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After having 2 children I am ready to get a little...

After having 2 children I am ready to get a little work done on my breasts but I am crazy nervous about it. I am definitely ready to go thru with the operation - decided on silicone 450cc. I was well aware of the complications before the consultation and scheduling the procedure but now that it is finally happening my nerves are sort of stopping me from being excited about it. The surgeon gave me a great vibe and his previous work is beautiful so I am holding on to that for now - just pray everything goes well and hopefully I'll be able to finally like what I see in the mirror.

Soooo - after checking out other posts and...

Soooo - after checking out other posts and pictures I think I'm going to call the PS's office and increase to 475/500cc - they look better. And I had no idea about healing vitamins and arnica creams or vitamin E oil - how necessary are they post op?? I feel so unprepared now :o\
Decided to put a couple pre-op pics.

Oh btw, I find this helpful for anyone trying to envision body type - I am 5' tall, about 130lbs, 33 years old, 2 kids (10 and 2) and I breast fed both of them. I ended up with deflated and slightly saggy breasts. Love my kids but the body changes that happen after having kids is so depressing.

About two weeks away from 4/8 and not feeling any...

About two weeks away from 4/8 and not feeling any better about going thru with this. Freaked out this past Friday afternoon and called the PS's office to downsize from 475. Doc wasn't in so I'll be talking to him on Monday. My other crazy paranoid side thinks that I'll regret going down in size. I just wish I had scheduled the surgey sooner than a month away because the more time I have to read stories the more undecided, confused and anxious I get. Ugh!! Seems like boobs is the only thing I think and talk about - wish I could fastfwd to July when the healing and max positioning is all set. Stressing about my two year old's attachment to me too. She smushes her face on my boobs and falls fast asleep in my arms :( having to keep her away for some time is making me sick with guilt.
Major seconds thoughts rolling around right now (sigh) thankfully the procedure is paid for otherwise I think at this point I'd have changed my mind. Hate the guilt trips though. Expletive!!!!!!

Countdown to 4/8 - 7 days to go! Have been...

Countdown to 4/8 - 7 days to go!
Have been conciously putting the procedure out of my thoughts so as not to freak out too much. Wrapping up at work just now brought up some anxiety though. Still undecided on 450 or 475 even though Doc says the difference is minor. He ordered both sizes so it'll be a game time decision. I really like him btw, he's got a great personality and I feel like I can talk to him for hours about anything.
Bought a couple bras although a blind purchase is never a good idea - picked up a 36D Champion sports bra (Target's selection wasn't good) and a soft lace bra/cami looking thing of the same size. Will post a few more before pics - more for my records I suppose.
Also bought Scarprin gel. I've read a lot of mixed reviews on arnica pills so I'm skipping that - maybe pick up the cream for massage purposes.
Baby's still a clingy little Diva - if its not Mama she'll have a fit :( poor hubby is worried about that too.
Have told a couple girls at work what I'm getting done - they ask if I am doing anything fun on my vacation next week and give me a puzzled look when I say no. Either way, how do you hide a boob job?! Might as well give them a fair warning. Weird having to prep someone for your new "look" - hopefully I'll be spared the questions when I return.
What else?! Oh, I'm kinda sorta happy that the cold weather is taking its time to leave Boston because I'm hoping to hide under a flowy scarf or big sweater when I come back to work - picture a law firm with 3 partners; 2 sexually charged older men (HR personnel nightmare really) and an ultra conservative woman :o\ not fun! Again, how do you hide a boob job. I feel like I'm making a big deal out of nothing but this is like my little diary so I guess its ok to fret.
Whatever - lets get this show on the road already...

Checked in to the Hampton about an hour ago - the...

Checked in to the Hampton about an hour ago - the room is nice. Early morning tomorrow (6:45) so we figured to spend the night close to the surgicenter. This is it...feel like I am losing a friend...shouldn't I be excited?!

Wow - I am in a considerable amount of pain. So...

Wow - I am in a considerable amount of pain. So far 2 percs and still in pain
:( any kind of arm movement kills. Hope this gets better cuz I'm dying to see these puppies. Felt a wird gurggly sensation when I scooched up on the couch.
Went with 450cc under the muscle. The less time I spent reading reviews on RS the better I was at choosing the size.
Going to try to sleep cyz my eyes are crossing right ow.
Yay boobies!!

Day 1 post op - still in a good amount of pain....

Day 1 post op - still in a good amount of pain. Saw the Doc this afternoon. He removed the gauze and the incision looks good. No bruising. I can't quite get used to them but maybe once they stop hurting I'm sure I'll love them.
Sleeping last night was tough - slumped over a few times and woke up with a stiff neck. My shoulders are tight too. Main issue now is bloating. Hoping that Metamucil helps with getting rid of waste. I'm pretty uncomfortable right now :o\ maybe tomorrow I'll have a better update.

Day 2 post-op. Feeling better today as far as pain...

Day 2 post-op. Feeling better today as far as pain goes. Slept much better last night and so far have only taken pain meds once early this morning. My breasts feel like they are engorged and the bloating reminds me of when I gave birth. Breasts look good though, in my opinion anyway. Doc was very happy with them and said they'll look and feel better in a couple days.
I hate this surgi bra though but the sports bra I bought is too small. Will take more pics after I shower - hopefully that purple marker comes off easily.
My daughter is sick - fever and diarrhea :( Stomach bug is so not what the doctor ordered. Sheesh!!

Day 3 Post Op - today was so-so. Woke up at 7...

Day 3 Post Op - today was so-so. Woke up at 7 feeling pretty good but I had a tough time falling asleep last night. The surgi bra I'm supposed to still be wearing gave me a rash. After I showered yesterday I put on the sports bra but its too snug so I was pretty uncomfortable. Anyway, I managed to fall asleep and woke up with a fair amount of pain - took an ibuprofen and felt pretty good all day. Visited my parents but it seemed to be a bit much because now I'm hurting (ended up taking 1 perc) I'm a little disappointed because I was hoping to make it all day without a heavy duty pain pill. This damn bra though feels like its shoving my boobs in to my lungs - gotta try and find something better before work next Tuesday.
My nipples are still sensitive - thank God! A little numbness under the breast near the incision but not bad. The rash is a little bothersome too - which is odd because I've never had a reaction to an undergarment before. I'm thinking it was the reddish stuff they used to clean my skin before surgery which I couldn't wash off til the next day.
What else?! I think the boobs look good - my posture is a bit hunched because I'm babying achy boobs. Hoping the discomfort gets better soon. I honestly was not expecting to be this laid out - yes, its only day 3 but I felt like I could run a marathon after giving birth to my 2 kids so I'm not used to being out of commission. I'm not liking it. Grumpy Girl!!
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Parent Center email after having my daughter 2 years ago - "love your look".

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Hi Nina, I see that you had the same Dr I just had my first consult with. I really liked him and don't want to bother going for another consult. I am hoping you see this comment so you can let me know how you are doing and if you are still happy with Dr Babbitt. Your boobs look really natural, a bit bigger then what I want, but they look really great. How are you feeling, is every day life back to normal. I laughed at your comment on your co-workers. I am going through that too, although I might be able to hide my size since I only will be getting 350cc. Hope all is well and if you get a chance let me know about Dr Babbitt
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You're looking awesome! They're naturally big looking :) I like that. starting to wish mine were bigger, haha! My nipples were still numb on day 3. Now on day 7 they're painfully sensitive! Sometimes I take off my bra for a few minutes and just a t shirt touching them hurts a lot. But I guess it's a good sign that the nerves are waking up :) Hopefully you'll get a good nights sleep and feel better tomorrow. It's all downhill from now ;)
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I'm still a little bloated at 1 week post op even tho I've had no problem going to the bathroom!! It will go away just slowly. Feel better!!!
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Thanks - sucks feeling like I gained weight overnight. What did you do to stay regular??
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I took milk of mag daily and drank smooth move tea at least once a day, sometimes twice but that's b/c I actually like the taste of it. I made sure I started the first day PO b/c I was determined not to get constipated! LOL
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Smart girl - I sent hubby out for some stuff because colace has done nothing. Glad to hear you're doing well.
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I'm having big time bloating too, grr. How's it going with your daughter?
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I'm pms'ing too which is making the bloating worse. The baby is sick and cries every time Daddy has to do something for her. She puts her head on my lap and relaxes but wants me to pick her up. Poor baby - its killing me not being able to. Thanks for asking :)
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Hi Nina! I am getting 450cc too on May 2nd! Thank you for posting your pics, its great to see someone else going through the same thing. I am really excited after seeing your two recent pics, your bustline looks great!! Excited to see how it turns out in the time coming!!
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It'll get better soon, hang in there. I found the day after surgery to be the hardest but each one after that is way better. Can't wait to see your results!
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Gee, I was hoping today was the worst of it. Still pretty bad with 1 perc every 4 hours - not sure if I should increase to 2 every 6. Thanks for the supports guys :) pics soon as this surgi bra comes off tomorrow.
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Definitely increase if the 1 every 4 isn't helping! It's ok to do that! Feel better
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Scared of the constipation, but I think I will.
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Congratulations! Don't sweat the gurgling sensations and/or sounds - that will go away soon. Get plenty of rest and keep up on those meds - the first few days may be a bear but you'll be feeling better before you know it! :)
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Yeah I've read about the gurgle quite a bit on here so I'm ok with it - the pain though...I thought I could handle it better but its kicking my bum. Thank you :)
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Congrats! Hope the pain eases off soon.
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Rest up and feel better. Can't wait to see how it turned out
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Hi! I've laid down with my 2 yr old every night since he was born to get him to sleep. Hes a major mommas boy. I was so nervous about recovery and how we would get him to sleep without me cuddling him. Im on post op day 3 and its been going so much smoother than i imagined. My husband gets all the credit for that though :D Good luck tomorrow! Looking forward to your update.
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That's great to hear - thank goodness for attentive husbands. Will try to update this afternoon :)
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It's the nerves. We all go through it, we mourn our little boobies at this point. But once you're there and getting prepped you will get excited. You will be very happy. Good luck tomorrow.
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Thank you! It does feel a little like I'm mourning - so weird! :)
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Good luck tomorrow!! :)
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:) thank you!!
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My surgery is tomorrow and I'm still back and forth between 450cc & 475cc. I live in Miami but I grew in RI and Mass! Your week will fly by!!
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Exciting!! Good luck tomorrow :)
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