No one believes I got breast reconstruction because I just look like me. Fairfax, VA

I had natural DD breasts and when I had to have a...

I had natural DD breasts and when I had to have a double mastectomy it was devastating. Luckily I chose to work with Dr. Rad who assured me that I could look and feel as good as ever after tissue expanders and implants. His skills as a surgeon are top notch and he has an artistic eye for details like symmetry and shape. He was always willing to spend extra time making sure I was comfortable and that all of my questions and concerns were addressed. He even answered my emails quickly. He seemed very respectful of my time, keeping office waits short. That is a rarity. He made the difficult process of reconstruction so much easier, which was priceless to me and my family.
A few months after my surgery my body rejected one of the implants (extrusion) and I was hysterical. Dr. Rad was so calm and explained how he could perform a "lat flap" reconstruction to repair it and I would be back to work only 2 weeks later. He is a specialist in micro-vascular surgery so I did not have to go and find someone new when this happened. I am very thin and did not have many options for fat/skin grafting. He knew just what to do and I never had to lose the implant which would have been very upsetting. I did return to work only 13 days later feeling so good and the scars were minimal and quickly fading. I look so good that 3 different acquaintances who did not know about my cancer experience asked me who did my "boob job." I can not ask for better results than that.

8 day post op photo

Enjoying the sun at my house only 8 days after my left side lat flap.You can see I still had 2 surgical drains.

view of back scar

This is what my lat flap scar looks like 10 weeks after surgery
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Rad for breast reconstruction as he is both a highly skilled surgeon as well as an artist. That combination is perfect. I am very happy with the results of my reconstruction after BMX. Dr. Rad did everything he said he would do and more. I really feel like he cared about me both as a patient and a person. Reconstruction is a physical process but has a mental component to it and I think some doctors do not think much about that from a woman's perspective. I felt like Dr. Rad did. Adding this to his top notch surgical skills made the process so much easier. I look and feel great.

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I was also a 34DD prior to bi-lateral mastectomy. How many cc's did you fill your expanders to and what type of implant did you use? I am currently expanded to 500cc's and it looks really small to me! You look great!!!
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Prior to my left mastectomy, I was. 36 DDD, completely natural. Post surgery, I had an expander for three months then surgery. Silicone implant, 800 cc which is a D cup, and reduction and lift to my right. I can't get over how small I look, my surgeon refuses to use anything over a D, even if you were bigger naturally. Now, one month post op, my implant is completely flat, no breast protrusion at all, the skin is rippled and has divots in it. In other words, I hate it! I have become so depressed. Plus there is a large fat pad that has moved into my armpit area. My Doctor feels I am making a big deal out of nothing, but I see what I see! I am angry that a woman who goes in for bigger boobs comes out looking beautiful, while a woman suffering from breast cancer , sometimes, looks like a sewn together old blanket? I am thankful I survived cancer, but depressed over the disfigurement that will remind me daily of what I have been through? Thanks for the information. I am truly, jealous!
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Reconstruction is covered by law under your insurance. You don't have to settle for results you are so dissatisfied with. You should be consulting other plastic surgeons in your area. There are many stories on here of women who switched doctors and achieved the results they were seeking. I am proof that it is possible to be over a D cup however if you had radiation or have other medical issues then that could certainly limit how your skin can stretch and adapt. I am not a doctor but I know that you should not have to live with "no breast protrusion at all." If you are in the DC area I urge you to go and see Dr. Rad. Good luck and please update us if you have revision surgery!
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Thank you for the information. I have been thinking of looking for another surgeon, but because it hasn't been too long since my surger, I will give it some more time. But I am not encouraged that my issues will change. I am in the Boston area, but thank you for the referral. Take care.
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You look great. I have not had a mastectomy but I have not been able to find people who have had implants placed above the muscle. Do they put them on top or under the muscle? If they are one top of the muscle, what profile did you get and would you get it again? I hope I haven't offended you by my ignorance.
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Reconstruction is very different from augmentation, kiwi6. I found this out when I was doing my research before surgery. There is no more breast tissue left so the implants must be placed under the muscle. I am glad you did not have to go through the mastectomy process. Beth, I just saw your question about why my body rejected one implant. It is a bit of a mystery because I had plenty of skin and did not have an obvious infection in the breast. After surgery I started experiencing swelling on the left every few weeks that would be painful for just a day and then resolve itself in a few days. After the 5th month it occurred and then afterwards I had some purplish skin that looked like a bruise. It cracked open 3 weeks later and that was the start of the extrusion. Its a rare complication in skin that has not been radiated but it is always possible. My right side never had a problem which proves that I had plenty of skin and the implant size was correct. I must have had a small infection that grew over time.
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I did have a drain for my back, Beth.In the pink bikini top you can see 2 drains coming out of me. One was for the breast and one for the back. The breast drain came out after 2 weeks and the back took a month! I went to work with the back drain hidden in my clothing. I was afraid it would hurt to get it removed since my back was not numb but I didn't feel it at all.
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Hi could you give me more information as I am having the same problem with my left breast but I didn't get radiation it's to soon to say my body is rejecting putt skin has peeled right off the doctors are baffled and they hope it's not comi g from the inside
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I am not a doctor but if you want to email me a photo of your peeling skin I can tell you if mine looked similar. This st would not mean that we are having the same experience. Extrusion is rare but not unheard of so your plastic surgeon should be familiar with it. My email is if you are in the DC/VA/MD area I really recommend a consult with Dr. Rad. Good luck and I really hope that you will be ok.
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Thank you for posting the photo of the lat flap scar. It's really quite minimal in the big picture and I'm sure the scar will fade in time. Did you have to have drains on your back incision? I never asked you how your body rejected the one implant? Was there infection or did it just not heal properly? Thanks again for your willingness to share. I know many other women appreciate it!

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Congratulations! Gosh, you look fantastic in your photos! I couldn't agree more with you that reconstruction is both a mental and physical process. I'm so happy to hear you found a surgeon that took into consideration all of your concerns throughout the process. Did you have a nipple sparing procedure or did you do reconstruction or tattoos? Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story on RealSelf!

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I had an areola sparing procedure but lost the nipples and I don't feel the need to try and reconstruct them. I have scars hidden in my inframamnary folds. I have a scar on the left under side where I experienced the implant extrusion and the vascularized skin from my back fixed it. it is fading very quickly!
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Seems like many women opt not to reconstruct the nipple. Have you considered a tattoo? Glad to hear the scars are fading!

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I am happy with my natural pink areolas and really don't feel the need to tattoo a "3D" nipple in the middle of it. if I did not have the areola sparing surgery I would have definitely opted to do some sort of tattoo.
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This makes complete sense. Congrads again! I just can't get over how great you look in your swimsuit photo! :)

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