2/22/14 350 mentors This Saturday!!!!

I am a 40 year old female that had a tummy tuck in...

I am a 40 year old female that had a tummy tuck in April of 2013 and loved the results, click here to read my review. I am now having a Breast augmentation and getting size 350-gel plant above the muscle. I am 5"3' and weigh at about 128 pounds. I am athletic, I run and lift weights daily. I am a mom of a 5 year old little girl. The reason why I am doing thus is because my breast have become deflated and I wear padded bras. I want to be able to enhance my figure and feel good about the way I look. I go for my pre op on February 18 and and going to try on some sizes. My surgery is scheduled for Sat, March 1st and I am a little nervous. My tummy tuck surgery was very painful. I hear that BA are a breeze. So, we will see! I'll post some pictures soon.

Deflated Boobs-BA 3/1/14 350-375

Post op Visit

Ok, so I am getting closer to the date of my BA on 3/1/14. I went for my post op visit today and picked up all my scripts and instructions. CAN'T WAIT!! I am so anxious and excited that I am doing this! :-) The only thing that stinks is that I can't work out for 3 weeks. Oh well! I am sure that it will go by fast.


I just received a phone call from my doctor and they have a cancellation for this Saturday. I am so excited. I get to go in one week sooner than originally scheduled. Just less than 48 hours to go..... Woot woot!!!'

Less than 24 hours

I have less than 24 hours before surgery.
For preperation;
1. Gatorade and water for fluids
2. Protein powder
3 . Pain meds, anti bio tics, bacitracin, gauze pads, ice packs for swelling, vitamin e, vitamins, fish oil.
4. Already made chicken soup.
5. Clean bed sheets.
6. Comfy pillows
I'm ready!!!!! :-)

post op

I feel great and so excited on him my new b(*) (*)bbies look. I have uploaded a photo. I have been keeping up with my meds. A BA is much more of an easier surgery then a tummy tuck by far. TT's are brutal. This is a breeze!!

2/23/14-Met with PS

I got a call from the doctor today and he wanted to see me. So, we drove to is office. He said that all looked good and wanted to follow back up within a week. Very attentive doctor!! His staff is very good as well! :-)

one day pre op

Hey There:

So, It is one day pre-op and I feel really good. Just a little sore. I am loving the results and have already taken a shower and cleaned the area and placed a clean sterile pad over the incision. All is good. Cant wait to see what it will look like in about 2-3 weeks time! :-) I'll post more pictures on here in about a week.

Finally Cleavage!!! :-)

One Week Follow up-No more sports Bra's!! :-)

Ok, So I went to my one week follow up and no more sports bra's. Yeah! I purchased the scar cream from the doctors office to apply. Also, went to VS and purchased the new "T-Shirt" bra's (34D, used to be a 34A) and they are super comfy. The girl that helped me out today at VS said wow, your boobs look great. Who did your BA? I then told her. Then while I was doing some more shopping I saw and advertisement of my Doctor inside the mall of his OBGYN practice. Super cool! SO excited of my new results. :-)

One week post op

5 Weeks Post op

It has been 5 weeks post op and I am finally back to normal. I am back at the gym working out. I haven't started back with weight training yet. I will probably start that next week. Today was my final appointment with my doctor and I have to say that I thought it was going to be a long journey. It was the most easiest surgery I have ever had. The whole staff at Dr Lowney's office is amazing and I highly recommend him for surgery. He also does surgeries at his location. So, there is no need to pay an additional cost to have work done at a hospital. I am very pleased with my results. Any future work that I want done will be with Dr Lowney!!!

Breast Aug 350

8 weeks after Breast Augmentation

1 year after tummy tuck

Dr Lowney

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I'm looking to have the same implants and size maybe...would love to see how they look with no bra...im about 36B ish now and want to go to D but i'm afraid might get too big ..I was thinking 400CC but looking at ur pics that might be way to big for me ...and still haven't decided on the doc ..so nerveracking
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I too felt the same way. I should have gone bigger, probably like a 450-475 . Once you have them you are going to Love it and want more of it. It's like when you buy a house. Bigger is always better. I posted some nude selfies.
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they are beautiful :)))) Where did you get your tummy tuck I had one done in Colombia...hate it..lose skin on flanks :'((((
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I had my tummy tuck done with Dr Michael Laffredo, Plymouth, Mass and my breast augmentation was with Dr Mark Lowney, Fall River, ma. They were both very excellent surgeons. Good follow up and warm personalities.
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You go girl!! Tt & BA woot woot!!! I'll have to check that Dr. ... You look fantastic! :-)
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Thank you TTLatina!! :-)
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You look great!
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JessMvp Thank you! I too was a 34a and now a 34d. I went with a 350 mentor moderate profile. You will love them and feel sexy. They don't even feel like there are implants under my chest. They are very light weight and feel like my real boobs. The best part is wearing a tshirt and not having to wear a padded bra. Best investment any women can do for herself!!!
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That's really helpful. Thank you! We have similar stats and I was thinking I'll probably end up with just under 400cc mod or mod+ to get similar results. :)
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Yes, 400CC would be a great size! MY PS said that it was the most popular size that women get. Good for you!! Go for it and you will love your new look! :-)
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Wow you look great!! I'm planning on getting a mommy makeover next month. TT, BL, BA with mentor- cohesive gel, lipo. Do your breasts feel heavy at all? That's the only think I'm concerned about now. I'm 5'1, 125 pounds and my Dr recommends 250-270 cc. Any tips on recovery? Thanks,
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Hey Jazzy 5: Thank you! Your doing all at once! Good for you. My breasts do not feel heavy at all. They feel very natural. In regards to recovery. 1. Get as much time off from work as you can. You may need about 1 week and a half. 2. If you have any little ones see if you can have a family member stay with them for about 2-3 days. 3. Make sure you fill all your pain meds. Breast augmentation is a breeze. Tummy tucks, I'll be honest , it is a tough recovery. You need to take pain killers every 4 hours. Are you going to have a pain pump and drains for TT? 4. Make a pot of your favorite soup that you can reheat. I made chicken soup. 5. Get as much done as possible before you go in... Like cleaning, laundry, prep food, etc... You will be fine and will love your results. In total I paid around $15,000 for TT, lipo and BA and love that I invested money into getting my body back before I had children and Breastfeed.
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Thanks for the tips :) great ideas!!! How's the recovery going?
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Wow I wish I recovered quickly like you. It's been 30 hours since my surgery and it's not super painful but I guess I have low tolerance for pain.. Can barely sit up in bed myself let alone take a shower. How did the shower go with the incisions ?
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Really!!! I had a tummy tuck 9 months ago and my augmentation was a breeze in comparison to the TT. I was a little sore. It felt like I worked my chest muscles. On a scale of 1-10 the pain was a 2-3 with the meds. The showering went well. I hope u feel better. I did get my implants over the muscle. I hear under is much painful. Did you get under muscle?
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Congrats. Can't wait to see some more pics!
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thanks, the BA has been a breeze! Breasts are becoming softer and more natural looking. Loving the results. You will love yours as well!
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Looking gooooood!!! Yyayyyy cleavage...
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Thanks so much!! Feeling sexy again. :-)
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ok, So the surgery went well and I an getting a lot of rest. I have been taking my pain killers and antibiotics. I am not in a mood to eat anything. I had a small bowl of chicken soup/ Other, than that I have taken a small peak of the girls and they look great. Ill post some more photos soon. Happy healing.
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:-D aawweessoome! Very exciting... I celebrate the young ladies able to do it in their 20's annnddd absolutely love & embrace the women enhancing in our age group, for me, at 40 we r stepping into another phase of our lives - your results r going to be stunning! Congratulations -
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Thank you so much! Yes, this is another point in our lives where we have had children, Breastfeed, and endured every aspect of motherhood. Now, it's to regain back our bodies and enjoy and feel sexy like a mom, wife and women. :-)
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Your above the muscle recovery will be a complete breeze compared to the tummy tuck!! I also run, yoga, and weights and will be 40 next month. I love my overs!! Best of luck!!
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