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I've been thin with a fast metabolism all my life,...

I've been thin with a fast metabolism all my life, and after my first pregnancy was able to get back to pre baby size quickly, but after my second and third pregnancies which were very hard and very close together I gained a ton I did not lose. I was told a TT was my only option but did not want to do a major surgery. After 2 TT consults I decided it wasn't for me and looked into lipo instead. I went with DR Holehouse and got lipo of my entire abdomen and flanks. So far I am very pleased with the results! Recovery is much harder than I was expecting it to be, and I was in a good bit of pain the first 3-4 days. I'm feeling better 2 weeks out but am still fairly sore and my swelling is pretty bad by the end of the day.

3 weeks

3 weeks out, a lot of swelling still. my love handles near the incision site are a little numb still, and around my belly button is still sore. Some days I look and feel great, other days I'm swollen and my skin almost burns. I looked the best at 10 days post op, so I hope my swelling ultimately goes back down to that.

Weird and lumpy at 3 weeks

Oops, photos

Bad day

Frustrating day :-( I wore my waist cincher all day with no problems, which was good. My MIL took me to macys to pick a few things, and I'm still the exact same dress size...I thought for sure I'd go down some, but no lost inches, no lost Size. I look at my photos and I can tell a difference, but if I look the same with clothes on I feel like all I did was waste my money :-(

One month!

Feeling good today! Still sore sometimes and numb right under my belly button where most of my stretch marks and wrinkles are. I look much better in shirts and my pants do gap around the waist now, I just have a meaty butt and thighs lol. Started working out more heavily again, and besides being a little sore before bed, I feel good!
I wear a squeem waist cincher during the day, and at night I mostly go without compression but sometimes wear a wal mart compression tank top. Still happy I did it. Good days and bad days, but I'll take a wrinkly flat belly over my big pooch any day!

Shirt pic

I bought this shirt to wear to a concert and when I got it, I could barely get it over my love handles. It's still tight, but I don't look pregnant wearing it anymore lol

7 week update

Still not much change. Sometimes I'm a little sore above my belly button, and I'm hoping the residual puffiness there is still swelling, but I'm betting it's missed fat. As time goes on, I'm less happy with my results, but the difference to me is incredible. I would do it again, but maybe chose a different surgeon.
I have a horizontal line under my belly button, a pocket of missed fat, and an odd bump that formed near my right hipbone. I had to beg my dr to do an ultrasound to see what it is. He has scheduled it for next week. He's also now trying to convince me to get a mini tummy tuck, which I don't think I want.
He told me we could do a touch up for $1500, but if I get it done, I won't be paying that much. It seems a lot for something he didn't do right in the first place...
Like I said, still very happy with my results, the difference is incredible. Just unhappy with the lumpiness and unevenness.

2 months post op

Pretty much the same. Hard lumps have gone away, but still some unevenness. Some days flat, some days swollen. It varies and there doesn't seem to be a pattern.

10 weeks out need advice!

Hey ladies! I was doing really well, but all of a sudden my swelling is huge. I have a big puffy abdomen and it is very tender! I haven't done anything different or eaten anything different. Does anyone have any advice? I'm not sure what to do, and it's so frustrating I go from mostly flat to puffy again. Even my clothes are leaving dents again. Should I go back to compression? I had been without for a good 4 weeks with no issues at all. HELP!
Dr James Holehouse

Very nice man, good beside manner, very encouraging. Aftercare is awful. Nurses will answer questions, but no post op appts or anything

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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U might try wearing the CG if it is not to large. I wore mine a couple of weeks ago for a few days but it is really to large to help much. Massage also might help. Good luck.
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I agree with trying the CG for a couple days. I don't wear mine everyday anymore, but I at least sleep in it when I feel puffy and swollen. I've noticed that my abs feel tender after a run. You may have had a couple of days of more activity without realizing it. Or it might be the way the wind is blowing, the humidity, or the tides, lol. I swear there is no rhyme or reason to swelling. The puffy to flat to puffy thing is so strange, but almost everyone mentions similar experiences. It must just be part of the healing process.
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Thanks ladies. It has been super humid here, so I'm sure that's a factor. Just so frustrating to go from flat to puffy after I was thinking I would stay flat. This is such a process!! Thanks for the support :-)
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U look terrific. The before and after r amazing. I am five months plus out and still have occasional swelling. Good luck girl.
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Wow...I love your results. I hope I'm as successful .......you looking HOT doll....I know you must feel good...
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Thanks!! I feel so much better. I still swell up some in the evenings but compared to before, I'll take it!! I'm sure your results will be great too, it just takes time which is the hardest part!!
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I meant to ask you if you're having any itching? I've suddenly got terrible itching!
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I haven't had much actually. I got some awful itching at around 3 weeks, and sometimes I get it on my flanks still, but really not bad at all.
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I can see significant improvement, especially when comparing your 4 week pics to now. Your before pics don't even look like they could be you! You're making remarkable progress.
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Ur results r incredible. One of my flanks is slightly bigger than the other and I am considering coolsculpting f after the year Mark. I just do not want to do revision for such a small thing. My lumps and hardness has subsided about 90% but have my doubts about it ever being completely gone. Good luck.
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I feel the same about the after care with holehouse.
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I love it!! its crazy how much fat us girls carry in the belly, how was the lipo recovery?
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Hi jdemaste, you look great. I had lipo on my abs and flanks a week ago. I had 4000cc removed and am swollen right back to where I was. I am wearing my cg 24/7 and hoping this will help. May I ask how many cc were removed during your lipo?
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Thanks! The swelling is so frustrating, and it fluctuates so much, but hang in there! The garment definitely helps! I'm honestly not sure how many cc's were removed. I had entire abdomen and flanks, and lost about 6 lbs, so it was a good bit! I'll ask my ps, and update soon!
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Just found out I had 4,850 cc's removed!!!
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Wow, that is a lot. But u look great.
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I still have a few lumps and bumps but they r subsiding. I like u look so much better in my clothes I am not complaining, or at least not to much.
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I think we have matching lumps. :) I sort of dropped a size because most of my waistbands are loose, but I still have my size 8 thighs and my size 12 shoulders. I too had to adjust my expectations. I may be wearing the same size, but I look 100 times better in that size than I did before surgery.
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We do!! Very similar tummy lumps lol. I think mine must be from the extra skin. Do you have any stretch marks? I knew I wouldn't be wearing a bikini, so I figured lipo would be a good alternative. My waist is definetly smaller but now my jeans gap because I have a bubble butt. Time for a belt!
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My stretch marks were terrible! I also have two c-section scars and you can see in my before picture that I had more loose skin on one side than the other. You and I think alike. I'm happy with a wrinkly flat tummy.
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I forgot to mention a funny thing about my post surgery clothes. My old work pants were literally falling off my body and I went to buy a new pair. I ended up in the exact same size and brand and style. I guess I had been in denial for so long about needing to go up a size that I stretched out my old pants to the point that they weren't really the size on the tag anymore.
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May be you didnt go down any size but you have improved a lot comparing your pictures. Really I see the pictures and your change is amazing, you had a big belly and now you look flat. Good luck girl
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Thank you! I'm feeling better about it today. I started working out more again too, so I know that will help :-)
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I did not go down any dress size I just have a very nice waist. I have 8-10 hips that God gave me but I am happy with that part of me. I just have a sleeker look with a nice waistline. I had expected to loss clothes size but did not happen so I just readjusted my expectations. Good luck and keep us posted.
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I agree for so early on u do look great and what ur experiencing is not unusual so pls keep a positive attitude. From ur pictures u can see a vast difference from b4 to after. I will bet u look fantastic in it clothes. I really think that my mistake may have been two fold: 1) overdoing and lifting more than I was told. 2) doing what I was told by the Dr and start wearing the cg only 12 hr a day. Therefore I highly recommend wearing that tight ol cg 24/7 unless there is a REAL reason not to. But with several ppl experiencing the lumps at this stage it is likely a stage many of us go through. Pls keep us posted & good luck.
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