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Hello! First and foremost I want to thank all of...

Hello! First and foremost I want to thank all of you brave courageous women for sharing your experiences. You have encouraged me to share mine and be a blessing to someone else like you are to me. I'm 26 y/o and have had boobs since 1st grade. I've always wished for smaller boobs and 2012 just happens to be the year that I get to move forward into a new season in my life. I don't know my current size for sure, but I'm going to get measured and find out. I would like to be a C/D. I'm nervous because I haven't had any surgeries before in my life except dental. I truly desire to get into shape physically but these breast have always been a hindrance. Not only physically but mentally as well. My surgery is a few weeks away and I'm excited and truly blessed to have an amazing support system of family and friends. As I walk this journey, I will share details along the way. Please give me some tips to help me along this journey. I'm happy to hear anything you want to tell me. Thanks for being here. Much love and hugs

I'm so glad this is the year to a new you! You will be so happy after all is said and done. A lot of emotions start rolling around, just know that it's ok to feel the way you do. After my surgery I had a flood of emotions and wasnt so sure about the choice I had made because suddenly I felt so small. But after a few days I became more comfortable with the new me, and now I couldnt be any happier with the choice I've made. The weight is off my neck and shoulders, they're perky and cute, and just today my friend saw me for the first time and almost cried. She said I looked so beautiful and that it looked like I had dropped thirty pounds. She was amazed at how much better I looked with the right size boobies! You'll be just fine and there are lots of women here to support you!
mybubbles - what an awesome testimony! I can't wait until my final results. Not too many people know what's taking place with me, so it's going to be a surprise afterwards. There is such a freedom that's going to come forth for me and I can't wait. My only concern is that I don't want to have those pockets under the armpits so I'm definitely reiterating that to my surgeon :-) Thanks for your love and support. It's truly helpful in this process :-) Much Love Hun!
Hey! congrats on your upcoming surgery, you're probably just as excited as the rest of us are haha! if you have any questions at all I'm sure that anyone here would be happy to answer! I haven't had my surgery yet..but I've been obsessing non stop and counting down the days like a lunatic, good luck!!

Hey Ladies! 2 weeks and 4 days left before my life...

Hey Ladies! 2 weeks and 4 days left before my life changing experience takes place :-) I'm so excited about what's ahead of me and I'm ready to be FREE! I love sleeping on my stomach, so that's the main thing that concerns me. I'm praying that my doctor does the liposuction under my armpits to prevent those pouches, but I'm also thinking that I should be embracing some work outs to help me with that. Any suggestions? I'm hoping for nice light weight boobs that will be beautiful once they are healed and myself that is since I'm single LoL! And proud :-) So much running through my mind and hoping that I can get everything done before the surgery. Does anyone have a helpful checklist that they used? LoL! I so appreciate you all. I'm thrilled about this whole process :-)
Hi Redeemed. Trolling thru RS & I wanted to ask about the lipo under your armpits. Your insurance covers that too & is that standard?
Hi bootiebeauty78 - I think some surgeons do it as part of the procedure. I don't know if they charge extra. I'm going to find out for sure because I want to be happy with the final results. :-)
Welcome, MsC! November 8 will be here before you know it! Could you call your PS office and ask if the lipo will be included? Good luck and keep us posted!

13 days to go. I feel so overwhelmed like there is...

13 days to go. I feel so overwhelmed like there is so much to do. I'm praying for peace and trying to rest as much as possible. Does anyone else experience that rush as well? I found out that my insurance doesn't require a precertification but I know I still need to go get my clearance for surgery from the primary care doctor. Did anyone go see a chiropractor to have their back x-rayed before their procedure to check to the before and after of things? Just curious :-)
What size are you right now? This is a good guide: Bending over while measuring was a huge lightbulb moment for me. Good luck on your surgery!

Ok so I just finally found out my size by...

Ok so I just finally found out my size by measuring...I would have never known that I was a whopping 46H. Wow! I've been wearing triple D for a long time....whew! Well I'm glad to finally know. Hopefully I'll get my nice small C/D :-)
I will have my surgery a few days before you as I go on Nov 2 but we can heal and enjoy the new boobs together! I am so excited for my big chop I am sure you are too! Keep on posting your journey!
Hey Girly! How are you doing on the Post Op side of things? I know you're feeling a lot better :-)
I am feeling amazing! I was looking at the girls this morning and the incision lines are so pale, no redness honestly quick glance you can barely tell they were cut and ripped apart! LOL

Whewwww ok...where do I start? LoL! I'm officially...

Whewwww ok...where do I start? LoL! I'm officially on the OTHER SIDE! Wooohoooo! November 8th @ 10:30am was my big day. I've been so tired these past few days that I have not felt like posting a thing LoL! I did miss you wonderful ladies and thought about you daily. I've finally seen my boobs and they're going to have to take some getting used to. I had 6pds removed. Three pds from each breast. I still have my drains in and will have them removed tomorrow. I have the greatest PS ever! She's so sweet, talented and professional. I had a great experience with her. It's been. Week for me, so ill post more pictures and update you as I go along :-) Much love
Glad things are going well for u!! Keep updating ur progress and happy healing!!!
My big day is November 30. I' m stilling having nervous feelings. But reading all these stories is definitely a big help.
Hey Girly! I was nervous too but it was like the minute I went to sleep, I woke up and it was over. The anesthesia seems like it takes so long to pass from my body because I still feel tired. Like being reset lol! After the first week you begin feeling better :-)

So I'm 11 days post op and the incisions made...

So I'm 11 days post op and the incisions made under the breast to the sides are driving me bonkers lol. I accidentally caught myself sleeping on my tummy 2 times. No damage but surely uncomfortable lol. What's up with the tightness that comes after a meal? Is anyone else experiencing that or just me? My body is completely different now too. I love it. I don't feel horribly proportioned or imbalanced anymore. I'm excited to begin working out once the healing/swelling subsides. I thought I would share some post op photos too. Thanks to everyone for support. Especially Ms. Sassycharly (?), you've been so encouraging to every gal on this site and its a blessing to know you. **Hugs*** Just thought you really deserve a shout out :-) Much love everyone and happpppppy healing :-)
Hey Redeemed. Just checking on you. How's your lift so far? I just had sx a week ago. Hope all is well.
I can't wait my surgery is scheduled for Dec 19th. You look great! You have truly been an encouragement to me. Keep updating...
looking great.!!! yeah my incisions are still sensitive after 8 weeks. They dont hurt but i definitely know they are there when fabric rubs or a towel goes over them when i take a shower but it gets better each week. i think u look great. much nicer to be lighter and in more proportionate. The swelling gets better each week as well. but u will swell as u are more active and feeling better. make sure get lots of water and do low salt diet. happy healing!!
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