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On February 13th I had a full face and neck...

On February 13th I had a full face and neck ultherapy treatment (to collarbone). The procedure lated 90 minutes and I had 956 lines. In addition to treating the neck, cheeks, and side of forehead, the nurse/technician treated the crows feet by my eyes, under my eyes (9 lines) and above and below the sides of my lips. She used two "heads" on the ultherapy wand. The deepest one on my neck and checks, and the next "less deep" head for a second pass over my cheeks and neck and then the rest of my face. I understand she had 4 "heads," but used just two on me. (I apologize for not knowing the correct terminology.)

My purpose for having the procedure was to "arrest" the sagging process. My overall skin is in great shape, but was definitely beginning to droop at the jaw line. I am 1 month shy of 61 years old and decided it was now or never to begin the anti-gravity fight. If ultherapy significantly tightens my skin, I could see repeating the procedure every few years.

Regarding pain, that was my biggest worry. I took an anti-anxiety pill and pain pill 30 minutes before the procedure, and took a 2nd pain pill midway. Yes, it was painful (about a 6). I constantly squirmed, wrung my hands, moved my feet, but never moved my head! She did not have to stop until I said I wanted another pain pill--not that it had reached an unbearable level, but I was nervous it might! Bottom line, if I need a touch up, I definitely would have ultherapy again. The pain was there, but not as bad as I feared.

How do I look 24 hours later? My cheeks are swollen, but I can be seen in public! I also have a pencil eraser-size bruise under my chin. I am in no pain, but my cheeks are numb to the touch.

I am attaching the "before" pictures and they are quite unattractive, as I was trying to be expressionless so that every wrinkle and droop would be visaible. Also, although it looks like I have rosacea, I do not. It was hot in the room! I promise to update with more pics, as I know I found the pics to be very useful when reading other reviews. I also will post the name of the doctorafter I see how everything evolves. So far, so good!

Day 2: I removed the pictures because I was too...

Day 2: I removed the pictures because I was too "recognizable" but will repost cropped ones soon. I don't want feel like everyone I pass on the street knows me from RealSelf!
Today I have light bruises on my cheeks (just noticeable in certain light), but dark bruises just under my jaw line about 3 inches from the center of my chin. Still numb on cheeks, but not painful to touch anywhere.

Wow, I never would have guessed you were 61. You look great! Good job taking care of yourself!

Now that you have had a few more days to heal up, how are things feeling?

PS I am 54 and while my skin looks like yours; my super high cheekbones continue to head south so my profile is what bothers me :(
Are the 3 pictures up now before or after as you look great like mid-forties at most. I have had the procedure done and had a good but not great outcome; best was Thermage in 05 (all my parenthesis were removed and so no filler ever) full face but that Dr. only uses U now. Looking forward to updates!

9 days out: I still have swelling and bruises...

9 days out: I still have swelling and bruises near the jaw. Also, I noticed today that I have an extra "fold" on my eyelid. It must be associated with swelling above the eye that I wasn't aware of until it started draining.

30 days out: I just posted pictures taken on my...

30 days out: I just posted pictures taken on my 30 day mark. I arranged them for easy comparison. Although the pictures may not fully show it, but I can tell my jawline has improved. Overall, I am very pleased with the results to date and excited for more progress.
great results for such a short time. Keep posting new ones if you please.

I just passed my 2 month anniversary. Although I...

I just passed my 2 month anniversary. Although I believe there is some improvement in my skin, a firming, I have not yet seen a tightening along my jaw line. I am still hopeful things will begin happening as I near the 3-month mark. I have posted the latest pics.
I had ultherapy done last year at your same age. I have been happy with the subtle changes which were at the jaw line and some noticeable lifting of the cheek area. I will definitely do it again next year. I believe the results have held up well. It's been about 14 months since the procedure. I also would add that it was approximately 3 months before I could say out loud, "wow, that really worked".
Cool!! I am 55 and have had multiple procedures prior to this, I am ALSO sore to touch a week out ! nice to know that is normal. I could only finance my lower face /chin. will go back in December to do neck! Really O.K. since that way I get A second treatment on my chin /jowls!! good luck.
Hi 838485, Thank you for your post and pictures. Yours and TellyJan's had helped me to make the decision to go ahead with the treatment. Your skin was flawless before the treatment and it looks much better at your 2 month mark. I'm assuming that you continue to see more positive improvements in the last couple of months? I've heard that there is significant improvement between 2nd - 4th month. Is that true? Also, have you taken any new pictures? Thank you.
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