8 months later-feel good but not as flat as I was ...

I was always a small and thin child. At the age of...

I was always a small and thin child. At the age of 9 my parents got divorced and my Dad did the best he could but I turned to food for comfort(no one to blame but me). I have his shape-thin legs but a big tummy. I got up to about 200 lbs in college and decided at 19 it was time to go. I had one every diet in the past but nothing worked. I exercised and ate well and lost 60lbs. Met my hubbie after college and was always uncomfortable about my stomach as I literally had a spare tire that would not go no matter what I did!

2 children later and up and down with the pregnancies has only made my already disfigured stomach worse. I am 39 and it is time for me! I have maintained my weight of 145 for the past 5 years (I am 5 ft 5 inches) but can't wear jeans or have to go up sizes for clothes to not have my stomach show.

I have a loving family and healthy but need to get this fixed. I met with 3 drs and all said a tuck is the only way to go. I am booked for 11/15 and can't wait. Dr said I need an extended TT. My kids will go to my parents for 10 days while my hubbie takes care of me!

Will I be ok in a month for my hubbies' company party?

I am so scared but excited at same time!

I can't wait for 11/15. Did you all tell...

I can't wait for 11/15.

Did you all tell friends? I would like to go under the radar for a week or two since my parents will be watching our kids. What do you tell people?

What do u tell a 6 and 9 year old girls??

Ok- tomorrow is the big day. I can't wait. Kids...

Ok- tomorrow is the big day. I can't wait. Kids are going to my parents for 10 days so I can recover. I'm scared and excited at same time. Pics of before are here and I'll add some post after as well...

Ok-day 2 and worst part is getting out of bed or...

Ok-day 2 and worst part is getting out of bed or chair! Valium and Percocet help and I have ain pump in until tomorrow,!

Day 4 post op And I feel great. I can't believe I...

Day 4 post op And I feel great. I can't believe I am flat it seems so surreal. My hubbie has been great but I have no appetiate and I have yet to take a bm.

I had the surgery and would do it again tomorrow....

I had the surgery and would do it again tomorrow. Still one drain in but basically off all pain Meds except for at night as I hate to sleep on my back! I can't believe my stomach and it is still so swollen. I am thrilled and only regret not doing it a few years earlier!

I was hunched for 5 days or so but feel like I am...

I was hunched for 5 days or so but feel like I am pretty upright? Is that ok or am I hurting muscle repair?

I can stand up pretty straight and I keep reading...

I can stand up pretty straight and I keep reading most are hunched over. I have one drain in but feel and look so puffy in my tummy! PS said all looks good but I want 2nd drain out and I am wondering if swelling is normal? Should I be drinking water all day long?

I got both drains out and like a person again but...

I got both drains out and like a person again but this girdle is so tight I can hardly eat so I consider it a weight loss aid! Go back to PS on Mon

As you can see the fat hang is gone but still lots...

As you can see the fat hang is gone but still lots of swelling...

Ok- had 3 week post op appt. and dr. thinks I'm...

Ok- had 3 week post op appt. and dr. thinks I'm doing great. Have 2 weeks until I need to go back. Started massaging scar with cream to even out the bumps... Still have Garment on for 24/7 for one more week and than only 12 hrs. a day. Can't wait and hope when I go back in 2 weeks I get the go ahead to work out! I miss the gym! Overall feeling good but having trouble sleeping but not taking any meds as I have no pain. I am still super swollen but they say it will continue to go down...I hope so!!!

I had my extended tummy tuck on 11/9/11. The scale...

I had my extended tummy tuck on 11/9/11. The scale is fine as I shift between 142-145 but my stomach feels like it is bloated and not as flat. It also feels tight at night -I am worried that I will have that horrible tire of fat return! I know I could eat less snacks but I work out 5-6 times a week and really do watch what what I eat but am never hungry for breakfast and hungry in the afternoon and when I get my kids down to sleep! Any advice or do other people have this feeling?
Dr Doug Forman

Best dr and staff! Took so much time and genuinely care. I love dr forman and his whole office!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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you look marvelous. I can only imagine what you look like now. your dr did a great job
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Hello Lucky I was just wondering how you are doing and if you have any updated pics..
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Wow! You look awesome at 3 weeks. And it's only going to get better!
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Look great how are you feeling
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You look great!! I still have swelling at night and wear my garment then. You will probably want to wear your garment for about 4 months almost all the time. I did to help with the swelling and it just made me feel better. Everyone is different though.. I love my new tummy I just wish a lot of the numbness would go away!!
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You look awesome! Congrats. I am scheduled on Feb 6 and already so nervous. Can't wait to get this over with!
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U r going to be so happy! I would do I all over again tomorrow !
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Thanks- My PS told me to bring my undies with me to the surgery and I wore them while he marked me up so I could make sure scar was low. So far so good.

You will do great!
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You look so good! your scar is really low, love it! Im going to make a point to my PS to make the scar low like that! Thanks for all the tips you sent me yesterday, I started to make a list last night,and will continue to add to it. hope all is well with you today:)
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Big differences between week 2 and week 3 - your bb is healing well and despite swell hell, you look smaller. Best of luck in your continued healing!
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Thanks, no the drains did not hurt but were a pain to sleep with! Good luck!
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Your scar looks so good! I love how low it is! I hope mine looks like yours. :) I'm having my tt done in less than a week...did it hurt having drains, I mean could you feel them?
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You look fAbUlOuS!! What a night/day difference. :)~
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you belly button is nice....
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Swelling is normal and will be normal for months! Unless
You push on tummy and see a water bed effect . Then it can be fluid . You can def tell if it's fluid . If not then all Is normal and yes the more water the better :)
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@yellow bikini-small world! I'm going to be 40 next year wanted this done for years! I am still amazed by the results. Have been to dr 3xs but just got one drain out yesterday. Go back Mon but he thinks it will be in for most of next week. My stomach is tight but def still swollen. I have not had much of an appetite but finally ate real food yesterday . Taking Meds at night as I hate sleeping but know by Jan when I am shopping it will be worth it. I may go back and see about my flanks but the dr was hoping the extended tummy tuck would take care of that and it's too soon to tell. U r good that u got out. I have not gone to one place other than dr since last Tuesday! Aim to venture out on Monday after all the crazy shoppers are off the road!
I am so glad u r happy to-it is just AMAZing and I feel like unless you have been through it you really can't understand! Best of luck!
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Hey we are both in the Fairfax area and had surgery the same day. How are you? I'm happy and healing more everyday.
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Hey mintlover :) I did miralax which is a stimulant mixed with a beverage daily while on pain meds and a stool softener and it worked for the event of constipation. It worked! The pain pills can lock u up big time.
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Yea ;) good luck wish you the best! Read that you haven't had bm yet sweetie I take 1 stool softner every night before bed and I have had a bm everyday so far ... just thought I would share that info ;) hope you do great ;)
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welcome to the flatlands!!
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Here we go!
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Good luck tomorrow! You're going to love your new tummy.
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I've only told my mom and daughter (they will be my caregivers) and a few select girlfriends. I took off work for 3 weeks, they just think I'm going on another vacation. Everyone says where are you going this time. I said no where, Just gonna chill at home. And thats all they need to know. I see this as a personal journey. i didn't announce that my stomach was yucky. Don't feel the need to announce that the yucky tummy is now going bye bye! LOL!!
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I am with you ... 11/15! Story is so similar.
I have to travel a month after for a business trip and I am struggling to tell kiddos or even what/if to tell them. Only my fav 5, most supportive in each life dept (work, neighbor, family and hubby) know.
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Ok- awesome. I just do not know what to expect since some people say they are up and out a week later but I'm expecting to be down for the count for 2 weeks. No lipo but sounds like it will be tough.
What kind of clothes will I be wearing the few weeks I'm recovering- stretchy yoga style pants?
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