Pre-preparation for Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Fairfield, OH

I am a candidate for the Verticle Sleeve...

I am a candidate for the Verticle Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery(Gastric Sleeve Surgery) and have already attended the Weight Loss Seminar for Bariatric Surgery(March 6, 2014), I've had my Initial Consultation(April 6, 2014), my Gallbladder Ultrasound(April 11, 2014), Blood Work, 2 years Weight History, and A Letter of Medical Necessity (April 17, 2017), and now awaiting my Psych Eval(May 20, 2014) and Pre-surgical Weight Management Meeting(May 22, 2014)! The Surgeon didn't give me any specific amount of weight to loose but did say that some weight loss would be a great start to getting on the right tract with beginning this weight loss journey and would also help lessen the risk of complications during and after surgery! He also said that I was a great candidate for this particular bariatric surgery because I do not have diabetes, yet I do suffer with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and elevated sugar level! I'm hoping that May 22, 2014 will be the day that everything I needed to have will be sent in for approval by the insurance company so we can get the Ball Rolling! I'm very excited about this important move I'm about to make and experience! I'm not scared at all, plus GOD says be Axious For I have Faith in Him that everything will work out fine or shall I say better than fine! I have a Then and Now pic of me in one of my favorite Maxi Dresses and a few other pics that I will show to let everyone see my weight gain from 2009-2014 where I went from 160 lbs to now weight of 241.6 lbs, highest weight of 252 lbs, I took the surgeons advice and lost a little bit of weight of about 11.4 lbs or so by drinking lots of water, cutting out sweets and exercising much more than I ever had(Myself and family have a YMCA Membership)! ;-)

Why I need the VSG Surgery

Well it all began after I had my first child when the pounds started to come on in the year 1994, but then I went on a diet called Metabolife and began to lose the weight, I was 140 lbs gaining up to 20 lbs my weight after birth! Then dieting got me down to 153 lbs which I maintained up to nearly 2 year (1996)when I descovered I was then pregnant with my second child, causing me to gain more than 40 lbs+.......weighing in at 190 lbs and after delivering finding myself dieting yet again, and yes I lost weight but only 15 lbs....down to 175 give or take a pound or two. Ever since then I found myself dieting almost every year there after. I tried numerous diet plans like: Metabolife, Hydroxycut, Lipozene, Exenodren, EvoLean, Mega-Green Tea, Phentermine(Supervised Weight-loss), Garcinia Cambogia, Adipex(Supervised Weight-Loss), Alli, Jenny Craig, Phentarmine (resorted to trying online weight-loss plans).......but with 95% of the diets I've tried I would lose weight and gain it back double. I've even tried liquid diets like the "HollyWood Diet SuperStars supposedly use. You name them, I've probably tried them out over the course of 19 year and have been miserable with continuously gaining and losing weight or gaining it back double, especially these last 5-6 years. Also my family history involves High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Stroke and Heart Disease! Since the weight gain over the past couple of years I too have been strickened with High Blood Pressure, Elevated Sugar Levels, High Cholesterol, pain in my back, feet, ankles, and knees or joints! I want to stop the vicious cycle of these diseases in my family....starting with "ME!" And even on a more personal level within myself I want to be able to see myself in the mirror and look and feel healthy, be healthy and happy again! This tool will help me I believe to gain a better healthier life-style, happiness, growth level of confidence and commitment to living a longer prosperous life with GOD at the front end guiding me all the way through the help given by my surgeon and his great staff members when the time comes to have the surgery! I have FAITH in GOD Almighty that everything will work out for the Best!

Jumping Hoops for VSG Surgery

It seems a person has to jump many hoops to get what they really need in life these days for whatever reason, but I am willing and somewhat able to jump as many hoops as I can to get what I need and do whatever else I need to do to have this VSG Surgery(Tool). I really need this tool to get me started in the right direction to getting my life back on track to a greater chance at a longer life and a healthier "Me!"

Psych Eval Visit

Well I had my Psych Eval visit today and it went pretty smoothly. First I had to fill out these two forms in the form of test packets......then 10 mins I was called back with the doc and was asked questions pertaining to my present status of feeling about myself, spirituality, support system, friends and family's feelings, and my overall feelings about the type of bariatric procedure I have chosen. All together I think I may have only spent less than 45 mins at the docs office. Overall the visit was great and the doctor was AWESOME! She told me that she has no problem sending out my recommendation for VSG surgery and that I am a again to let me know that I am surly a great candidate for the surgery! I am so greatful and thankful for the process I am going through leading up to VSG Surgery and I'm looking forward to my visit on May 22nd. I will let everyone know how everything goes on my visit.....wish me luck! Love, Peace, and Blessings to All until next time family! ;-)


I had my Pre-surgical Weight Management Visit today and it was the visit I have prayed for......well I got my surgery date today which has been set for July 9, 2014....Yaaaaay :-) ........but before the day gets here I have a couple of other dates to attend like my support group on June 12th, Preoperative visit on June 16th, Pre-op Physical on June 25th and the the Big Day July 9,2014 and I plan on attending each and every date set for me for I am determined to have my VSG Surgery and get my life back on track! I give thanks to GOD up above for this Amazing blessing He has bestowed upon me! And I say thanks to all my followers and the people I follow for the love and support you give and have shown me! I love you all and wish you all the best on this journey set before us! GOD Bless Us All! :-)

Waiting Patiently! ;-)

Awaiting my surgery date and the beginning of a Smaller Healthier Me! SMILE ;-) - Surgery Date: July 9, 2014 - It Be GODS WILL! :-)

Enjoyed Some Grilled Foods!

Well tonight at 6:30 pm I will be attending my first support group titled "Relationships", and I can't wait to hear what interesting and insightful things that'll be discussed.....I'm excited! Then I have my Preoperative Appointment on Monday June 16th and liquid diet start date! But in the meantime me and hubby have been shopping and we grilled out.....I'm going to enjoy this food tonight because I don't know if I'll ever eat any or some or these types of foods again! I have posted pic of what we cooked! :-)

My Last Steps Towards The Big Day!

So my Pre-op Physical is on June 25th.....I start my Pre-op Diet on the 26th.....and have the last of my Labs & EKG taken on the 27th of June in preparation for my surgery date: July 9, 2014. I'm excited and nerve wrecked at the same time as far as the pre-op diet and challenges after surgery, but I am hopeful and my faith in GOD will get me through it all! All SMILES :-) I have posted a few pics of where I want my weight to be down to in the future! It's the smaller Me I use to be....I will be that and healthier!

Pre-op Diet

So I started my Pre-op Diet on 6/26/2014 and it hasn't been that easy considering I only have 11 more days to go. My husband can never seem to remember the fact that I am on a diet! He even calls my job asking me what I want for dinner(which is so sweet) but I don't need the added pressure! He is so very thoughtful but not when it comes to me! But I am starting to grasp the whole concept now I think! I want to lose at least 10 lbs before next Wednsday July 9th. I'm trying to hang in there guys so pray for me because my husband is a cooker and all these AMAZING Smells lingering around the house is not helping my situation. I ask him to buy take-out but that doesn't help either when it also smells great. I am determined to beat the temptation and hubby says he'll try harder to work with me in the food department(Thanks Hubby). It not long now and that's where my mind is excited and focused on. I will make it on this journey and I'm letting The Good LORD take the wheel, leading me straight to Victory! GOD Bless Us All On Our Journey To A Longer, Healthier, Happier Life! :-)

Pre-op Diet.......much easier now!

So I have been on my Pre-op Diet since 6/26/2014 and now it's day five and I am feeling much better! The first two days were the worst and Mother Nature wasn't making things any better for me with cramping and headaches! I'm glad she is gone now and I'm feeling so much better on the diet. I've been still tempted at the sight of food in my head but my taste buds don't seem to agree with the thoughts so I must be doing pretty darn good fighting the temptation! Thank GOD for the resistance! I'm feeling like I've accomplished a lot in these five days and will continue up until the day before surgery on the 8th which is when I can only have clear liquids and then on to the 9th, the day of my surgery by the grace of GOD! ;-)

The Day is Aproaching!

So, my sleeve date is July 9th which is also my fathers birthday....WOW, two memorable moments! :-) I am so ready to really get this journey officially started! I'm also glad the 4th has come and gone as it posed a lot of challenges for me being it is so close to me being sleeved in a few days. I made it with the help of my loving husband though so all is well and good, but pray for me family because I'm gonna need you guys more than ever when it begins! Love you guys and your also in my prayers! :-) GOD Bless Us All! :-)


So, pre-admission called me today to prepare me for my surgery on July 9th.....they asked me a million much needed questions and I was happy to answer them! One of the questions they asked me was "Are you scared?" Well I told them that I'm not scared because the GOOD LORD watches over me always and that I am just ready to get this journey OFFICIALLY STARTED! I'm not scared at all, just Really Excited! :-). I have to work tomorrow which is my last day at work and I'll be on medical leave until the Doc says it's okay to return to work. My boss has really been very supportive of my decision and journey! She is the GREATEST! I thank GOD for my husband, boss, family, friends and all my supporters........GOD Bless You All! Much Love, Sheila "Beautiful" Irvin :-)

Sleeved! Yaaaay :-)

I have finally crossed the bridge over to the sleeved side! Day of surgery was July 9th 2014 and now today is the 11th, so now I am Offically A Sleeve......Yaaaaay ;-)
I felt the best the day of surgery with no pain at all, but now everything on my body is waking up! What pain I do have is wound pain which isn't that bad. I've not had any gas pain and my scars are small! I am very pleased from the staff and the results after surgery! My highest weight was 252, day of surgery 237.2, and after surgery due to swelling 235.5......doc says when the swelling in my stomach goes down I will see more weight fall off! I'm no longer on meds other that for pain and my vitamines.....I am very happy and would like to thank GOD for being in the operating room with me and guiding the hands of all the surgeon and staff that took great care of me....I am so THANKFUL.....I AM ALSO THANKFUL for all my supporters in this journey to a healthier, lighter, energized ME! I will post again in two weeks to update everyone on my progress and will be supporting everyone on their progress as well! Love you Shuggas! :-)

Dinner & Scars

Here are pics of my after surgery meal and scars minus the stretch marks! There is some swelling and a little pain associated with where they pulled my dissected stomach out. Once the swelling goes down I'll lose a few more lbs and feel much better! GOD Bless Us All!

Feeling All Brand New!

I had the most AWESOMEST DAY of my life today! Hubby took me shopping, and I was able to walk around for a little while, then we went home and cleaned out our 55 gallon fish tanks together, then I fried him some good ole down south catfish! Afterward I began to feel pain so I guess I was over-exerting myself! But I had so much AMAZING ENERGY until I hadn't noticed that I was actually doing too much, but I haven't felt this good since I was a teenager! I Love This Feeling! :-). But after frying hubby's fish I decided to call it a day and went upstairs to take my pain meds and before I knew I was knocked out! I really needed that rest because I think I was doing too much too fast! I hadn't felt pain until today after all the activities I performed so I guess everything in my abdomen is starting to wake up! But the pain is tolerable and from here on out I will try to take it much easier! But like I said my energy level was through the roof! I have posted a few pics of me and hubby with all smiles! Will post again soon and thanks again for the love and support you all have shown me! I love you all and GOD Bless Us All!

A Beautiful Day!

I had a Beautiful Day today and I Thank The Lord for it all! Had a wonderful day with my Beautiful Daughter and our baby Princess SkyTyler Irvin(Toy Poodle- cuddle moments)!

2wks Post-op Appointment

So today was my 2wks Post-op Appointment and the Nutritionist told me that I have lost 26 lbs since my pre-op diet and surgery date July 9th! I am so happy, and if you have not seen my pre-op pics I have put two head shots on here so you can see the difference in my face.....which is very obvious! GOD is so good and I am so thankful! I start my purée diet today eating three times a day and protein twice a day which is consumption of 5 times a day! Trust me I am ready......I Think! :-)


Had a stall for about a week because I wasn't getting in my protein and eating my puréed foods as I should, but now I have found protein shakes that go down smooth and taste great! I am back on track and I am determined to stay on track! Will post a week or two update to let everyone know and see how I'm progressing! I'm still SMILING and DETERMINED to beat the Battle of The Bulge and be Happier & Look & Live Healthier! :-)

Released The Stall

I'm finally over the 2 1/2 week stall period! I felt so frustrated not seeing the scale go down after such a long period of time! Now finally everything is on the move again and I am feeling much better about everything! The doc told me this would happen and not to worry but I just could help the way I was feeling! A stall being normal just could not clear my mind for I am so looking forward to being smaller and healthier! But through it all I have my smile back and I thank GOD for seeing me through the rough times! All SMILES :-) Through the stall period I may not have lost pounds but I was still losing inches which is still making progress and in breaking the stall I am down 5.2 more pounds......Praise GOD :-)

The Orange Juice Threat!

OMG......I love me some orange juice, at least I did before surgery! I have just had the worst experience with orange juice I think known to man! Well, three early mornings ago y husband called me on his way home from work and asked me if I wanted him to get me to stop and pick me up anything on his way home and you know I just had to say scrambled eggs, oatmeal and orange juice. Well I at two bites of my eggs and one bite of my oatmeal and then about 45 minutes later I drank my orange juice which I added some protein too which was pretty good! But, needless to say, later on that nice I began to feel sick like really nauseous, gassy, and has lots of heartburn or some kind of painful feeling in my upper chest area! I had never had so many pains or things happening to me all at the same time in my life! This went on for at least 3 days and I still feel a little discomfort right now but not as bad as a couple of days ago! So the love I felt for the mighty wonderful tasting orange juice is now depleted from my system of foods I use to love! I sure wish someone would have warned me about the dreadful pain orange juice could cause after VSG Surgery.......the pain was horrible and I don't ever want to feel that was again, but unfortunately I am still experiencing the "Get To Know Your New Stomach Fever" like so many before me have witnessed and it truly is the road I must travel in order to get to know what my stomach or even taste buds like or don't like! Well here is my update.....I'll talk to you all soon.......Love, Peace, And Taco Grease! :-)

Downing The Pounds!

Yaaaaay! Since about a 1 1/2 weeks ago when I broke my stall, I am now down 10 more pounds. I feel and look AWESOME, Praise GOD who is the Source of My Health and Strength!


Thanking GOD for blessing me to enjoy special times spent talking and walking and traveling with my husband! There were so many times where me and Hubby would walk through the parks and after about 10 minutes I'd be ready to sit down. But now I REALY enjoy walking hand-in-hand with him taking countless walks trough the parks and everywhere else. I really enjoy walking now as I'd never did before. My husband is so wonderful as he always asks how I'm feeling or doing when we are out-and-about shopping or out to dinner or just spending quality time and I love that about him(He is very thoughtful to my every needs and wants! We have been able to travel long distances without me having pains in my legs, feet or back which has all been the best change in my life since surgery! I love my Hubby and I am so thankful for having had VSG surgery! Praising GOD for my Husband and it all! :-)

Happier, Healthier and Loving Life!

I am feeling Better Than Ever! It's been a long time coming and it feels so good! Hubby and I are having the time of our lives! No Pain, No Fatigue, Lots Of Energy, Great Sleep, Loving Life! :-)

Really enjoying life now!

Hubby and I have really been enjoying ourselves these last couple of week and I am feeling so WONDERFUL AND ENERGETIC! I'm so loving my's the best decision I have mad in my life outside of marring my husband and having my beautiful children! Praise GOD for my family and the support they are showing my! Please excuse the disarray in the photo lineup!

9 weeks (2 mons.) Post Op VSG Surgery Update

So this is my 9 weeks (2 mons.) Post Op VSG Surgery Update and I am down 44 lbs........I am so HAPPY and THANKFUL to The Lord up above for giving my surgeon the helping hand he needed to perform such a successful surgery on me a willing and deserving candidate! I'm All SMILES :-)

Going Strong!

Highest Weight 252, Day of Surgery 237.2, Current Weight 205..........I have my 3 months docs appt on Oct 1, 2014 and My plan is to be 6 lbs down by then! Wish me look Family&Friends! I'm So Happy and Thankful!

No Onderland!

No Onderland but I am down 18 lbs since last month here on my 3 months Surgerversary! I am still happy about my weight loss and won't stop because I am committed to getting my BMI back to normal and living healthier and happier. Highest weight 252, Day of Surgery 237.2, Current Weight 202. I know I can lose 3 lbs by weeks end so I'm not worried at all. I am thankful to GOD for my surgeon, his staff, and all my VSG AND WLS Supporters! GOD Bless Us All! :-)

Transformation and Family Love and Support!

My weight gain from 2011-2014....160 lbs to 252 lbs
Me and My Happy Family!
I have come a long ways and my transformation has fluctuated many times over the years. But now with the help of having VSG and the wonderful support of my loving family I'm getting back on track to a healthier happier "Me!"

Sharing Happy Transformation Pics do Me

Sheila "Beautiful" Irvin: All Smiles
These pics show my transformation over the years. Wether heavy of small I keep a smile on my face. Smiling is a habit I have that is hard to break and being around me my smile is very contagious! My grandmother told me that smiling can change every mood and atmosphere, and she told me this when I was 10, so I guess she was right! Here is a video of me with all smiles! ENJOY

Weight Loss Update: New Size

I am so happy to report that I have gone from a size 22 in pants to a size 14 and a size 2X in shirts to a size medium and even small. I feel so good about myself, not that I hadn't before but I feel a heck of a whole lot better than before! And I look FANTASTIC! Check Me Out!

I'm So Happy ........Downing the weight!

I am now 190.8 lbs looking and feeling AWESOME! I first thank GOD for being the head and center of my life because without Him I would not have had the strength of Will power to have had the surgery in the beginning! I am committed to being healthier and happier for the rest of my life and I am thanking GOD for adding my surgeon and phishing staff and all my supporters to my life! I am so thankful for my new family circle!

So Happy

I am So Happy! My weightloss is continuing slowly but surly but I am pleased with it! I have been eating clean, getting plenty of exercise and sleep and my water intake is increased to passed my body weight! Check Me Out! HW: 252 lbs.......SW: 237.2 lbs.........CW: 185 lbs, a total of 67 lbs lost.......Yaaaay :-)

Happy Holidays

I am so enjoying this season! I have amazing ENERGY, my LIFE and HEALTH are FANTASTIC and I am so THANKFUL to the Good LORD above for making everything POSSIBLE!

Before VSG and After VSG

I am so AMAZED at the changes to my appearance and feelings that I am experiencing after VSG Surgery. The differences are TOTALLY AMAZING and almost UNBELIEVABLE!

I Cant Believe It!

I can't believe it how much I have changed in appearance! I am down 70 lbs and I look and feel AMAZING! I have been working out much more than usual lately......I try to go to the gym once a day on my work days and twice a day on my days off! I have a new found love and passion for exercise now! I am enjoying my life and feel incredible! My family is AMAZING and support me in all I do! I give praise and honor to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior everyday because without Him I wouldn't have looked into VSG Surgery or even gone through with the surgery! I am so thankful to Jesus Christ who is the Head and Center of my life! Living Life To the Fullest and Jesus Has The Wheel that guides me in the right direction and keeps me on the right path! HW: 252 lbs......DOSurgery: 237.2 lbs....... CW: 180 lbs....... GW: 155-160 lbs

It's been a while! 76 lbs down

It's been a while! 76 lbs down and I'm feeling and looking Fab! I try hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, but because I walk consistently at work with steps counted from 10,000-13,000 steps during my at work period, I've cut my gym time down to just 3 times a week! But I make sure I go those 3 days because if I don't I feel as though I'm missing a part of my daily routine and I feel bad about that I stay committed to at least 3 days a week! But I post so,e pics of how I'm progressing and I must say "What A Change!"
Dr. Christopher J. Northup

Dr. Christopher J. Northup of Mercy Healthy Weight Solution will be my surgeon and is a great Bariatric Surgeon including his entire staff! They interacted with me with great concern and gave great advice before during and after each of my visits and as you all can see, I had plenty of visits at their facility! ;-)

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