3 MONTHS POST OP - Upper & Lower Bleph w/Canthopexy

I am 42 with upper eyelids sagging a little and...

I am 42 with upper eyelids sagging a little and small bags underneath. Dr. Bitar is known for taking a natural approach, great bedside manners and skilled (we'll see how I heal). So far so good. More swelling and bruising than I expected. Less pain than I expected. Only one pain pill the first night. I've done everything recommended for speedy healing (no drinking, quit vitamins, etc.) My surgery was Friday morning and it is now Sunday night. Here are pictures up to this point. I will keep you posted.
are those sutures taped to your forehead?

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading your updates and following your healing process :)


6th day post-op

Less bruising and swelling. More itchy, but solved with cold or warm compresses. Not healing evenly, but this is normal. Follow up with doc is tomorrow.


The biggest frustration has been constipation, notoriously related to pain meds. I pooped for the first time this morning. That's almost 6 days without going. I had increased my fiber & water, took two glycerine suppositories, used a home colonic irrigation, ate yogurt and kimchi (good bacteria) and nothing happened until this morning.
somewhere along the way I hope we'll see your before photos too. I have a feeling, just looking at your progress thus far that you are going to look dynamite!
I'll post them now.

Pictures the day before surgery

Great, dbm....looking forward to your next progress shots--you're looking good!

Day of suture removal

Getting sutures removed has been the worst part of this experience, except for being constipated. IT HURT! Still lots of swelling, but doc said everything is normal.
why do you have strings hanging??
dbm, congratulation on your surgery. I look forward to seeing the end results. Thanks for sharing,
dbm, your experience with the excessive bruising was very much like mine. I really looked horrible, but also like you I only needed one pill for slight pain the first day. I remember being so amazed that I wasn't in pain because I looked so bad! My ps was actually surprised at how bad I looked. He had told me bruising would be minimal. I had my upper lids done on April 11, 2013 and they are looking very good now. Very glad I had it done. Good luck.

One week after surgery

Yeah, I'm finally getting "MY" eyes back. Still plenty of swelling and some bruising. My right eye looks a little more cat-like, kind of cinched at the outer corner. I hope this resolves itself. My left eye is more natural.

Looks like the bulk of the swelling has gone down, now you just have those pesky red bruises (I remember having those!).  I bet you will look pretty back to normal in the next week- thanks for the updates!

They are sutures being held up by tape, to keep everything in place.

Two weeks after surgery

Feeling much better, but still have lots of healing in the upper eyelid area. The canthopexy seems to be taking longer (sore and tight). My right eye is still more cat-like than I'd like, but I have faith that, in time, everything will relax and heal back to normal - MINUS the extra baggage of course:-)
Your eyes look just gorgeous! It has really sparked them up. My partner also asks what am I trying to achieve, he also doesn't notice a difference. Boys!
I think your eyes look amazing! Years younger. Congratulations! Now I want it!
I'm so happy to hear this. It's hard for me to know if I made the right decision, especially when my husband rolls his eyes, lovingly of course, and says, "I can't see a difference."

Cyst removed from suture site

At my 2nd post op, my surgeon "unroofed" a cyst which had developed around a suture. This made a big difference and the swelling and redness mproved within hours of cyst removal. He said this is quite common and will have me come in for another follow up next week.

One Month Post-op

Doc said the cyst he "unroofed" last week is healing fine and to return in a couple months. So far, I'm extremely impressed with Dr. Bitar's attention to follow-up. My healing, while taking longer than I expected, is coming along great as far as he is concerned. Here are the pics.

One Month Post-op

One Month Post-op

Your upper lids have settled very nicely. Pretty! Congrats, and thanks for sharing.

VERY HAPPY - 3 months post op

I sometimes wonder if he didn't remove enough, but when I think about it, glad he was conservative and I look very natural, like my old self, minus a decade:-)

I feel the same way about if my surgeon took enough.  I still see small bags and it drives me nuts, but better than looking like Skeletor.  I think you look great- I don't see any residual bags.

You look great. Thanks so much for your postings. I am 11 days out and worried about my one half shut eye and the hollowed out look underneath. I was not prepared for the painful constipation either! The things you don't know until you take this plunge!
Your eyes look beautiful!! Really awesome. I'm four days in and havi g a similar journey. Constipation is brutal and my eyes look strangely catlike so I'm nervous, but your post gives me hope that it will be temporary. Thanks!
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Still not fully healed, but confident that I will love it. Have ZERO complaints about this practice and will use them for my next whatever it may be.

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