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In love with my new body & it's only getting better!

Woah I'm getting anxious. Today 12/18 is the day I...

Woah I'm getting anxious. Today 12/18 is the day I will be having my liposuction procedure. I will be getting my upper and lower abdominal area along with my flanks. I am 21 years old and have been mainly active my entire life. I have played soccer for 15 years, which involves a lot of cardio, and always had this gut/pouch issue. I was 12 when I noticed that my tummy area was never flat and would have this awkward line separation. Whatever you call it I have always been uncomfortable with it. I know it's something I inherited from my father's side of the family. My dad is a fit looking man but I have a gut since his early years as well. He would work insanely hard for abs and still have a lower pouch but with upper abs! Weird. Anyways, I would eat healthy, do cardio, and go to the gyn twice a day and still see no results except for the rest of my body, which I did not like. I'm already a skinny girl so to lose weight elsewhere was not my ideal goals and I know you can not lose weight in specific areas. Therefore, I decided to get the surgery.

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I forgot to add in that I am 5'9 and 153 pounds....

I forgot to add in that I am 5'9 and 153 pounds. Anyways, I just got home from the hospital and boy am I exhausted! I was there from 12 noon - 7:30 pm. The procedure itself took about 2 hours. As soon as I woke up I felt sudden pain. I typically complain like a baby but surprisingly I was able to tolerate it. I was also kind of in shock from everything so I began to cry. My mom nor my boyfriend wasn't there when I woke up so i think I was just scared. The nurses said it was nerves and overwhelming feelings of emotions. They then gave me pain relief in my IV and oxygen so I can calm down and breath easily. The pain went away instantly. Afterwards they brought me to my recovery room and I was able to relax. My boyfriend arrive and I felt much better just to hold his hand. After about 45 min I had an instant rush of having to pee. When the nurse helped me go to the bathroom I couldn't relieve myself, AT ALL. It was so strange. So she took me back to the room and did an ultra sound of my bladder. She said it was so full, about 750 CC (whatever that means) and that she was going to stick a tube in me to release the pee. I felt so much better. (Sorry for describing this part but I think it's good to know what may happen to you) Since then I've just been in and out of it. The nurse gave me a Percocet and I will be taking one every 4 hours. The drug works very well but it's taking a lot out of me. Over the next 2 days I have to get this stomach wrap on. Til then I can't wait to see it and I will take plenty of pictures of my progress!


What type of lipo did u have?
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The basic lipo where they enter a millimeter rod into you to suck the fat out.
Btw, I just realized you said Connecticut. lol One of my mos def fave Doctors is Dr. Julian Henley up there by You. He is the guy that invented the BioMatrix lift. It's definitely worth investigating ,-)
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I have been in bed basically all day and I am...

I have been in bed basically all day and I am feeling the pain. I have been taking one Percocet every 4 hours and I might increase it to two, Also I woke up with a horrible sore throat. It might be a reaction from the anesthesia. Im very tired throughout the day and my appetite is extremely minimal. I am drinking a lot of water throughout the day and I am having to pee quite off which is good. I still can't take that band off until tomorrow afternoon so we'll wait and see how the transition looks. EXCITED!!


The reason why I ask is because Im having the bodyjet lipo on full abdomen, waist & back on 2morrow 12/20 & with this procedure I will be awake & use local anesthesia. Im very excited!

Shocked in how great I am healing. I am very...

Shocked in how great I am healing. I am very swollen all over, especially my pelvic area, but for this only being day 3 I am healing nicely! Im so happy!


I had my surgery done on the same day in philadelphia. Sonobello. I had the same areas done. the bottom of my abdomen is very hard. How does yours feel? I am so nervous. To me its looks the same as b4 surgery. I keep saying that I wish I would have gotten a tummy tuck:(
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Can someone tell me how to load pictures. Everytime I try it fails. Thanx in advance.
I wouldnt say that my abdomen is hard but its pretty firm. And my stomach is still very swollen but each day im seeing improvements! Best of luck to you!

Staring on 12/30 ive been hitting the gym with...

Staring on 12/30 ive been hitting the gym with some light exercise and each day ive been increasing my workout regime. I can honestly say every day i see better results! A smaller waistline to extenuate my curves and toned abdominals. I must say thought you have got to eat well! Since it was around the holidays where i got my surgery i wasnt eating my best and following any type of diet. So some days i would look bloated compared to others. These last couple days thought i have been really strict and my stomach is looking incredible by the end of the night! Like they say, done treat your stomach like a waste basket! Abs are made in the kitchen!!


I was just in awe after looking at your results. You look incredible! I am not too sure if you still update your profile here and there but I was wondering how your body looks when you sit down. Are the rolls completely gone when you are in a sitting position? I am going in for surgery in 2 weeks and am getting my abdomen an darms done. My biggest concern is smoothing out my stomach rolls. I can tell you have a definite flat stomach while standing which is what I am hoping to achieve. Please feel free to share. Thanks
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Gosh, you're looking amazing! Great results - please do update on how you're doing now!
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Congrats on the awesome results!! Please keep sharing the results! Your skin looks fantastic!
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Fairfield Plastic Surgeon

The first doc I met with was Dr. Yan in Fairfield CT. He is the most caring and most informative doctor I have yet to meet. He even told me to check out some other doctors to make sure I get the perfect doctor for me and even when I did no one else could compare to Dr. Yan and his office crew! I feel like I am in great hands!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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