixed. A lot of people telling me I don't need it and that is very a vanity issue. Perhaps this why i've kept to a minimum however I'm doing this for me!!! I'll probably post more pictures, I do have hanging skin and it's visiable whenever I bend over but anyways thanks for the support:-)
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I am having the same procedure on the 23rd. This forum is a great place to find information, vent, and talk to others who have been in our shoes. We are the same height but I weigh 157. I have been holding this weight for about a year now so I am okay with it. I really wanted to weight about 145 before surgery but that's not happening. I am moving forward as is. Good luck to you
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I noticed your surgery was the 23rd, I pray everything went well:)Please post pictures!!
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