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I am a mum of three. I am 32, i weigh 148, height...

I am a mum of three. I am 32, i weigh 148, height 5feet 7.5inches. i've never really had an absolute gorg tummy but childbearing left its mark. i have a lot of stretch marks and saggy skin. i'm a workout junkie, i'm really lean all through the rest of my body but my tummy won't change. i work really hard to look this good and this is the one part i've wanted to change for the last few years. I am motivated and encouraged by the ladies on this site and i hope it all works out great for me too. i'm a ball of emotions right now cos my heart is racing at the thought of a major surgery one minute and the next i'm excited to see the out come. i sure would wear a 2 piece this summer, by God's Grace.

I didnt ask and the doc said he doesn't like to use it, he thinks the oral medication and the long term pain medication he injects during the procedure would do. So I'll just go without.
Are you requesting the pain pump? I asked his assistant Pea about it. It's $275 extra. They usually don't give it, but sounds like from the boards here, most people say get one if you can. Just wanted to bring it up incase you havent asked.
I most certainly will! Can't wait for consult! Best of luck to you, but I will be checking in on you the whole way through!

Hello ladies, I had my pre-op today, blood work...

Hello ladies, I had my pre-op today, blood work and everything else is fine. I got my prescription also, I'll fill it next week. I also paid the balance, so no turning back. My mom would be here to help me post surgery. My husband would take me and bring me back after surgery before heading out with the kids to spend the Easter with family. I'll have three days to myself, excited.
I think I'm also slowly getting over my fears, I know God would see me through.
He is a terrific dr...I am 3 weeks PO tmw and loving the results already...good luck you will do fine

My date has changed to April 2nd. I'm heading out...

My date has changed to April 2nd. I'm heading out now to fill my prescription and buy some of my supplies. I'm so nervous. Can't eat much, can't sleep much. This is occupying my mind.

4 days left. I was about to take a bath tonight...

4 days left.
I was about to take a bath tonight and just got excited that I'll be free of this pouch in a 5 days.
I'll get my surgery time on Friday,looking forward to that.
I'm nervous as hell, Jesus take the wheel.
We are almost there! YAAAAAAAYYYYY!

Hello Ladies, counting down, Monday is around...

Hello Ladies,
counting down, Monday is around the corner. less than 48 hrs to be precise.
Got my last work out in today, i'm not sure how i'm going to cope for three weeks doing nothing and not pigging out.
I feel bad for my kids, cos mommy would be resting and unable to give them a fun spring break. I guess its going to be Video games non-stop.
good luck with your surgery!! i am sceduled for April 24th
Thanks girl. Ill keep you all updated as soon as I can
Good luck on ur surgery!!!

Day 2 post op Still in a bit of pain, alternating...

Day 2 post op
Still in a bit of pain, alternating between my Tylenol and oxycodone.
Took a peep at my incision, it looks good but I'm already so swollen, I can feel a layer of fluid.
My drain isn't secreting as much as day one, it's reducing daily. I'll post a pic as soon as I can.

Thanks ladies for the support

Feeling much better today

Feeling much better today

#4 I'm feeling much better today, had a couple of...

I'm feeling much better today, had a couple of BM.
Stayed off the pain meds today, feeling pretty good. I walked around the house a lot, my appetite is back and I'm beginning to get bored just laying around doing nothing.
It really does get better day by day. I feel swollen already but I'm not sure ifi would get worse.
I pray my drains come out on Monday, my draining is reducing daily.

I'm about to take my Valium and oxycodone and call it a night.

Happy healing everyone .

#5 I'm feeling much better today, haven't had any...

I'm feeling much better today, haven't had any pain meds, just my antibiotics.
I feel pretty good. Spoke to my Dr today, I go in on Monday for my first post op, can't wait. I'm draining 40cc every 12hr and I'm beginning to have a very light brown kind of fluid too. My mom gave me a sponge bath, I've done pretty much every other thing myself.
I'll take my pain meds at night, just because I can sleep better with the sedation in the meds. I'm also getting restless, I need to take a shower and wear regular clothes.
I'm 5 pounds over my pre surgery weight, I'm not sure if that's part of the swelling or if my body is just adding.
Hey VAmum, just wanted to tell you you are looking so good! What would I do without you, my surgery partner! Your pics look great. Chat with you later today!

#1week Can't believe it's a Week already. I'm...

Can't believe it's a Week already. I'm almost standing straight. I was also able to increase the tightness of my binder.
I've started to struggle with my appetite, I think I'm eating too much for someone who is practically doing nothing.
My drain is not draining much at all, I empty 25cc every 15hrs.
I'm fully off the pain meds. I take Tylenol and sleep aid at night and that's it. And oh, I'll finish my antibiotics tomorrow.
Everyday gets better and I feel stronger, my only thing is the back ache.

Glad everyone is doing well.
Congrats!!!! Lookin awesome....happy healing!!!!

Day 10 post op. Hello ladies, still hanging in...

Day 10 post op.
Hello ladies, still hanging in here, swell he'll is settling in, my V area is swollen too. Still have my drain, hopefully it would be out tomorrow or Friday.
I'm not too happy with my eating habit, I'll try better today.
The scale is not my friend either, I feel like,I should be loosing weight, not based on surgery or lipo, but for the fact that I'm probably losing muscle weight from not exercising.
I feel great, standing straight, average energy, totally off meds except vitamins and iron. Once my drains come out and I'm two weeks, I'm going to start taking strolls( light walk) around my neighborhood.

I'll post pics once I'm less swollen
Your tummy looks so awesome! Congrats to you on doing something strictly for you! May 3rd here I come! Happy Healing :-)

Hello Ladies, I haven't updated in a week, i've...

Hello Ladies,
I haven't updated in a week, i've been having the blues. i'm upset that i'm not eating healthy and can't exercise yet. I also haven't seen much change in my body. I have some flat days but mostly swollen days.

So here are some pictures

I forgot to add, my drain is out, it came out at...

I forgot to add, my drain is out, it came out at exactly two weeks, my PS said he would see me at exactly 3 weeks, if i have no seroma during this week, then i can start the threadmill on monday.
Hi VAm., looking good girl, congrats to u and happy healing!

Hello Ladies, I'm three weeks post op today. Just...

Hello Ladies, I'm three weeks post op today. Just got back from my PS, he said everything looks fine. I'm all closed up everywhere including the drain hole. He gave me clearance for light workout at the gym including working my arms but no weights, abs and squats. Those kind of stuff that engage the abs.
Of course I stepped in the gym today, did a three mile walk and yes it took me an hr, nothing hurt, I'm a little swollen, not unusual of what I get this time of the day. I really paced my brain because my muscle memory went into full swing.
As of today, I weighed 143, not bad for someone who has practically being in bed for three weeks.
I'm also enjoying my new belly though I'm still pretty swollen according to my PS and my old pant that won't zip even though I'm lighter, whatever, just glad I've been complication free.
I'll post pics as soon as I get off this tablet.
You look great!!

Hello Ladies, It's been a while, i have been...

Hello Ladies,
It's been a while, i have been dealing with swell hell. I'm getting frustrated with my belly not getting flat. I'm always swollen, i'll see my PS tomorrow, i really need the reassurance that i'll be flat one day.
Other than that, i'm back to normal, working out 4 times a week, no abs or running or anything out of the ordinary.it definately gets easier by the day.

I'll post picture when i get a flat day. :-)
looking sexy!!!!love ..love ur skin tone!!!=))

Hello ladies, I'm two months so i decided i...

Hello ladies,
I'm two months so i decided i should update since i keep coming back here to have an idea what i should be going through at this stage in recovery.
I'm still pretty swollen but its not as bad as 2 weeks ago. I have some burning in my lipo area, i think its normal. I also have itching on the incision line.
Attitude wise, i've been really moody and out of it, i'm not sure why? I'm also eating like a pig, i'm not sure why.( well, i'm an emotional eater).
I'm still down 7 pounds, weighing 141, but iwas hoping to be at my goal of 135 since returning to the gym at 6 weeks.
i stopped wearing my binder to the gym this week and have started so light ab work, i have to say its so had cos my abs are like jello, i can't feel them and they feel so weak, however it isnt painful in any way or form.
so here are my pictures, scar and full body.

Happy healing everyone.

Sorry everyone, you might break a neck trying to...

Sorry everyone, you might break a neck trying to see my pictures, i'm not sure if its my iphone or computer.
I think you look great. I had consulted with Dr. T two times before getting my TT and I wish I would have went with him. He does great work. I know how you feel about the swelling. I am definitely going through but you don't look too swollen in your pics. You will be fine, don't worry :-)
You look perfect!!!!!!
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Dr Tattelbaum was great, I just wasn't impressed with the administrative staff. The operating room nurse and anesthetist were great too

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